MID-END MASTERCLASS! Opening April’s Elite, Platinum, & Mid-End Basketball Boxes From The Boombox

I am opening/reviewing April’s Elite, Platinum, & Mid-End Basketball Boomboxes from The Original Boombox for our next sports card pack break/unboxing! Each box comes with 6-10 hobby, fast break, or retail packs and some supplies (one-touch mag or screw down holder). See below for more info on each format. Head over to their site to see the current prices, packs, and promotions! ⬇️

Check out their website: https://theoriginalboombox.com/

Elite: $260 per box. Featured packs include 2019-20 Panini Prizm Basketball Hobby, 2021-22 Mosaic, 2022-23 Donruss, 21-22 Mosaic Fast Break, 22-23 Donruss Elite

Platinum: $140 per box. Featured packs include 2021/22 Mosaic, 2020/21 Revolution, 21/22 Donruss, 21/22 Revolution, 22/23 Prizm Draft Picks Collegiate

Mid-End: $90 per box. Featured packs include 2022-23 Donruss, 22-23 Elite, 20-21 Revolution, 2021-22 Topps Bowman U (University)



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What's going on guys welcome back to a New video today we have the elite Platinum and mid end basketball Boomboxes for April we finally have them Better weight than never I had uh so Many videos coming out you haven't seen Our recent ones we've been going crazy With prism new releases things like that So we have even more coming so stay Tuned big things coming and uh it's Gonna be a lot of fun so we have our Weekly giveaway is prism we have I Believe it's four boxes being given away To many winners so all you gotta do is To enter like subscribe follow me on Whatnot we go live on there and do our Giveaways breaks things like that and Then just don't know why a few minutes Time it's very fast fun stream give some Freebies as always like every week and This week is prism we did reviews for Prism Hobby and early look and then we Had first off the line which I mean it Was the best box Definitely a prism I've ever opened Maybe ever at least top three it was Incredible so that was just one of the Many highlights So here's our boxes here we go get Situated here all right and then the Background we also have a little Curry Auto which is not a little ones to four But uh part of our Little true creator

Pac-Man bundle it's been given away to One person who Buy his bundle so If you're interested comes with uh one Of my autos and then a box of Stellar we Did a video on it like three videos ago So you haven't seen that one Feel free to check it out All right let's see what we got here Empty box So up first Empty box Except for the peanuts but Here is mid end we have April Donruss I like that one Elite all right Revolution 2021 and then bow menu this Is the 90 option sure hits with them There's a spider promo so 10 10 5 and Autograph Cavs Jersey plus a platinum Box There we go let's see our packs we have Our supplies 55.1 touch that is Pretty helpful I actually use those so Hopefully today we use it Let's see we got there's the bow menu We got Elite Hoops Elites Donruss and Revo Hmm Let's go like that I'm gonna do Like this I think yeah we'll see that We'll have football as well

Football I'm definitely pumped for so Stay tuned for football but once again So many videos been coming out so many Products a lot of big things we've been Doing so Haven't had a ton of Free time for our vids but The plus side is a lot of big vids I've Been dropping Because I first packed three cards All right Gosh I have somewhere Here's hoops But you guys like these videos and you Want to keep seeing them like sub we Will have a lot more 10 Hoops be good Jabari Walker and can we get That's it all right never mind All right Can only go up from here I think Here's Revo 2021 Let's see Revo drops pretty soon for 22.23 Definitely exciting I see something is it good is it good No it's not it's numbered but it's Tobias Harris Oh I would have loved to do a little Traitoroo this parallel goes on this Card well Halliburton action Number to 149 I believe 71 okay

Numbered action I'll take it which was Hallie but Maybe Elite can take care of us this is Elite I like but it's kind of just sad no more Uh Of those numbered bass rookies that's Just wrong Oh Okay let's see if I complained and I'm About to gain Wow well first of all Okay well that's nice I got tricked for Sure I thought that was a base card because Face Forward Dyson Daniels 21 of 25. Yearbook I definitely like that that's Honestly not what I thought I get I Thought it was a parallel for sure I was Stunned to see it was an autograph Even when I saw class of 22 I thought It's not autograph right but I was wrong Seemed I am not an expert on Elite but The mid end Struck so 25 is not easy also might I Add that is not easy to get because We pulled those before and they're never Numbered I want to say I don't know if I've ever even pulled a Parallel of the yearbook I'm sure I have This is number one but Not that I can remember That's nice I thought it was like a a

Rookie the pose looks like a rookie okay Rookie to 25 but now think about it I don't think there is a parallel 25 is There I'm not nobody expert it seems Giddy Are these aren't numbered either that is Just sad even these were numbered I mean Yikes man yikes So that was one of the things for elite They were always numbered and now Now they say no that's uh that's really Unfortunate although Elite was pretty Good to us On a one mid end has made its Mark so They're by default in the lead if that Box is empty they would still be in the Lead but Dave Come out with a bang they've set the bar All right All right I'm trying to see I can't help myself from peeking I just Can't It's In my nature I can't stop I'm gonna stay this way and see if I can look out No we gotta go back all right yeah Domino's is something else it's a nice Product though I like it I like that Walker Kessler press proof Russell Westbrook what a one no not

Exactly to 1.99 I like the Walker Kessler nice little Something something Thank you are there uh question never Mind that's last year's product I was Like where's the rookies Well my little marvels I like Tatum Crunch time Oh How good is that That I'm not sure of I've never pulled Under a pull one of these before They added parallels I believe last year To the Marvels and to the others I know there's like the one-of-one There's the hollow gold there's the Press proof which has the gold text but The purple I've never Pulled I think that should be a decent Card All right I would uh you said her stage But I didn't have the uh the phone with Me I'll have to look it up after Hmm Mid end all right We're gonna let them cook for sure And the rookies were nice Some of them Wow all right mid end Bats How you make your mark Mid end did not come to play they

Actually uh wow that was impressive good Job 90 option I mean That's pretty good here's Platinum the Pressure is on this battle is underway April is hot what do we end figuratively It's actually really hot now where I am So allergies the Heat Bugs I'm a winter kind of guy I don't know About you guys but Yeah the uh start of spring is always Rough for me you can probably hear I'm Like congested and stuffy it's allergies Every year All right Try to kind of less stuffy as possible But It was the point all along all right Here we go 140 for platinum Mosaic 21 22. Like yeah Revo Okay Donruss yes Thomas Lee okay prism draft Okay Sure hits with them spider same promo There you go And uh yeah ten ten five Here's our 35. 55 again I'll take 55. anything from 35 To one I'll say 130 I'll take 182 Honestly is is a dub Here's our packs Elites all the same Colors here Elite prism draft maybe

Manga they can get it in this product Here for some reason Revo Hoops Mosaic Diamonds all right one two Three How about that here we go Hoops up first How about poop art Good jaw is the guy this year for the Hoop start so That's a Grizz fan how about a little go Grizz Let's see what we got I'll take that Jabari And I'll put him here Jordan pool And Wade running him All right come on robo This time Halliburton numbered or ant or Mellow or bang or maxi Am I forgetting someone I think I am and I don't know who obviously Respect to uh my guy Wiseman but Hmm no maybe we'll see I know I'm forgetting someone there's One other guy It's not John Wall oh I love The Great Wall Hey we got a mellow That's nice There you go time for elite we are I'm gonna go two for two in a league Because although That rookie wasn't numbered it should be They should always be numbered in Elite That's Elite

Yeah I would say that's a dub plus the Auto is definitely a big dub we might Have a rookie here honestly I don't see Anything in here so this might be a Rookie right here Bruh Got nothing in this pack only the base Cards First of all they need to chill in the Base but there was literally nothing in This pack we're missing the uh the Non-base card of course we got seven Base cards which is seven too many Probably six too many actually because Yeah maybe one or two base cards but All right yeah we gotta played it should Be eight I believe so Thank you Time for prison draft Manga maybe I don't know what else to be Looking for here Um I don't think I see a manga Gilvich silver art Oh Oh ah hey you know what to get someone Who's actually In the photo shoot set I'ma consider that you're a little dub Johnny Davis Curry in a hurry All right a little something there Jabari Tatum A little something

Crazy Coco There we go Here is Dominus But they might need an alliance honestly Unless Elite's amazing then they Alliance is with mid end but we will see That's not one of these battles we Already have some nice stuff Courtesy of mid end I know the game We played before I don't think I'm flipping or actually Yes I am I was wrong Come on come on come on come on it's Something nice Miles Turner every team's Trade Target Okay okay okay Blue To 49. For that there KD Marvels nice Katie Unleashed oh yes KD Devin Booker teammate now And up purple Jalen green Unleashed that's That's nice I like that Thomas is a I'm good J dub or Hardy action There's Dyson again All right Mosaic what you got for us What you got If they can hit something here This could get interesting if we get

The same old same old parallels The rookies on the front it's kind of Weird Put these here No Rashawn Holmes Miss one miss two ayton Oh get a full Miss yeah these parallels Don't count for anything they are not Numbered and they are not rare And they really don't matter so Unfortunately Mosaic completely whiffed Mid end Probably in the lead I want to say let's See how he does this changes everything If they're good You eat Are you Eat Let's see Let's find out All right Yeah so uh our giveaway is tomorrow so Free prison basketball If you're interested you know where to Go same drill as always If you've entered before then just run a Live stream Okay I like what I see Here we go And uh yeah I don't know what next one Will be I have a small idea actually I think I Do know what the next one is and it's uh

It's bigger than prison basketball and Prison is probably one of the biggest Ones you can do it's It's a lot bigger actually so stay tuned One of my big goals is getting you guys Some stuff as much as I can and be able To do that so thank you to everybody so Here's the elite 260 for this one 1920 Jaw year Prism mosaic 2122 Thomas I like Mosaic fast break Okay Two dollars Elite all right bonus seven Packs minimum sure hits spider And uh yeah ten ten fives this is 10. Let's see what we have let's take a peak Referee 20 point okay let me change Brands Midway Here's the packs big stack hoops Elite Donruss Elite again oh yeah that's right One of these is Hobby Does it say anywhere or no Uh one of these is the other version Just in the back right Hobby and there's Fast break okay And here's Do I have anything left I'ma go with no but we could be Surprised Let's go like that If we have even an ounce of prison luck Left

Hey you know what let's just see what Happens Because I believe I used my lifetime of Prison luck on yesterday's video I might have a red back here or Something like that All right Oh no it's a John Morant Panini presence Every game It's party time Oh my guys I hope we can do it We'll see Here's Elite Let's see if it's actually Got Christian Wood please don't short us Last time we got shorted that was not Fun Okay Mark Williams rookie not numbered That is a shame And there we go got a rook I used to be a lot more significant when They were numbered now you get two Inches of box Definitely hurt we can do that I know They want to make more of course but Yikes Here's an orange Supercoos Leaked into it they did not it's Official it's time for mosaic Mosaic and Thomas the mosaics in prison Let's see let's find out I don't see any parallels

Whoa Franz Wagner yikes Ow Uh okay that was the fast break I'm not a huge fast break fan Optic has a little bit won me over Because it's been so good In Boombox form But in general not a huge fan Here is The base Ending there Big stack of bass Got Russ again going for the rainbow One of one one of one one of what oh hey We got a basketball you know what I'll Take that a Zion basketball I like these Now Zion Not the hottest name right now But uh yeah it's looking a little Grim But I like the basketball parallel and I Got a Zion of that I'll take it that's a little dub E Luca Another one And all right now I'm not too sure Because I've opened this product Several times now and We get a lot of these These are not common Also there's Popping out of the packs That's that's good I like that

All right And there's our Rooks Last two packs Mosaic Hobby Please something that's not one of the Three stooge parallels God boy Dylan green and Suggs Yeah they give you like 20 prisms but They're all these ones and those You don't really count those Yogic Mosaic Bradley Bill red Um There's a big difference between first Off the line and hobby hobby not that Good Get a bunch of these and you don't want Those Whereas first off the line is so good so I don't know here's the final pack Everything rides on this guy here 1920 prism it's a big pack Easy to wear Zion jaw pool hero Kelden Clark Barrett And more I can't think of all them but And more On Justin James yeah of course My bad Oh no I see my least favorite parallel Oh man

That stinks Kobe White Chris Dunn And Silver up first Ah It is a rookie it's Darius Baisley all Right I need Baisley to be great And there's caramel yeah these two Parallels you don't want these parallels Man In the Chrome projects They get you good And there we are yikes Well You guys vote I think we have an Alliance between these two guys Hmm let's do recap Let's see we got some Decent stuff though the big packs Didn't hit they missed they missed for Sure here is mid end the 90 box Who has a lot of wins We have these books purple Curry Marvels Press proof Kessler You have this orange rookie which is That numbered but we have a dice Daniels Is number to 25. Halliburton rookie Nice and then these guys There we are so Nice haul for Mid end very happy with Mid end thank you here is Platinum Got old J dub Uh Coco

Hmm Is that it 'll be it Oh uh I want to pick someone Hmm This will go Coco Thanks And here is Elite so these two together Are 400. 260 yeah and 140 I believe it is 90 dollars Yeah Those are two nice ones right there both From Don Rosa Dominos is that product it Seems there's a non-numbered rookie They're actually more special than they Should be but because they stopped Numbering them they hurt the product a Lot I don't know if they thought about That but There we go and uh oh boy I mean I think We know where we're going Cash remotes you want team Elites and platinum we want team mid end I mean Hmm this is mid end and then this is the Other two combined I love the basketball Though love this card so much fun those Parallels but There we go got some good stuff overall But it was uh in my opinion a blowout It's not not that close so mid end Definitely uh got another in my opinion Doug but it's up to you guys cash your

Vote Down Below in the description for Either this Alliance or mid end right There and we'll see who won well Football soon stay tuned check out the Prism reviews check out the bundle we Have we'll have uh another case break Actually we're running uh we're actually Field already I think but we're opening Some more prism on Pac-Man breaks and uh Some more big videos very big videos Coming soon so stay tuned be a lot of Fun guys thank you as always for Watching like comment subscribe till Next time I'll see you later

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