REACTION: ‘Bad Boys’ of Card Content.

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Today’s reaction video is to @livinwithlt ‘s new show starring @aihsports and others. Check them out here!

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Oh yes today we're going to talk about The fellas the self-proclaimed bad boys Over at living with lt's sports card YouTube channel stick around You're coming with me [Music] [Music] Thank you Hey sports card friends we are back Again it is another day it is another Sports card video you can count on us we Will be here for you today we have a fun One a content creator that I've been Watching for a long time actually living With LT I remember him making videos Going all the way back to 2020. I used To watch his channel he watched mine I Remember him commenting and so forth and He has brought out a new show that I've Noticed here over the last month or so With various guests bad boys if you will But before I get started big shout out To today's video sponsor these guys can compete With the big Distributors for new Products so definitely check them out Coupon code dad3 at checkout gets you 10 Off of your entire order and if it's Over 500 bucks it is free shipping so Make sure before you go to all the big Distributors looking to buy new products Check these guys out first they might Have a better deal for you I'll have Their links in the video description as

Well as in the pinned comment below oh All right so like I said I've been Watching these guys over the last few Weeks good stuff the thing I like about This talk is it's just different you Know I mean there's a lot of hobby Content that because can become Redundant my show included I mean look We're putting out pretty much daily Content there's going to be crossover All over the place so sometimes yes you Hear kind of the same things over a lot Of similar takes you know you might Watch an hour-long form deal and you get Maybe one or two nuggets out of it I Like these guys because they're kind of Coming at it from a different angle Maybe you would call this a little bit Of a watchdog Style Show to some degree Um they're they're commenting on other Folks's content Um you know I mean look it's something Different and this past week it was LT On his channel Raul from aih Sports I've Had them on my channel as well Steve Splenda doesn't have a channel but is on The show regularly and he's friends with One of my hobby friends Neo Sports Cards And Comics and then also pancake Analytics join this week so I thought That was a good lineup I'll talk about These guys individually I talk talked About LT already I've really gone back And forth with LT going back a few years

Not that we've dm'd a lot but we've been Commenting on each other's stuff for a Long time Raul aih Sports I've had him On my channel before and I like his Takes because again you're getting kind Of a different viewpoint on stuff it's a Different angle he's an accountant by Trade so looks at the stuff through a Little bit of a different lens has a Finance interest so he's going to talk About treasury bonds and how the overall Macroeconomic stuff parlays into sports Card pricing and I think that that's Interesting because I follow similar Things so I I like listening to Raul Steve Splenda is entertaining he's on This show I've seen him on pretty much Every time he collects Kevin Durant and LaDainian Tomlinson so I like listening To what he's got to say different sides To the story and then great guest on This week pancake analytics he has a Data Science Background by trade so I Really like this past episode because They dove into a subject that I don't Really think it's talked about enough I Mean we do have data tools in the space And like I've always said before I think That it's better than nothing better Than what we had before where it's where You're kind of manually looking up eBay Listing sold listings and you're trying To figure out pricing on cards at least We've got something to look at past

Sales but there's just so much work to Do on this front and I did DM a little Bit back and forth with pancake Analytics after this episode because I Liked what he had to say and again this Is what he does for a living so he's Going to look at it from a more advanced View than maybe software Engineers that Are building out a data tool and so he Provides good insight and I think that The big kind of takeaway that I took Just from talking to him is that I Really hope that these companies Continue to advance their product really On the data Integrity side and this Isn't a bash like oh your your data is Terrible what it is more of is just it's Tough to be able to verify sales with a Handful of folks doing that it would Make a lot of sense for these companies To have a data governance team and maybe They do maybe they have data scientists Maybe they have data governance people People already on staff but if not I Hope that that's something that they Look into because it becomes more and More important as the hobby becomes big Business which it has done over the last Few years almost shockingly so you know Where you had kind of a sleepy hobby Turn into a massive deal and now it's Big business you know the Art Market Used to be what 60 billion dollars a Year I think it's still in that range 50

To 60 billion dollars a year on the Collectible side and alternative Investment side of things sports cards And sports memorabilia it used to be Sleepy it used to be like 500 million a Billion dollars couple billion dollar a Year industry and now it's in the tens Of billions of dollars it's grown Dramatically companies trying to play Catch-up on this offering services to People that are operating in the space So I don't want to fault the companies That have come in and offered those Things but again I put out this please Continue to build on what you have and Continue to try to figure out best Practices on how to curate this data Properly not all the sales are getting Inputted properly not all the sales come Through hire a guy like pancake Analytics come and consult you know Offer consultancy so that you guys can Take some things I mean he's a guy That's operating in trading cards and Then also has that background so he I Think he really gets it I think he would Be a real asset I don't know if he's Open to that sort of thing I have no Idea we didn't talk about that part but I know that he did help the card lighter Folks with their Pokemon index that he's Got and there were some limitations There you know there's some things that They were able to do but again there's

Work to be done you know there's work to Be done and so that was a big takeaway From this past talk and then also if You're trying to find the difference Between beta males gamma males yeah she Called me a beta male recently yeah made A mail to my face Steve Raul they're all Over this thing I've never heard guys Talk about this more often but these Guys are all over that was it Sigma Males Sima males one shall stand one Shall fall I don't know but they've got All the different levels of mail and so If you want to learn about that as well That's there for you that's talk that You probably don't get on other sports Card content pages so make sure to check Out living with LT YouTube channel they Do this one every week or so Um but it's good you know it's something Different again watching hobby content There's a lot of new stuff that breaks I Do it too and sometimes it can get a Little bit redundant these guys are Doing something that's a little bit Different I like hearing their hobby Takes so check them out alright guys Stay healthy stay awesome and I will Talk to you again later Foreign [Music] [Music]

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