BGS to PSA Grading Fail – Lewis Hamilton Topps Chrome F1 Autograph Crossover #shorts

A seller bought a 2020 Topps Chrome Lewis Hamilton autograph graded BGS 8 condition from PWCC auctions. Cracked the case and submitted it to PSA, which received a PSA 8. The seller sold that PSA 8 on PWCC Auctions for a massive loss. This is a true fail for cracking and submitting to PSA.
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Brightech Lightview Pro Magnifying Lamp:
Grading Candidate Holders:
PSA Display Cases:
MAONO AO4 USB Microphone:
Adjustable Microphone stand:
Neewer Softbox Lights:
PSA Graded Sleeves:


You guys gotta check out this epic Grading fail from a Beckett bgs8 case to A PSA 8 case you won't believe how much Money he lost a 2020 Topps Chrome Formula One Lewis Hamilton autograph Serial numbered 31 out of 58 graded bgs8 Near meant to Mint Condition sold on Pwcc auctions August 14 2022 for 27 000 The buyer cracked that case submitted it To PSA got a PSA 8 with an autograph Grade of 10 proceeded to sell that on Pwcc Marketplace on December 15 2022 for 18 000 for a loss of nine thousand Dollars what do you guys think was that Worth it going through all that trouble The exact same card serial number 31 out Of 58 9 000 loss this is a grading fail

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