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We’ve got some recent sales data from comc.com and opening day is driving baseball card sales.

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Guys Florida man is back for another Video they may have the appearance of Riches but beneath the clothes we find a Man still not back home yet and so we're Making Dude down here in the Sunshine State today we got a good one come see Top five Sellers from last week we're Gonna go through football basketball Baseball and hockey make sure you stick Around [Music] [Music] Thank you All right comsi provides this data it is Volume of sales so it's not dollar Amount don't use dollar amount because It could be one sale that's a huge Dollar amount that kicks a player up to The top of the list so we're going based On volume of sales and it's including Compsy.com sales it's the eBay auctions Through comp C it's the port sales it's All the stuff wrapped into one thrown Out into the universe and here we go so Let's go with baseball first we had Opening day here recently number one Shohei Otani this guy is kind of like What the modern day Babe Ruth is that What people are saying I'm actually Seeing a lot more vintage card Collectors talk about him uh John Mangini actually I was watching one of His videos here recently and he was Talking about shoyo Otani and so that

Kind of got my attention because he's Obviously collecting a lot of the the Past players a lot of the long time Hall Of Famers and a lot of the pre-war stuff And so if he's talking about Shoei otane Then it's got my attention very Interesting of course he can hit he can Pitch he can kind of do it all number Two Anthony Volpe I believe that is the Yankees Prospect we'll see how he does Mike Trout sits at number three adley Ruchman at number four and wonder Franco At number five there's talk that was Wonder Franco starting to make a Comeback in the card world we will find Out basketball so outside of Michael Jordan we have the top five number one LeBron James still kicking LeBron James Still going number two Giannis number Three Emmanuel quickly that's a new name On this list haven't seen him on here Yet number four Stephen Curry you might Have heard of him and then five Luca Doncic what's going on with Luca you Know everyone's kind of like oh does he Even want to play anymore the Maverick's Going to give him some talent to play With all sorts of speculation around Luca what if they don't make the Playoffs what does that mean for card Values the reason why he's getting so Much attention is because his cards are Expensive fantastic player obviously Love Luca love watching him play but his

Car prices are way up compared to a lot Of players at similar stats that's maybe Have been in the league longer than him And so there is kind of I think some Speculation as to can his stuff hold if He's not doing anything in the Postseason if he's turning into more of A James Harden type player that can put Up a lot of stats but is not going to Win a title is not going to win MVP I'm Just throwing James Harden out there in The universe but you could make this Claim for really kind of any player That's got some amazing stats but just Can't back it up with really MVPs or Championships although to me honestly I Think the MV the MVP and the NBA is kind Of an overrated metric and the reason Why is because I feel like there's Probably three players this year that Could win MVP and he'd be like okay yeah That's fine you've got the Joker in Denver you've got Giannis and you've got Joelle embiid three guys re if they won It could be like yeah I could see that So you know whoever's going to win that That second and third place person for The MVP race was an incredible player With an amazing season so I just think MVPs are kind of like flip of the coin Type thing all right football for one Joe burrow Joe cool I think he's just Gonna be on this list because he is just A popular dude he's kind of that cool

Customer there's a lot of expectations But you know they're in the AFC and That's the tricky part is there's a lot Of great QB talent and the AFC so can Bro get over the hump Burrows best play Probably is for him to eventually come To the NFC maybe to my Saints just say An LSU connection come back to the come Back come on back brother you're at LSU Doing good things come to New Orleans And let's win a Super Bowl here if Joe Burrough is in the NFC playing for the Saints for example the Saints would Probably be in the Super Bowl number two Trey Lance number three Jordan love both Of those guys are kind of the their spec Plays because of course it's like what's Going on with Aaron Rodgers eventually Maybe Jordan love gets that start or Just kind of waiting waiting and saying The same way we were waiting when Brett Favre was playing and Rogers was sitting Behind him Trey Lance of course is he Going to start I saw John Lynch talking About Purdy that Brock Purdy was the guy He was going to be the starter so I Don't know what that means for for Trey Lance but we will see number four Aaron Rodgers number five Justin Fields a lot Of speculation on fields I think just Because you know he's not in a tough Division if they can kind of put some Pieces together the Bears are one of Those teams that could be sneaky in that

NFC North so will Justin Fields kind of Evolve the same way that Jalen hurts did In Philly you know it's just or as Justin Fields there's going to be that Amazing running quarterback and Eventually gets hurt RG3 hey buddy Hockey number one Conor McDavid number Two Alex Ovechkin number three Sidney Crosby number four Austin Matthews Number five Jack Hughes so a lot of the Usuals on the hockey list remember upper Deck and com c have an arrangement they Have a partnership for that epack stuff So you're going to see a lot of hockey In the same way that you're going to see A lot of Marvel on the compsi.com site So if you're a hockey collector or You're just getting into hockey or You're just getting into Marvel cards Definitely check out mcu.com because There's a lot of great stuff that pops Up on that site alright guys thanks very Much for joining me here today for top Five Sellers from last week come see Stay healthy stay awesome and I will Talk to you again later Foreign [Music]

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