Michael Rubin Doubles Down to Help Sports Card Fan.

A couple weeks ago Michael Rubin introduced a huge Devin Booker fan to Devin Booker himself via Video Call! And today he shared a follow up video showing her meeting Devin Booker and getting a jersey signed. Insane!

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This Is The Stuff guys this is the stuff Yes Really cool story kind of a follow-up Story to a past story I again we've been Talking recently about how Fanatics how You've got Panini employees that are Jumping chip and going over to fanatics But there's another story that was Brewing on IG that I thought was really Cool so we saw this maybe what two or Three three weeks back Michael Rubin was In Burbank card shop and he was talking To a teenage girl who was a huge Devin Booker fan going through a bunch of Different Devin Booker cards and what Does he do he gets Devin Booker on the Phone so now we have the follow-up to That video I just saw it today this Morning and it's basically him talking To that teenage girl again about how she Got a signed Evan Booker Jersey went to The game A really really big fan What's up Maddie I'm glad you finally Met him You got your jersey you got your card Signed Yeah I'm gonna tell them why you become like A Joel embiid fan instead or a James Harden fan but I don't think you're I Don't think you're ever changing It's booked forever All right I'm really excited you met him

And it was great to be in the card shops To me this is insane of course I am About to turn 42 so I am relatively an Old man here in this world but when I Was a kid you didn't even have cell Phones let alone a phone that you could Do a video call on I mean just think About how how Advanced Communications Have come over the last 30 years I can't Even imagine in 1990 being in a card Shop and I don't know running into the Owner of Pro Set and they were like hey Do you want to talk to Bobby a bear on The phone and no like it's just insane To think about that and we are living in A digital world Communications have Become so much more advanced and so Really cool kind of watching this happen Because it shows again the possibilities Of what Michael Rubin is able to do with Fanatics he's the Visionary he's the Figurehead so expectations are really High I mean look we have Panini kind of Controls one set of licenses you've got Tops that controls baseball there's Really not that many players in the Manufacturing Market Leaf makes products But look there's just not a lot of Players here so expectations are high For Fanatics and again the the stuff That they've rolled out here over the Last few weeks has been really really Impressive I know with kind of that Debut patch thing for baseball if that

Was kind of that generational Announcement I thought it was going to Be something bigger than that I thought It was going to be like LeBron signed With Fanatics or they work some sort of Other deal they're buying Upper Deck you Know or something Grand I don't want to Downplay the the debut patch for Baseball cards really do think that that Is a cool thing that they are adding in But I just thought there was going to be Bigger news I think there's going to be Bigger news to come too and I've been Listening to a variety of different Content creators talking about Panini And tops and Fanatics I mean there was The announcement by sham Shams that you Know they're going to be making tops Chrome basketball cards next year of Course Fanatics doesn't have the license For that so how is that going to work of Course everyone's kind of throwing in Their two cents there's not really that Many options for this they're either Making the unlicensed products or They're somehow getting a license like It's one way or it's it's one or the Other really I mean that's kind of what It is it's either going to be unlicensed Or it's licensed and if it's licensed of Course there's either a deal with panini Or the NBA Yanks the license from them Early I don't know how that would work One way or another we are going to see

Basketball cards from tops Fanatics next Year very cool stuff but I wanted to Share for those I know I've got Viewership that is not on Instagram and So I wanted to share kind of both of Those side by side as kind of a Follow-up to that first video that Michael Rubin did and just the reaction That he's got and I'm sure he's probably Thinking like wow I need to keep this Going because if you're trying to put Positive marketing out there if you're Really trying to get attention kind of That good attention that is the stuff Man that is the stuff keep that that Sort of thing coming because that's Every Fan's dream is to just get closer To the players to the athletes and that Is really what the cards represent it's Kind of a relationship that you have With the athletes that you really enjoy Watching the most that's really what Kind of cards and sports memorabilia is Found that's a foundational piece of What it's all about so really cool to See this kind of broadening out I'm Going to keep on watching it I'll keep On sharing it as I see it and again I'd Have a lot of viewership that does not Watch IG and so I wanted to share this With you all guys stay healthy stay Awesome and I will talk to you again Later Foreign

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