All-Time Record March Grading Data + HUGE REA Auction Coming

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Has card grading ever been this popular? The March grading data provided by breaks it all down for us.

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Hey guys it is another day it is another Video I am down here in sunny Florida Visiting some family here over the next Couple of days but are we gonna miss a Video over it absolutely not we're going To be talking about the gem rate data Excited to dive into marches numbers Pretty unbelievable stuff but before I Get started huge huge exciting Announcement I am working with Robert Edward auction's new sponsor Rea one of The most reputable auction houses in all The land for sports collectibles like I Said really excited I've been watching Them from afar for five years since I Got back into the space they've been on The target list of companies that I want To work with and I'm finally working With them so so very excited more than 30 years in business and they've got Their April catalog auction coming up And it is a huge one yes exactly I'm Gonna rattle off some of the amazing Stuff 3 900 Lots including 1955 tops Roberto Clemente rookie in a PSA nine Last one in this grade sold for over a Million bucks by the way 49 Bowman Jackie Robinson and a PSA 9 55 top Sandy Koufax rookie in a nine talk about some High grade vintage 58 tops Jim Brown Rookie and an SGC 8.5 76 tops Walter Payton rookie in a PSA 10 that's a Monster card 57 tops Bill Russell rookie And a PSA 7.5 there's not a lot of those

Period on the pop report original type 1 Photos of Jackie Robinson Josh Gibson And Shoeless Joe Jackson a 1932 U.S Caramel Babe Ruth and a PSA eight lots Of rare unopened boxes and packs they're Also having an event at the just collect Shop in Melbourne New Jersey April 13th And 14th a ton of these featured items Are going to be there it goes from 5 to 9 pm both nights so if you happen to be In that area definitely check that out That's April 13th and 14th this is the Coolest thing I have ever seen and then Next week I'm excited to have President Brian Dwyer is going to be on the show For a live stream he can answer a lot of Questions about Rea and we'll dive into His hobby background very much looking Forward to it also don't forget to Connect with Robert Edward auctions on The IG on Instagram at Robert Edward Auctions alright guys Ryan gem rate data Coming in hot with the March numbers a Couple of days ago unbelievable month For card grading it's almost like it Just keeps on getting better and I know That it might sound like oh my gosh You're just so like optimistic about all This stuff but the numbers don't lie and PSA graded 1.22 million cards in the month of March That's up 22 from February granted March Is a little bit of a longer month than February so you got a couple extra

Business days but still I thought their He was sitting right at a million cards Because that's where they've been I Didn't really think they had capacity For 1.22 well apparently they do so 1.22 Million that's up 22 percent compared to February Channel partner SGC came Through with a monstrous month as well 121 000 cards graded in the month of March that's up 31 from February CSG so Csg's Pop Report having a little bit of An issue that they're just going through Not not an issue they're going through Some changes they're updating some Things that we don't have the the data From gem rate for the CSG side on the Cgc side they graded 84 000 cards so That makes up the TCG and the Marvel Stuff that sort of thing still it's down 17 percent from February so they are Down a little bit but it's still a Strong month of grading cards on that Cgc side Beckett 71 we made videos here Over the last few days about kind of the Beckett wackiness they still are up 11 From February 71 000 cards so really if You look at the top four companies Strong all the way through how does that Break down you ask I'll tell you 675 000 cards for PSA that were sports cards So that's up 25 550 000 cards were TCG non-sports cards That's up 18 for SGC up 40 on the sports Side a hundred and ten thousand they

Actually dropped a little bit on the Non-sports TCG side at 10 000 cards 22 Percent less but still an amazing month For SGC I think the combination of just Lightning Fast turnaround time and the Announcements they've been making the Specials that they've been running They've really been doing a nice job of Of catering to collectors I know that I'm biased sanded but they are Delivering and it's just showing here For CSG we'll really have to see kind of What how this shakes out you know the Pop reports going through maintenance so They could be grading a zillion cards we Have no idea so I don't want to pass Judgment on CSG when yes they have been Taking a little bit of a hit they've Definitely been grading way more on the TCG side than on the sports card side But I would like to see what that looks Like when this stuff gets sorted out and It will it will get sorted out here in The next month or so we'll be able to See what this looks like there'll Probably be some catch-up numbers and Stuff like that so we'll see what's Going on with CSG very interesting for Becca 32 000 sports cards that's down Four percent from the month prior 38 000 Non-sports TCG cards that's up 27 so They're actually doing pretty well on The TCG side they've got fans in the Pokemon world or the magic the Gathering

World or whatever Mark maybe Marvel uh Probably not but it's definitely on the TCG side Beckett has picked up some Steam so I don't know where that came From if they've got some marketing Efforts going on that TCG side of the Coin but uh strong month for Beckett There I think for Beckett of course is Just going to come down to what is the Backlash from this last weekend of we're Changing our grading no we're not but Maybe we still are we're going to make a Change but we're trying to still figure It out we're listening to the community Unity slash collector base I think that How that is going to shake out is going To be very important because I think Part of the issue with what happened Over the last few days for Beckett is Now it cast doubt as to what is this Company kind of doing like what's the Plan moving forward and so if you're a Holder of Beckett cards or you're Looking to buy Becket cards are you Taking a pause just to see like okay Wait let's just wait we're even grading With Beckett maybe you're going to say Like you know what maybe I'm just gonna Just wait for them to make this Announcement in the next week or two if They're going to make a change to their Grading scale because it does sound like They're going to make a change they'll Probably just tweak kind of what they

Announced and then and then came back Off of over the weekend they'll probably Tweak that a little bit to make it more Manageable I'm guessing but they need to I feel like they need to close that Loop They really need to close it out and so That everybody knows what's going on and We can move on it's obvious to me that They're trying to get more tens out into The marketplace that's got to be the Reason why you have a variety of Different tens as to you know as the Options here it's not to say they're Grading they're changing their grading Standards but it gives them the Opportunity to put out more tens into The marketplace because like I said in The other video what are we chasing PSA Tens bgs tens SGC tents that's what Everybody wants obviously card has to Earn the grade but if you have four Different variations of 10 then you're Able it gives you some leeway to be able To hand out more tens so it's going to Be interesting to see how that thing Shakes out I think that's going to be a Really important piece you know as we Move forward here but strong grading Numbers really strong and again like With the overall economic climate it's Not amazing right now and it's just cool To see I guess just people just plowing Through and just going with it so we Will see how this shakes out on the

Grading side what does it mean for the Hobby as we move forward will there be More grading specials if I'm PSA I'm Kind of thinking why bother with a Grading special what's your motivation To put out a grading special when you've Got 80 85 percent of the market share I Don't know but we'll see what happens All right guys stay healthy stay awesome And I'll talk to you again later [Music] [Music]

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