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So a few months ago I sent in these Cards to SJC and they were flat out Rejected not enough information about The set wrote an article reached out to The support team over there and we Finally got these music sets graded so You guys got to check them out this SGC Reveal they include some other really Amazing cards like this nap lajoy and Neil Armstrong and also Yuri the first Guy ever in space Oh check out this 1971 Thurman Munson oy tougher than his Normal tops all right let's check out This reveal all right before we get into This reveal just want to give a big Shout out to Sal For the Love of the Cards it was on the live stream a few Weeks ago for qriket cards if you guys Want to check out his channel make sure To do so super super knowledgeable he Actually sent me this card in the mail Uh the reason is I've had this card Forever but the problem is the copy I Got was creased so imagine someone Sending in like a thick uh cardboard Like this in pwe got bent like this and Fortunately I had a really nice mint Copy but it has a huge crease right over Here in the middle this is pretty Unfortunate I told him about it and it's Like I got an extra or got another copy For you and I really appreciate it man So I'm sure you guys give them a Subscribe it was super nice I'm gonna do

That so that out of the way we have all These Stacks this is the stack I was Alluding to some getting some of these Brand new sets created uh some stuff That was rejected in the past we'll go Show you guys that at the very end we're Going to start off with this one right Over here so up first we have a bing at Crosby this is 1951 really good looking Card in my opinion Um you guys can see the back over here As well super super nice We're just gonna throw everything over Here We have a 2020 Tops Holiday Ronald Acuna I think this is like a short print Because of the wreath necklace I'm Obviously not an expert on Modern cards A modern baseball by any means like that Especially the last few years Um but I do know that they have some Different variations and different Things like that within Tops Holiday We got an Aussie Albee's this is a nine Uh booming Chrome 2018 you guys see the Rookie card logo over there Okay Michael Harris third This is like the 1953 design so a lot Easier to get higher grades than these Because they're protected compared to The 53s but That regards looks really nice in the Tux

Another Michael Harris 9.5 on this Example over here uh sky blue refractor I don't believe these are numbered and They are not so is that one over there Gotta Houston Astro a 10 of it drew Gilbert number to 299 Screen and the numbering is right over There don't know enough about prospects But This is one I sent in this is a 1963 y84 This ended up getting a six beautiful Over here you guys can see most of the Time these are chipped really really Heavily uh this copy is not a little top To bottom centering unfortunately but Still pretty clean for 1963 example Another card I sent in I knew this was Gonna get a one this is a t205 Zach Wheat I was kind of worried that this Was gonna get an A because if you guys Can kind of see right here it looks like A little piece is missing so I wasn't Sure like if someone tried either Trimming it or it just you know Disintegrated over time uh but there is That and it does have a little bit of Paper loss on the back but what makes This card special is it is a cycle back Now cycle backs are a little bit of a Premium in t205 not as much as a t206 Set those are a lot more valuable but Still pretty cool example and they do Label the slabs as a cycle cigarettes uh For some anytime I can find some off

Backs don't mind picking them up on T205s but don't spend a super amount of Money there's a few variations that People actually do prefer and you could Go on topic talking about that for a Little bit but let's keep going into the Stack Another card I sent in so this got Authentic evidence of charming I think This was cut from a sheet later on so Technically it is trimmed but I think it Came directly from a sheet from pictures That I've seen online of a lot of these Overprints so this is a Lou Bordeaux Hall Famer and you guys can see how the Overprint is here on the back there's Two different texts all over here and Some of that on that side of things but Besides that it does look pretty sharp Of card I was like 50 50 if they were Gonna actually slab it or not and they Did so I kind of wish they just said authentic Over print but either way kind of a cool Card and it will be available if you Guys are interested in that Even Abraham Lincoln at w563 there's Gonna be another w563 I think it we have A Teddy Roosevelt in here uh the top of This was cut off so these are strip Cards so obviously that is technically Not trimmed kind of a gray area but Still presented pretty well decided to Grab it and uh this one is available

Another one of mine that I sent in you Have this cob one that's in auction I Think it was called brockelman auctions Um but very affordable Cog right here You guys can see multiple creases color Fade but still it is a playing day Another Bingo Crosby this is from 1937. Film stars this is a Venezuela Sandy Koufax some much tougher cards to find Than just the normal us tops version now The front of this presents pretty well In my opinion does have a little few Creases you guys can see that over here Um but when you go over the back it is Clearly an album copy which you'll find With a lot of the Venezuela cards so you Don't really find that many high grade Examples but they are out there still in I thought since the front prison said Well I definitely had to go pick this up Now before we get into this Victor Trumper card which one of the best Cricketers of all time late I want to Let you guys know that we are accepting SGC Subs uh we are a group subber with Them now if you send 40 cards to us on Average you save a hundred dollars off Of the SJC website 40 cards also gets You one free sub and cards at 18 a cost We can drop off cards at most major card Shows as well if I'm attending it so That can save you shipping cost back So this is a Victor Trumper Got the two and we actually sent in a

Few different ogdens if I do pick up Some over in the UK I will probably end Up selling this one just because of Upgrades otherwise this will go my Qriket PC until I can find a nicer copy Lindbergh Think this is a German card could be Wrong Um but pretty cool We're actually gonna put this card into The next stack over here we'll talk About it a little bit later I meant to Put that there a little bit earlier Next another Prospect from the Braves Just not up to my research on the Prospect side of things but It looks pretty cool Yo another prospector yeah Pro debutant This one is number 299. This is a Blue Wave These are numbered 150. Colon Court autograph nine five at 10. Rod crew I've had a few of his different Rookie cards over time this got an eight Grade but 10 autograph She signed it a little bit lower over Here but I do love kinter I'm so glad The tops makes these every year Especially when you throw in all the Different types of autographs and other Cool stuff that they've put in here uh Non-sports and different things like That Strider

Really really good pitcher right now 9 5 10 hops of fire I think they ended up Cutting this brand but super cheap one Back in the past but they have some kind Of cool graphics Michael Harris three again dual tense Leaf And also Ben Joyce dual tense number to 4.99 Get into that next stack 1924 Ogden's Thomas Edison Followed by Walter Hagan I think it's The Masters this week uh this is sports Kings which is kind of like a Miscellaneous Sports version of Gowdy Same exact company but best of the best I was a little worried with this one I Thought it was gonna get a lower grade Because of the staining back over here But the front presents did really well So I wanted to take a chance on it and It worked out The reason why I got this one slabbed is It's actually easier to move especially For the cost of grading but this is a 1954 Bowman only maze he hasn't seen a Huge crease like that I thought was like What my old card over here looked like After I got into the mail Um but you guys can see that over there Oddly it's got 10. I think he had Actually a pretty good opening day but Uh could be wrong Governor Henderson this is Scotty nine

Michael Harris three this got a 9.5 Grissom 9.5 Michael Harris 10 9.5 9.5 10 10 And 10 the triple tens on these over Here always really good to see and these Are probably the special nine dollars Each to grade these cards which is a Really good deal in my opinion so Congrats on all those tens 9.5 Michael Harris autograph on this one Remembered it to 99 and I'll blend it in At first with the background Holiday 8.5 on this Ronald Acuna Ten and nine other early Prospect card Wrist Summit 9.5 10 with an autograph Then we have a MJ Melendez 10 10 on that I don't know if this one's number not it Is numbered two three of ten so pretty Cool right there and then we have this Bryce Elder real one autograph 10 and 9. Get into some pre-war non-sports over Here The first we have a tap these are from 1932 and good we have another example Over here so there's three different Colors that you could get in the set There's red there's orange and there's Also blue blue is the toughest uh this Is the customers the FDR 2.5 really Really nice looking card does have a Little bit of like staining slash paper Loss on the back which kind of stopped

It from a really really high grade uh This also is the first FDR card so this Is a really good one to get in a blue I Do have a red I think in a two or Something like that but I eventually Want to do get a blue in my PC uh but He's building the set the blues if you Have any blues hit me up I'll link you With them so that way you can finish That set build and then you guys can see The tap Also except for like that super short Print in that set that's it's an Impossible and fine Uh the Yaz 1971. I was hoping this got a Seven five or an eight when I bought it But it got a seven so not the End of the Roll I just thought this was a super Super clean copy you guys can see it how Nice this one looks beautiful Foreign Got the wander Franco in eight nine Eddie Matthews 1.5 Sam got the five from 19 to 51. 1952 got E or Three on this Technical Edge Clemente and then uh Judy Garland got E5 Our last stack before we get into these Over here Uh first we have Alexander Vargas this Got an authentic men size don't really See that often with modern cards must be Short

And a bummer on that but it does happen A 1962 Banks this one got E4 Ellington one of the most famous Musicians in the 1930s it's got a six Really great copy thinking my own PC I Have like a five or six don't know for Sure uh but this is a customers card Over here Mozart 4.5 fortunately that one spot Right over here I think stopped it from A higher grade but still looked really Nice Lingerie ended up picking this one up It's got a one but I knew that with all This different paper loss on the back But beautiful beautiful presentation on The front [Music] Eddie Matthews has got a six this was The teddy that I was talking to you guys About it's got a two doesn't have as Much color as uh that Ava Lincoln Good looking too Other Blues Rover and Woodrow Wilson I Ended up selling that to my customer uh Really really nice for his set Again You do have them let me know James Monroe also sold this one as well Probably gonna end up selling uh these Jack Dempsey's I was like 50 50 if I was Going to keep them or not I know they're Both ones they're exhibits Pull over here

So this is obviously a piece of an album [Music] Two of those 20 and 19 21. Took a fly on this one at the Philly Show I didn't know where it was in grade I thought it was gonna get a chair Because it's kind of miscut over here Although presentation wise this looks Really really nice so ended up getting a Three I think if this thing was centered This is five plus all day long Um but still really really tough Thurman Munson card to find early in his career Too You can see named ale Rook of the Year Card number one As we're probably waiting for what is in This stack so let's take a look at it So first this was not graded this is Actually cut at the bottom which does Happen a lot with I wouldn't say a lot But does happen with some pre-work cards Seen this happen as well with other Helen ginters but this is a Mark Twain And this got the new so whatever happens Took a fly on it 50 50 if it's gonna get Graded or not and it did not get graded Next we have a Joe Gans Scott A2 has a Huge crease over here towards his face Knew that expected that getting in These are really really tough these are Comedyx so technically rookie cards of Arm are strong and also Buzz Aldrin Um

Buzz Lightyear So Really really cool cards And these are the nicest ones that I've Personally seen I'm sure there's better Examples out there and if I do find a Nicer copy I'll end up upgrading but Until then these are both in my Collection So Yuri was the first guy ever in space And then Shepard was number two I saw These cards on a niche website and I had To buy them because I didn't know if I Was going to see them again also just to Kind of laugh like look how long this Set name is I've never seen a set name That long as well Um but you might be wondering like how Are these ones like these look extremely Nice yeah they are extremely nice I Thought they would have great a little Bit higher but they're kind of like Propaganda's Montiel they're super super Thin cards and they have creases all Throughout them just and how they are And like you're not gonna find them Again so either way I wanted them to be Protected by getting slabbed and these Are the first ones ever graded in the Set Always try to get some of my Graces Slabbed up so we got a five and we also Got a three two different versions on These over here

And again if I can upgrade these Overseas awesome if not these are my Cricket collection so Five and also 83 Jimmy Fox this was a pickup from the Philly card show It's got E2 which I expected like two 2.5 I cast Michaels which really why would You get this one graded well check this Out we actually have Roy Campanella here On in the back and I figured I at the Time I thought I was gonna actually PC These they aren't as rare as I thought And I'll end up selling this one so if You are interested in the Campanella let Me know I can't Pinella Michaels I should say Because you have both of them on here on That side of things but kind of cool you Guys can see double printed over print I Should say on that one Bobby Witt followed by the two cards so All right Story Time sent these in a Long time ago and both of these cards Were I shouldn't say both I just sent The Foo Fighters only and this card came Back as a no and the Foo Fighters were Key do not grade it's kind of a shame Like I really want to get these cards Slabbed up so some backstories on these And these were actually distributed at Coachella you could I don't know if you Could buy a full set or they gave you a

Full set Everyone on here has cards like the Headliners so The Strokes have a rookie Card in there as well Queens of the Stone Age so some really really cool Stuff at least on the Rock side of Things so I actually talked to my source Where I actually found these cards from And I found out how these were Distributed so like I said they were Distributed just kind of as like promos For Coachella after the festivals a lot Of these were on tables and like most Things like people aren't going to keep These so there's not many that are in High grade at all most of them are kind Of destroyed or completely gone people Throw them on the ground or not even Take them and who is going to keep these Type of cards also it's kind of cool With the set is the bands down over here At the bottom have a lot less cards Produced than the headliners so like Oasis would probably have one of the Most cards out there in comparison to Someone like Foo Fighters or on day one Queens of the Stone Age because they're Actually quite low although with their Headliner today so Ended up writing a full article to get These cards graded in they got through The SGC system and approved it based off Of the research that was done over there And I'm still trying to do that with a

Lot of other sets too what I'm working On right now is 1992 jankies uh that Features Or super early or also a rookie card of Nirvana and also the Red Hot Chili Peppers and I well and why I say it Could feature is you don't know there's Always earlier stuff being discovered so At the moment this is the first Foo Fighter card and also Queens of the Stone Age from 2002 And two bands that I listen to all the Time and these are really really cool Part of my music PC and also one last Piece of trivia Was the drummer of Queens of the Stone Age in 2002 when they had one of their Best albums ever songs for the deaf and I I love that album listen to it every Month if you guys enjoyed this SGC Reveal if you do have cards to send in Either click the link Down Below in the Description or shoot me a message on Twitter or Instagram and we will get Your cards graded they'll see you in the Next video

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