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Hey guys Ethan sports cards and more About the back the brand new video we're Back with a brand new Looper boxes these are brand new this Year I just got mine in I'm gonna set The camera down it's so big I had to get It on camera but just got this in from Walmart I actually pre-ordered one of These Um to open for you guys I'm pretty sure I pre-ordered it for 39.99 I think that Was shipped so about forty dollars on These uh these are pretty good for the Value you get let's go and flip it Around here show you guys what you get 10 packs Of series one One exclusive oversized Card and companion card one Trading Card Pin which are are really nice they're Not a cheap pen it's pretty sweet you Can actually like pin it on your shirt And One exclusive five card pack Containing silver pattern foil boards There are all the odds right there on The packs the foil boards are where it's At in this exclusive to the super boxes So we'll see what we can get it's a huge Box though As you see there the oversized card is Behind that and then your packs foils And the pin so we'll go through it and See what we get I'm just gonna go ahead And break this off the top get all this Plastic off

But this is a super box first time They've done a super box that tells you They printed a lot more of it but Still a cool um way to do it For The Collector Which I'm hoping to hit something nice Go ahead and open this up There we go All right let's see what we got here I'll see a degrom as they're oversized Cool that off That And there's our companion card all right So first up is the companion Paul Gauchement It says on a collector's box And then our big box topper was Jacob Degrom That'll be a good giveaway for a kid Here at the shop Sweet All right let's get all the packs out Let's get the pin out and let's get the Kind of looks like a mojo back All right well let's start out with the PIN save the foil pack there I got one Stand so hopefully we hit one nice card And then we'll open the packs as well So let's see who our pin is going to be Cool how they've done these if I can Open it up And we're going to have A Bryce Harper check that out very nice I mean they're

Very well made Bryce Harper Nice Pretty cool little pin So that's just a little bonus there and Then you get 10 packs to open up so Let's go ahead and rip these open it's Got the Glue on one of them I don't know what you can get out of These it is retail so it looks like You're going to get a stars of MLB in Every pack So definitely going to be tough to hit Something nice Got a one-two punch rodon and Webb Jazz I'm excited to see what the foils look Like I've seen some videos and they look Pretty sweet Sosa We've got a Juan Soto 88 that's pretty Sweet Padres uniform Rally Green rookie Looking for some adley Richmond he's Been tearing it up Mike Trout You guys let me know if you've opened Any of these if you plan to get any I Don't know what they're selling for you Know Walmart still has them in stock I Don't think they're going to be stocked You know in stores I think this is an

Online product I might be wrong on that But That's just a guess haven't seen any at Walmart yet now I have seen the um The Mega Box is a series one at Walmart They're sixty dollars And you just get 16 packs in there Got a Gavin sheath rainbow foil Aussie albies Cox got that glue on it they really Wanted to protect these Another upside down another foil when Kowski rookie for the Red Sox J Ram Let me know down in the comments how Your team's doing as of this filming the Red Sox are one and one I probably won't Upload it Um here but We are one and one right now Had a nice walk-off home run from Adam Duvall a couple days ago There's a chrome Ohtani Ohtani I'm just glad baseball's back I love Watching baseball keep it going at the Shop every day So I play on the TVs at least the main One With uh MLB Network Or MLB TV All right three regular packs left and Then we'll check out those spoil cars

Hoping to get a big rookie in the foils We got an Aces Aaron Noah the purple back Wander Franco Stars It was a big short print Kyle Stowers rookie upside down Paul Blackburn three rainbow foils Just none that we were looking for Wit and yelped Three inserts in that pack All right last pack We've got a oh it's pretty sweet Otani detmer's one-two punch Soto So not much really in the packs um let's See if we can get anything good in this Foil pack He's kind of reminded me of the icy oh Nice one on top for my Red Sox PC right There Tristan Cassis nice yeah these are Cool they're kind of like the Bowman Platinum ICE foils Ronald Acuna Cade Cavalli rookie Raphael davers two PC hits how about That and Oscar Gonzalez so pretty nice There's only 50 cards on the checklist So most players you're gonna get is a Star or a rookie So not too bad three rookies in there Two stars actually three PC I mean the Communion Cass is Endeavors so that's Pretty sweet So pretty nice cards you guys let me

Know what you think about these brand New 2023 super boxes just another form Of collecting there but pretty good I Mean I like the like the value and this Little pin here is cool so hopefully you Guys have a great week please like Comment and subscribe peace

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