“Sports Cards as Investments”.

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What do we all think of sports cards as investments? It’s a fascinating debate. Check out @SportsCardsLive and @aihsports , as both channels were referenced in this video.

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Sports cards Investments not Investments It's the age-old question that we all Like to argue about all the time I saw three different content creators Talking about this particular subject Over the last week Jeremy Lee over at Sports cards live is it a hobby is it a Business are they Investments that is up To each person individually I see people Saying cards are not Investments so I Looked up the definition of investment I Can clearly tell you cards can be Investments you might not look at them As Investments for yourself but cards Can be an investment Raul at aih sports As well as P Ryan Patrick Ryan I believe It's p Ryan collection on IG he does Live streams on IG I don't think he does Any YouTube but that's really the only Place I see him doing live streams is Over there before we get started big Shout out to today's video sponsor.com Your home for buying selling and Flipping all the hottest trading cards Their Consignment marketplace now home To over 30 million cards from Baseball Superstars like Aaron judge to Marvel Favorites like Spider-Man comsy has Something for every type of a collector Make sure to visit comc.com today to Build out your collection with your Favorite cards guys check out come see If you haven't already it's a good time All right we'll start with Jeremy over

At sports cards live He's of the opinion That they can be Investments and Actually I've heard him talk about this On his channel on various live streams For for years so I think that everyone's Got kind of a different take on it but Jeremy says that they can be he doesn't Say that all cards are in his YouTube Short recently but he says that they can Be Investments Raul over at Edge Sports Has issues with the volume and the Difficulty to move out of collectible Sports cards included and I actually Understand what he's talking about here Technically you can liquidate cards and Collectibles you can put them on auction At 99 Cents and you can sell them but It's usually not very effective you Usually will probably lose on that front Unless you have a collectible that is Highly wanted at the time timing is Obviously everything but most people Don't run all of their stuff at a 99 Auction and and sell it that way and There are certain things even if you run Them at 99 Cents they might not sell Whereas if we're comparing to Traditional Investments you know stocks And different things are brought up you Can very easily move in and out of those Sorts of things you can move in and out Of a stock real estate's kind of an Interesting one it's a traditional Investment technically you can't move in

And out of real estate very easily again You can throw up your house I suppose For a very low amount and sell it at That so it's somewhat liquid but I guess That sports cards and collectibles would Be similar in that sense that you could Sell it it just might be at a huge Discount so technically the liquidity Problem isn't necessarily just with Alternative assets alternative Investments so to speak for cards Collectibles it can also happen that way With traditional Investments depending On what we're talking about and then I Like Patrick Ryan P Ryan jumps on and he Goes on kind of a little bit of a rant And he's basically saying look if worse If we're calling anything that we buy That we hope goes up in value over time And investment then my couch could be an Investment I could say oh I bought this Couch for a thousand bucks and over time I hope that it's worth 1200 bucks so I Invested in a couch as far as Patrick Ryan goes from what I took from his live Stream his issue lies more in Expectations for young people if you're A middle-aged person older you know the Younger folks a lot of them know Everything right they know everything I've got teenagers so I I get it but They also do look up to and try to learn From folks that have been around a Little bit longer and his messaging is

Like hey look if we're pushing the Message down that you can easily make a Living in in cards and collectibles That's with the wrong messaging this is Kind of what I took from what he was Saying and I do agree with it I think It's actually very difficult in a normal Market to make money if that is the way That you live you know that's what You're paying your bills with you've got To be highly highly dedicated to it and It does take some luck it does take some Skill but it's certainly not easy it was Easy going back a couple of years where It was just everything was going bonkers And it was easier money way easier your Money it'll never be that easy again I've said that on the channel before It'll never be as easy to flip cards as It was in 2020 2021 just won't be or It'll take a very long time and so I Think that's kind of what Patrick Ryan Was getting at is is that we don't Necessarily want to push the message Down of like hey you can buy into cards Really at any price level and it's easy Because it's certainly not It's a Grind It's a big time grind and really if you Look at the people that are that are Making money at it they're buying Collections they might buy you know a Thousand cards five thousand cards 10 000 cards taking up their entire garage Their entire warehouse and they're

Selling it off in pieces which takes a Lot of time a lot of energy they're Selling fees everything that's going Into that you know think about all the Elements of that but the reason why They're able to buy collections at a Pretty big discount is because the folks Don't want to deal with that you know The people if they've got high-end stuff Then they'll sell that themselves but if You've got a lot of common sets and Things and stuff that you just don't Care about anymore you're happy to sell That off to a dealer who will then take The time it might take a year for that Dealer to move through all of that Product and yes maybe that dealer makes A profit sometimes a sizable profit Exactly but he or she just spent six Months a year liquidating all that stuff And there's no guarantee that they're Able to liquidate it at all or quickly So they might just be stockpiling thing It might have literally warehouses full Of cards that they're trying to move That's why they get it at a huge Discount so that's the reality of cards And collectibles now on the other side Of that coin you could be operating in The high-end space where look you're Tailoring your business towards high-end Buyers so yes you might be buying huge Cards but you already have in mind a Buyer for that card because you work

With a specific clientele that caters to That business so you might not be the The dealer that's buying all the stuff You know the hundred thousand cards and Selling it off in pieces maybe you are Putting money into large items but You're moving in and out of them fairly Quickly just because there's a lot of Risk attached to buying a very expensive Piece of cardboard you know so Everyone's got their different business Model but for me as a whole if we're Just talking about sports cards as Investments it depends on really how You're using the terminology I mean you Can make the excuse that a lot of us if We're buying selling cards if we're Making content or and or consuming Content I mean this is a huge part of Our lives so we're investing money but We're investing time we're investing our Souls into into the card Hobby [Laughter] Because it's so fun I mean that's the Reason why we're doing it is a hobby it Also carries significant value to us Outside of just monetarily so if you're Talking about investing time if you're Talking about investing things that are Outside of just dollars dollars and Cents there's a lot more to it than that So I do understand kind of all sides of This argument I think it's a fun debate And I don't think when people are saying

Sports cards are investments that They're saying hey these are dividend Producing assets or you you know cards Are going to pay you rent to live in Your house like a real estate investment Would I mean obviously that's not what That's not what people are talking about I don't think anyway and who knows maybe There will be a business that comes out Where the cards are paying you rent to To live in your closet or whatever we Will be back again soon with another Card Collectibles video stay healthy Stay awesome And I will talk to you again later [Music] [Music]

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