PRIZM BASKETBALL IS FINALLY HERE (EARLY LOOK)! 2022-23 Panini Prizm Basketball Hobby Box Review

I am opening a hobby box of 2022/23 Panini Prizm NBA Basketball for our next sports card pack break/product review! These boxes have an SRP of $350 but currently resell in the low-mid $600 range. Every box contains 12 12-card packs (12 box cases). Expect 2 autographs, 22 Prizm parallels, and 10 inserts per box. These boxes come with chances at pulling the first Prizm cards of the 2022 NBA Draft Class, various SP parallels (Black 1/1, Gold /10, Mojo /25, Black Gold /5, Silver, Blue /199, Red /299, Pulsar, Orange /49, new Red Power), various hobby exclusive inserts (Luck of the Lottery, Prizmatic, Fireworks, Fearless), autos of the NBA’s top rookies/stars/HOFers (new Champion Signatures), rookies of Paolo Banchero, Jalen Williams, Bennedict Mathurin, Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith Jr., Keegan Murray, & Jaden Ivey, and more! You can get a box for yourself from your local sports card hobby shops and online retailers/sellers. Overall, I would rate this product a 5.5/10. Good luck if you try one for yourself!





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What's going on guys welcome back to a New video today we finally have 2223 Prism basketball this is an early first Look here so very excited to get into The set this is also this week's Giveaway so we always try to do weekly Giveaways for some freebies for you guys And doing prism of course we have Multiple boxes being given away to many Winners so the way to enter to win one Of the many pack Lots will be giving Away is like the video subscribe to the Channel absolutely free easy shouldn't Take more than a minute or two most you Guys already entered and shorter live Stream on what not what it's time it's An apple we go live all the time to do These giveaways Phil takes it very Easily and then uh just trying to watch Him win his time so if you sign up using My link down below you get credits on The app ten dollars I believe it is Towards maybe Prison Breaks and it'll be A lot of fun very fast fun streams and Just freebies for you guys so that's This week's giveaway and finally prism Time so here is the information for this One and also watch some breaks as well On this channel prism does not like us It just doesn't I remember the last time I've had a good prison box on this Channel on our Pac-Man break Channel Where we do our group breaks it's Actually been pretty good so we'll see

What we have today but SRP for this one Is 350 and then hobby resell in the low To mid 600 I'll have first off the line Tomorrow funny enough that's after hobby Because they always ship it late but Yeah we have hobby first and you get 12 Cards in every Pack 12 packs of bucks 12 Bucks cases and then other right there You had two autographs in every Box 22 Prisms and they aren't guaranteed to be Numbered like prison football so a lot Of those uh Silvers hypers red waves and Then there's 10 inserts so look out for All those Now here's the side of the Box we get to The back try to fly through this Information it's actually not that big Of you think about it but there you are Actually there are a lot of parallels But not many sets within prism unlike Football so parallels there's silver Hyper and Red Wave not numbered I do not Like those ones as you guys know there's Also Pulsar which I think are one for Box the checklist isn't out yet which is Crazy but there's also new red Power There's Mojo to 25 gold to 10 black gold To five and black one of ones those are The big chases so there's autographs Signatures rookie signatures Sensational And then new Champion signatures they All parallels there's Mojo there's gold And black and then stuff like that so Look out for those now inserts

I really wish they would Kind of work on this product in that Sense there's really no inserts that are Special at all and year over year we get The same ones and they're not very Exciting or coveted within the hobby but Inserts there's pretty much Prismatic Lucky the lottery Fearless same with Last year and um yeah except there's a Lot more made this year so that's Everything you can find really It's a shame Noah big insert Chase we Got manga and prism draft but not in Prison hobby which is awful and this is Definitely the product to put it in so Let's get this uh wrapping off If I can there we go respect the Box So We'll see how it is we'll see how it is All right here we go And there's our Orange packs Let's see we got pack number one So Apollo on the cover And hopefully follow in the packs this Class is very good so there's a lot of Guys Want to get from here so here's the base Design what are your thoughts do you Like it not like it personally I like I think it's clean Not my favorite ever but definitely not Bad there we go fly for these base cards So

Got permission from Panini to this early That's about the extent of our Relationship asking permission to do These I bought this box off for Hamilton As always do he does breaks all the time Definitely check him out on whatnot I'll Link them down below so a big shout out To rip for selling me this box and Thank you to Panini for the permission To Do this early for you guys Fearless LeBron okay Tht You either get 40 points from him or Seven Tyson Daniels one thing I really like About this year's prism the pictures That's nice that is nice usually it's Photo shoot but that is nice one pack Down Cha-ching All right I'll keep going so as I Mentioned we'll have group breaks Actually already available link Down Below in the description on Pac-Man Breaks site is We'll have uh some breaks for prison First off the line which guarantees some Nice bonuses here's a red wave And once again enter that oh it's a Rookie enter the giveaway where we're Gonna have multiple boxes split into Packs giving away to many winners Spurs So on oh

Hey you know what I know it's my least favorite parallel But I'll take that all day And there is Prismatic lamella which I Actually like to design but these are Really not that special and they're Fairly common So there you go action shot sign me up Red Wave You know I always pulled the most red waves but Yeah It is a rook I'll take it don't want to Be ungrateful so if you guys like these Uh reviews especially early You want to see more like it Drop like in the video subscribe helps Us do a lot more I love these rookie Shots oh boy and trip Love it AJ Griffin Right there's a good one I'll put these Here But The photo shoot shots Never really love those to be honest Better than the Photoshop ones so I'm Definitely not complaining we went from Here to here very fast which I like so Okay first off the line should be Tomorrow Hopefully the review for that one so Stay tuned lose some more around prism Once again those giveaways here's a Purple

And uh breaks as well so stay tuned for All that And my big knock is I just really wish they would give us More this product hasn't really Innovated Except adding the occasional parallel Which is not innovation Okay Please J dub chat us so many rookies let Me just see that no okay you know what YouTube giddy We should have expected it and stay Tuned for my James Wiseman there's also The 300 card base set which I think is Down from last year where they gave us Some filler it was bad So That is nice and recorded I wish that Was a rookie man that was I'll take Giddy though we have Eric Gordon silver And yeah so yo that's a cool shot While you get 22 prisms most of them are Those uh non-numbered silver Hyper and Red wave So yeah prism High high ceiling Everyone Chases those Golds the blacks the black Golds very hard to hit this is last Year's product but more made so Every year Chase is getting a little worse nuggets Um

Please be jokic Oh this one's a rookie of course and It's Peyton Watson Yes sir All right purple ice paint Watson I like Ices I like purple it's 104 of 149. all Right And every year they tweak the numbering Just a little bit There's embiid fireworks and another Tht's at Rainbow time just give me the Red Wave we have the uh the trinity There's our base Timmy Patrick Ewing Graham More packs I'll keep going so do a lot Around prism for sure if you want to see More stuff about our giveaways running Other openings check out uh IG Pac-Man card right there so it's free Link down below and I believe we have A blue here actually or is that a Prismatic no I got full that's a Prismatic I got tricked And let's see A.D What do you have here Curry Prismatic they look good what's worth They look nice and deal Yeah Curry is just uh silver there cool Card lucky hurry Maybe No not today Jonas Scottie Pippen Jr And Jay will

All right I'll keep going I love the pictures all Last year That's all I did complain about those Pictures they were bad I mean look at Giddies prison picture oh my goodness Dude this year Let him cook There's no parallel oh there's a there's A hyper phew Here's a Bullock Island Widescreen lowered Yeah it's a shame that no work goes into Prism because imagine manga chases This product would be crazy bi Or even color blast I think football has so many case hits And there's zero in here the snake skin There's impact Nice Sohan there and there's zero in Prison basketball never understood that I really And perplexed as to why that's the case All right let's see we have red wave and Is it auto time no it's not Auto time Hmm That's concerning Now the autographs often miss so this is Really not too much about the autographs You're lucky if one hits to be honest Campaign Hey here's what my first is not my first One of one so he's extra special I still Have that one-on-one it was uh from

Limited I think During lucky the lottery I like these ones And Tatum silver All right So what are your thoughts Do you like it not like it Katie Chandler And Five left Five packs left Okay so first off the line would cost a Lot more that's the one we have group Breaks for I don't often get a Any hobby so I have no clue what that is Well that's the Pulsar never mind so Usually do first off the line just Finish up contenders and honors which is So much fun here's the blue I love this Hits All right let's see we got here Bucks Giannis Not exactly not exactly honest you know But um I think that's pretty cool Business in the back maybe Grayson Allen blue just what we were Looking for oh What bro Okay that was a Hmm That got exciting and then not exciting Real fast Seth Curry Justin Lewis

No disrespect It's funny whatever you say No disrespect something disrespectful Usually comes comes after that but I am unfamiliar with Mr Lewis respectfully So hey maybe he's great and I have his Autograph The Autos don't often hit in prison That's a that's the reality let's see if Two could be better than one that's not A not a guarantee So Let's see we'll see how Now hopefully it's just one box when we Do our Brakes which will be Obviously like much larger cases half Cases we'll see more And once again uh big shout out to rip Hamilton he's a man Helps us do these Early reviews when it's not first off The line DeMar DeRozan blue ice And check out his brakes so Good guy uh helping us out to 125. Hmm Luca Hello okay Lakers mellow and hey all right That's a beautiful card that is That's art I mean hey so it is I mean in action good picture No Photoshop Yeah

You can sign me up for uh One of these That's nice that's just a nice card I Love it Prism this year that's a big thing so I Said it's like the same product as last Year it technically is minus the Parallel change and the championship Autos But the big thing honestly is the Pictures that's that's it for me I mean That is enough for me Red Wave so when they say 22 parallels Consider it like Six parallels because A bunch of those like 16 of those don't Matter That's the unfortunate truth Marcus Smart And Fortnite fireworks Bradley Beal real Deal One of my best ever prison polls was Mr Real Deal bill Yeah I mean I'm not gonna soul roll it At this point HB 40 yes sir there we go Diabate we've seen him a few times we Sure have and Ben Wallace I'd love to see a top Rook like a Apollo Or an ivory or something like that we Have two packs left Got J dub Yeah so First off the line guarantees the

Shimmers which is a big difference so Stay tuned to that review tomorrow We'll see how that one is this one can Be Rough sometimes so Hmm this double silver action All right Uh widescreen Zion Cool card I like it but it's nothing Really crazy AI you haven't seen Yesterday's video definitely check it Out I was uh lucky enough to get my own Auto card and we pulled a sick card of Him actually if you guys are wondering This is being given away to someone who Buys our bundle So you haven't seen the last video check It out nice little bundle really cool Product and I got my own autos Oh who's that Oh We've seen him a lot we have seen him a Lot tari Eason last pack man um So far About what I expected Silver Rook Patrick Baldwin Warriors guys You never know last pack should be an Auto in here the first one wish The best cards are so hot man uh Are we getting prism How are you getting uh paninied We have a red in here true red

And an auto Some things Never change fellas Prism Will always be prism Rockets Not get my hopes up maybe upon surprise But I'm not getting my hopes up See Careful me I'm familiar with your game prism I hope we never up Wasn't born last night no sir All right there we go can we get uh we Got Brandon And Fishing kids so Take any Apollo Ivy Chet Jabari or Matherine we did get one nice one though So let's see what this is Cam reddish Everything rise on this card here prism Can be rough as you guys know I complain A lot no that's not diabate is it bro oh No see both Autos were like the bottom Tier of the bottom tier I wish I was uh not speaking facts here But Did I not keep it keep it real when I Said What I said I hate to be uh so negative Towards prison but the facts are the Facts we've seen we've seen enough at This point so Comment your thoughts down below here's

A recap then my final rating once again We have uh group breaks live in the site Link Down Below in the description we Have our bundle we can win this Curry Auto and uh get one of my Autos Guaranteed if you're interested nice Little collectible and then we'll have a Giveaway as well so very quick and easy To enter hopefully it's better than uh This one unfortunately but honestly this Is It was the prison experience It was uh authentic as can be That is it but always liking you guys an Early look This is honestly for prism like first of All this is was a bad box But for prism this was not even close to Bottom tier we've seen some pretty bad Ones once again not trying to be too Negative but I like to share my honest Opinion what I know to be true prism We've opened a lot on this channel and It's always like this diabate is One dollar is 50 Cents so far I can buy It I wanna make chicken We got Patrick Baldwin J dub this is Actually uh our second best card right Here this JW Justin Lewis and probably get um My four for four at Wendy's and then if I Factor in maybe this Peyton Watson

Or maybe JW's our third best card Because our best card is a nice giddy Was this one here so on so In total I don't know What do you guys think you tell me yeah This is our highlights these are our big Three well I'm supposed to call more Three got a j dub got Sohan and Peyton Watson now the thing with this product Is it's the chase you want the golds the Golds the blacks black Golds we'll go For crazy crazy books the ceiling is Unlike pretty much any other product Especially in this range I'd say like Not noir's NTS IMAX impeccables those Like super high-end products You're chasing hard the four is the Lowest and the ceiling is the highest so It's super complicated I mean honestly How much cards we have here maybe 50 Bucks maybe that's a stretch probably so It can be absolutely brutal and that is Prism but you're chasing hard so we'll Do first off the line tomorrow but my Thoughts on hobby here I'll scale from One to ten I'm giving this product Give it a 5.5 and that's solely the Ceiling there really helping it just the Kind of love for these cards the singles That is but man these boxes can be Atrocious They usually are we'll break some of the Brakes handle if you want to pretty much

See a big hit stay tuned there because We always pull the big hits there but I've seen my boxes you guys show me your Boxes all the time and there's a lot of Rough ones the four is just so low and When you're spending mid 600 range on a Box to get Pretty much nothing in a lot of the Boxes is unfortunate so I really wish They'd raise that for add some inserts Things like that but unfortunately prism Has not changed year over year so that's Why I think about it ceiling is really The only thing carrying it this is Probably the singles product honestly if We're keeping it real but there's my Thoughts comment down below what do you Guys think Um that being said prism is a fun Release the chase is something we all Love in the hobby we always like to go After it the cards do look good I really Like the design and in the class is nice Too so if you open something for Yourself wish you guys the best of luck Early look what you guys think comment Down below enter our giveaway Got brakes got the uh bundles and a lot More coming to students so it does guys Thank you so much for watching like Comment subscribe until next time I'll See you later

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