Top 10 SGC Cards Reveal

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Just got in our newest SGC submission These are the top 10 cards up first we Have the greatest moment Thurman Munson A lot tougher to find than his standard Tops blue version of the 1932 caramel FDR really tough to find comparison to The red we have the first card of the Foo Fighters 2002 this came from a Coachella this is the only one graded at The moment highest graded first guy in Space really tough to find something 62 Paper thin like a propaganda's Montiel Then we have a w.g Grace Ogden this has Got E5 hi Cobb that's got a one of a Strip Card Venezuela Sandy Koufax you Can tell this is an album card Walter Hagan one of the best golfers of all Time Sports Kings the first man on the Moon Then his tops cards finalize it with a Nap elijahway 1909 e102

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