2022 Prizm Basketball Box Prices FALLING FAST + Collectable Closing?

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2022-2023 Prizm basketball hobby boxes are here! But worth the current price? Or continuing to fall? Plus Ezra Levine, CEO of Collectable, has moved on, and it looks like found a new home.

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Holy prison basketball Batman New prism basketball hobby boxes prices Are falling by the day I first heard About this from Andy sports card Investigator brought it to my attention In a Discord that prison basketball has Come out it was sitting at what I think 775 is where it started now we're at 669 And I just checked this morning as of Thursday morning and they're on eBay for 6 20 Buy It Now 625 OBO there's a few or Best offers there uh what is it just Baseball cards the big shop in Atlanta Has one of the listings new listing but It is an OBO I think that we're going to Be seeing this in the 500 range pretty Soon 500s but I'm curious to see how far This goes down this is a product that I Think has been printed to Oblivion to Oblivion I want to talk a little bit More about that before I do though Definitely check out video sponsor Rea Robert Edward auction their April Catalog auction is going on right now Now April 6 to the 23rd some of the most Exquisite vintage I see definitely check out Robert Edward Auctions.com I'm going to put also some Information about an upcoming event that They have in New Jersey at the just Collect card shop it's coming up soon And they will have a lot of their Featured items there to be able to view So very cool Robert Edward auctions so

Going back to Panini we looked at that Hobby box prices quite a bit lower than What we've seen in years past even at The 660 number I mean remember this was What thousand dollar hobby box 1200 Hobby box you know going back now it's About half of that the draft class Fairly average it's not a terrible draft Class but there's not anybody that's Just out there blowing your mind that You're excited about unlike next year When we got Victor coming out where There's going to be a lot of hype around Him and his cards it's going to be wild So you have kind of a so-so draft class Or just not an excitable one not a mega Excitable draft class but then also I Think that they've just got so much of This going coming out I think that they Printed so much what's Panini's Motivation to hold back on print runs Just being the losing the license here In a couple of years I think that they Could actually though if they don't make A deal with Fanatics to actually sell Off the company or sell off their brands Or sublease or whatever the speculation Is on that I could see them just make an Unlicensed basketball products the same Way they do with baseball products and Those are fairly popular I mean or do They command the same price points as The licensed stuff no of course not But some of those Flawless baseball

Cards some of the auto and the patch Stuff it's pretty cool I mean I think That they would still have a market Again it's not going to be the kind of Market that they have on their NBA Products or NFL products but it's not as If Panini I think just goes away if when Fanatics takes over those licenses so I Kind of wonder about that I wonder if Panini is just going to say you know What screw it we'll just you know we'll Keep doing our thing for the next couple Years we don't need to make any deals And look maybe there's a little bit of Bad blood there Like you're coming in and poaching our Top Executives you're coming in and Taking you know our important people We're not making a deal with you you Know or you better make it a ginormous Deal maybe the price tag just keeps Going up there's got to be some sort of Friction there I assume business is Business so the numbers are going to be What the numbers are I'm sure there's a Price that Panini wants and Fanatics Will eventually get there or they won't And they're probably trying to squeeze Them there's been plenty of speculation On that front like I said I think Panini Did not hold back on this print run so What might seem like a fairly decent Price at six hundred dollars five Hundred dollars or whatever for these

Hobby boxes I just think it's going to Be so so plentiful out there I really Think it's probably more of a two or Three hundred dollar box on to the next Story is collectible the fractional Share sports memorabilia company sports Card memorabilia company are they Closing before I go on though if you Like what you hear make sure to hit the Subscribe button down below we have a Lot of new content that's going to be Coming out so you don't want to miss an Episode please hit that subscribe button The like button if you like what you Hear we very much appreciate your Support alright so collectible Ezra Levine who's the guy the CEO that's been Running collectible over three years They've been in business trying to build Out the fractional space within sports Cards specific there's other fractional There's other fractional share companies That operate in Collectibles but Collectible has really been focused Around sports cards alone and Ezra just Announced right after the mint collected That he is moving on from collectible And from what I've heard a lot of the Staff has moved on as well also I spoke With Jeremy Lee of sports cards live and He did confirm that the collectible live Show that he was hosting is no longer There's just a lot of things there that Make me wonder what is going to happen

With that companies are going to be new Leadership or are they going to shut it Down it would be interesting because This is kind of one of those startups That was born out of the pandemic we've Seen this we've seen this across the Board where a lot of those companies now You know lending is getting tighter the Economy as a whole is getting tighter I Think that in this particular instance I Think there was a want for institutional Money to come in and be a bigger part of This space and and just with everything Tightening up I don't think it would it Ever did happen the way that they were Hoping for but again I don't know their Business I am speculating like usual I'm Not on the inside I did see though about 20 hours ago on Twitter Ezra posted that He has accepted a new role as CEO of an Emerging tech tech company within Collectible so staying within Collectibles built by some great Entrepreneurs he will be unveiling the Plans and all the details at the National so you'll see Ezra at the National sharing the new product with The community so that's kind of Interesting it's not when he said Sharing the new product it made me think I thought maybe he would be joining an Already established company this sounds To me more though that it is a a new-ish Company I guess it could also be an

Existing company rolling out a new Product but this intrigues me I like Ezra I've him a couple times I went to The mint Collective last year their First one and the guy overall seems like A good dude you know I think he had good Intentions at collectible and businesses Business and it can be really tough Goings out there so I do wish Ezra the Best and I hope that I can catch up with Him at some point in the future after He's made the move to the new company to See what he's up to all right guys let Me know your thoughts in the comments Did you just buy 50 cases of prism hobby Or are you gonna sit back I feel like We've been talking about this for years Now with the new product being so Expensive I pretty much have the video On lock of wow here's the new product And it's so damn expensive I would love To get to a point where I'm making a Video of like hey this product actually Feels like it's a good value at this at This suggested retail price or whatever We'll get there we'll get there Eventually but I feel like this is a Step in the right direction new hobby Boxes for stuff that's over printed is Not just flying off the shelves people Rethinking things a little bit so good Stuff there all right guys stay healthy Stay awesome and I will talk to you Again later

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