THE NO. 1 REASON to Sell Sports Cards on HYPE

DAILY SLAB, EP. 132, April 10, 2023 — When is the right time to sell your sports cards? In this video, SlabStox Nate answers that question using Cam Thomas’ recent sales as an example of when to sell and when to buy back in. Also, who is the NO. 1 prospect in baseball? Nate is a happy card collector.

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On today's daily slab we are going to be Covering the cam Thomas Market since he Had his three straight 40 point games in February we're also going to be looking At the new number one Prospect in Baseball according to Baseball America And we're going to look at the releases Of the upcoming week so sit back relax And enjoy today's daily slap welcome Everyone to the Daily slab I am Nate and Our trender for today is Cam Thomas so You'll remember Cameron Thomas back on The Nets uh around the time when Kyrie Was getting traded and Kevin Durant was Getting traded not playing Michael Bridges wasn't on the team yet that he Went off for three straight 40 point Games three straight 40 point games Since that point the Nets have played 25 Games all right in seven of them cam Thomas has not played in the other 18 Uh 11 of those 18 cam Thomas has scored Less than 10 points including Four of them in which he scored zero he Also had a one point game in there a Two-point game in there Um and then he had four games where he Scored 22 22 21 and 20 I believe It has been a little bit of tough Sledding for cam Thomas to go from three Straight 40 point games to games you Don't play to games you're barely Getting any time where you can't score It's not a great scene for him and the

People that bought at the height of the Card Market or the people that held on During the hype of his 340 point games And didn't sell as you can see from the Graph above we're looking at his 2021 Prism rookie silver PSA 10. this card is Up 176 percent since the start it started At ten dollars it's up to 29 but you'll Notice that it did at one point reach All the way up to 90 almost 90 dollars And is now down to 29 since that point And why I'm bringing this up and why We're checking back in on cam Thomas Today is because the season is now over And sometimes it's worth selling on hype Regardless of what might happen later Cam Thomas could become one of the Biggest stars in the NBA you don't know That when you're selling but when you Have hype it is worth it to sell because This is just one of many many examples In the car market where if you held on To a cam Thomas prism silver PSA 10 You can see the prices and what they've Done since that stretch it's not been Pretty and so Don't worry about tomorrow don't worry About what this player could become in a Year two years three years if you sell On the hype and he keeps going well you Made money if you saw in the hype and he Doesn't keep going you can buy back in So either you make money or you make

Money and you're able to buy back in Either way you come out ahead so Camp Thomas our trender of the day our Instagram post of the day is this Jackson Cheerio post you can see a Couple nice cards there The Bowman Chrome Orange Auto itself sold for Twenty thousand dollars and that gold Second year uh Sapphire or first year Sapphire but not Bowman Chrome first That is actually slab stocks we own that So it's beautiful card number to 15 There well the reason we're talking About Jack centurio is because he is now With the graduations of Corbin Carroll And Gunner Henderson off the baseball America top 100 Prospect list he is now The number one Prospect in baseball and If I a Brewers fan had a dollar for Every time the Brewers have had the Number one Prospect in baseball I would Now have one dollar that's how rare this Has been for Brewers fans to have a Prospect of this pedigree most teams get It not the Brewers in fact the Brewers Are one of like five teams that don't Have a World Series and most of the Teams that don't have a World Series Championship are newer teams like the Rockies like the Rays that haven't been Around since 1970 like the Brewers have So as a Brewers fan I haven't had much To cheer for in my life and so I'm Taking this moment to cheer

For having Jack centurio be the number One Prospect in baseball I love it and You guys might not care but I wanted to Gloating it a little bit bring it up Because uh it is big news for us Brewers Fans it's big news for the card Market To be the number one Prospect and you Can see his card prices they are Astronomically High Um because of Be number one all right and in what's Happening we've got the release schedule For the week and while there's not a ton Of releases this week there are a couple Big big big ones and so I will draw your Attention to 412 in which there is 2022 Prism basketball releasing so yes we're Finally getting the prison basketball Release uh just a couple days after the End of the season is significantly Better than what it has been in the last Couple years since covid so we are Getting prison basketball and I am Looking forward to collecting some Christian Brown and some old track bhaji Cards um especially Christian Brown Because he he's on the nuggets and They're a really good team the Jazz you Know they're not great but the nuggets With Christian Brown they that looks Pretty good so I'm looking forward to Collecting some of his cards and I'm Excited for this release hopefully I can Get some cards for cheap you never know

On the 14th you've got Donruss soccer Fifa you also have 2022 prison or Panini Playbook football all and then on the 14th the big one tops Dynasty baseball And we do have two cases of tops Dynasty Baseball coming in for a release day Break on whatnot on slapstock so if you Want to check that out and you at least Want to see the cards not don't have to Buy in because that's absurdly expensive But if you want to see the cards come Join me on whatnot on the slab stocks Whatnot page on release day at 6 PM Eastern time we'll be breaking there and Then on the 15th you have upper deck National hockey card day and the 17th You've got 2023 Upper Deck Tim Horton's Legend hockey so if you're interested in Any of those you can go check out your Local card shops to get those I don't Know about Dynasty maybe your local card Shop might not have that you might have To go online for that but you can check That out also on our whatnot page and Then Tim Hortons uh Legends hockey you Can go to Tim Hortons and get that if You want as well especially if you're up In Canada all right and one last thing We have our YouTube live tonight Aaron And I so if you are interested in and Coming back and talking about some card Topics at 6 p.m Eastern Time 3 P.M Pacific uh come right back here to slab Stocks YouTube to check that out thank

You everyone for watching today's daily Slab if you like this video please click That like button and don't forget to hit That subscribe and I will talk to you Tomorrow for the next daily slap see Everyone

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