DAILY SLAB, EP. 129, April 5, 2023 — In this video, SlabStox Nate speculates why Topps is jumping into basketball sports cards before their license deal kicks in and profiles why cards can CRASH AND BURN in the sports card world.

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00:15 – Post of the Day – Fanatics Launching Basketball
02:24 – Today’s TRENDER – Leicester City Downfall
05:15 – What’s Making Card News
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On today's daily slab we are looking at A big basketball card announcement we Are also going to check out a couple new Parallels from contenders and we're Going to look at a little bit of a Disappointing season for Leicester city So sit back relax and enjoy today's Daily slam Welcome everyone to the Daily slab I am Nate and our first post of the day is This post from Shams and slab stocks but From Shams and he tweeted out that Fanatics was launching tops branded Basketball starting with the 2023-2024 NBA season now we all knew That tops basketball was coming they got The license so that not a shock not a Shock but it is a little bit of a shock That it's coming this early because the License doesn't start until 2025 which Means this is going to be Non-licensed basketball presumably Unless somehow they moved that licensing Up I don't know if that's possible but We'll see as of right now the thought is It is unlicensed product now why they Would do this instead of wait maybe they Want to get the Jitters out and get some Cards going and see how it goes before Moving on maybe they're trying different Products it says said tops branded Products we don't know if it's tops bait Or paper we don't know if it's tops

Chrome we don't know if it's going to be Some random other top set that they make For this product no idea But still it is interesting and mostly It's interesting because of uh Victor Webignyamba who is going to be the first Pick in this year's draft and now is Going to have his first Topps card uh Definitely I think is part of the reason Why this is happening this year instead Of waiting is they do not want to miss This chance on getting this guy because You figure No matter if it's licensed or unlicensed Your cards are going to sell If he's in the product right at least That's what I would think and so I Definitely think that went into Consideration as well and they're Thinking of upping the timeline two Years but let me know what you think you Know obviously we don't have a ton of Information right now but if it is Unlicensed would you still buy it or uh Are you gonna wait until 2025 let me Know All right our trender of the day is Leicester city mostly and then Jamie Vardy so Leicester City Number of years ago now 2015 season they Were the Premier League Champs uh second Year in the Premier League they won the Whole thing Pretty good feeling I would imagine well

You fast forward to today and they are Second to the bottom of the Premier League table with only eight matches Left and they're likely going to get Relegated unless things turn around Rather quickly now they did fire their Manager Brendan Rodgers uh just this Past Sunday to to try to make this thing Get the ship righted right try to get The ship righted and to get out of Relegation stay in the Premier League And then see what can happen now I won't speak on Leicester city and if That is by any means possible what I Will say is they only have one card of All the players on their team I looked Up a bunch of the big name ones and the Only guy that had cards on card letter Was Jamie vardy now Jamie vardy 36 year Old former star for Leicester city one Of the best Leicester City players of All time still on the team didn't get a Ton of play with Brendan Rodgers as the Manager in fact before it just this Yesterday's game or two days ago's game Uh he Ended up only playing 51 of the minutes Leicester city has played this year so From Star to 36 years old to only Playing 51 of the minutes with Brendan Roger Scott and we'll see where that Number goes but as of right now the 36 Year old former star his team is looking At relegation and his cards have not

Been Any better than the outlook for Leicester city in which his Kaboom from 2019 prism psa9 that is down 44 all time And the last sale that happened on the 3rd of March was an all-time low All-time low and so If you're Jamie vardy or if you're Somebody collecting Jamie vardy cards And your dudes 36 years old gonna be 37 Next year and Leicester city might get Relegated That's not a good outlook either it's Retirement or it's trying to leave for Another team and I don't know what teams Are going to be signing a 37 year old in The Premier League or it's going down a Level with Leicester city and trying to Race them back up we'll see what the Options are for him we'll see what the Options are for Leicester city depending On how they play these next eight games And whatever happens there will be the Options for those of you that own Jamie Vardy cards all right and we've got a Couple more posts of the day uh the same Along the same lines and that was Contenders so contenders football just Came out and they released two new Parallels so the parallels are the blue Rookie showcase parallel which you can See here Um apparently it looks really good in Person I have not seen one in person but

It looks really good kind of reminds me Of like the Red Zone Auto not in looks But In concept the Red Zone Auto and then You have after you have this blue Showcase parallel you also have gold Metal Autos number to 10 which you can See here and those remind me obviously And everyone else if you are uh Into football cards into soccer cards Whatever they will remind you of the Impeccable metal cards that you can find That Um don't grade very well are heavy uh People are concerned that people are Going to weigh packs pull out the metal Autos out of 10 sell the rest of the Packs or sell the boxes or whatever they Might do with the gold medal out of 10 Not real gold medal but gold medal out Of ten Autos so I don't know considering how many Parallels prism has added and select has Added and you know optic has added Contenders adding a couple more Parallels Is what it is I don't love it which Contenders especially contenders Football with the uh history that that Has I wish it would just kind of stay The same and not keep adjusting but Panini needs it's once it's money and The best way to make money is by giving Every single guy an extra two Parallels

For Autos that you can put into that Many more boxes to make that many more You know to make that many more boxes to Sell that many more boxes and so on and So forth so I don't know how I feel About it I guess I don't love it I Apparently they look good in person but Until I see them in person I don't know I I'm not a fan and uh if you're not a Fan either let me know or if you have Seen them in person put in the YouTube Comments and let me know how they look And if the blue showcase parallel is Actually as good as they say it is Alright and lastly if you like this Video and uh you want more content like This or you want curated eBay links or You want curated pwcc links going into Your daily email inbox Monday through Sunday at 6 00 a.m central time you can Sign up for the daily slab on you will be able to find A link down low and or you can search it will be the first box You see you can put your email in there And you can get sports card related Information to start your day every day Monday through Sunday seven days a week 365 days a year alright thank you Everyone for watching today's daily slab If you like this video please click that Like and don't forget to hit that Subscribe and I will talk to you all Tomorrow for the next daily slam see

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