Derek Carr Trolls Herbert Card. HUGE Opportunity for Fanatics

Recently, Derek Carr trolled a Justin Herbert Immaculate Shield card by signing the card and putting the score and date of the Raiders playoff victory over the Chargers. This can be a huge opportunity for Fanatics Collectibles and Michael Rubin.

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Guys we have made it to Friday how is Everybody doing I felt pretty good too I think I finally got some sleep hope It's been a great week for you all a Really interesting story I started Following card Dome on Instagram IG so Definitely check them out and they broke This story where Derek Carr had Accidentally received a Justin Herbert Immaculate Shield card so it's a big Cart and what does he do instead of Sending it back he signs the card he Puts their playoff Victory 35-32 score On the card and then dates it from last Year and of course this is when the Raiders pulled off the upset against the Chargers in the playoffs and I thought This was really kind of interesting Because it opens up all sorts of debate I feel like in the sports card sports Memorabilia space before I go on guys Check out tonight I'm gonna have a live Stream reserved Investments is coming on The channel great YouTube channel he Talks about Collectibles markets as a Whole so it's going to to be kind of More of a financi collectible Style live Stream we're going to talk about all Sorts of different markets he's been Doing it for a very long time and so I'm Excited to finally have him on my show That Sean from reserved Investments is His YouTube channel also dpz has come Over from the Luca Nation Network to us

To continue his collector series and we Will have a video drop his his first Interview with us with Jeremy Lee that's Going to be tomorrow Jeremy Lee of Sports cards live all right back to the Story so again Derek Carr basically Trolling signs this Justin Herbert card And this is the quote that we've got Carr says that occasionally he receives A card he gets a lot of cards sometimes He'll receive a card of the wrong person Like he did here with Herbert and he'll Just send it back put that card on the Top just the way that it is but Occasionally he signs the card but he'll Do it he'll sign for the other person But he'll do it I guess so crazy he'll Screw it up so badly is where he puts it The way he says it here that it couldn't Be used basically he says he does it for Laughs for people that are opening the Boxes opening the stuff and the quote Here they are savages for putting it in A pack though so I think this is really Interesting because if you're talking About a you know a lower end card a Lower end product that's one thing but An Immaculate Shield card I assume That's a one of one maybe it's not a one Of one but it's an expensive box and you Get the Herbert and then it's not Actually signed by Herbert it's signed By Derek Carr and then my question then Comes is does it make it even more

Valuable to somebody because of the way That it went down basically it's Derek Carr trolling Herbert you know I mean It's an extremely unique card way more Unique with the inscription and Everything than if Herbert had signed it Himself it's so interesting it kind of Takes me back to like you know the late 80s early 90s when people were chasing Error cards like the Frank Thomas rookie Card the the no-name rookie card and There's all sorts of these if you go Back to junk wax era all sorts of Printing defects or printing errors and There are collectors of those cards There are people that prefer those error Cards and I just wonder with some of These if there's a huge Derek Carr fan I Mean I'm a New Orleans Saints fan and he Is our new quarterback so I don't know If I'm a Derek Carr fan yet I want to See what he does on the field but this Could actually turn into a card that I Think is really awesome down the line if Derek Carr turns into the next Drew Brees for our New Orleans Saints now Some people I assume are going to be Unhappy about this some people are going To be like how does this make it through Quality control if it's a shield Herbert I want Shields Auto or Shields I want Justin Herbert's autograph on the card It's meant to be his card and I totally Get that side of it obviously if you are

A huge sports card sports memorabilia Type collector and is a if this is a one Of one if this is kind of a key card in That set then basically it just takes it Out of the equation they only made one Of them or they only made five if it's Number to five or whatever it is so I Can kind of see where people could be Upset by this as well I have a solution For this sort of thing now this is going To be kind of pie in the sky stuff Possibly but I think they could pull it Off fanatics fanatics moving forward why Don't we have some sort of a Signing Day In the same way that you've got high Schoolers that are picking their five Colleges you know they've got five Colleges on the table then they pick the Hat that they're going to go to school They're going to go you know to that Particular School wouldn't it be cool if They videoed these sorts of signings you Know wouldn't it have been awesome if LeBron James going back to 2003 actually Had a sit-down signing of his RPA out of 90 his Exquisite out of 99 and out of 23. what if we had video of that you Could have two cameras where one Obviously is in front and the one is Behind so it's showing him sign number One number two number three but if you Are a Card Collector sports memorabilia Person that would be insane to be able To go back and watch that I mean that

That sort of content would get insane Viewership if you had these big players Come out of school you know and you Could probably even do it I was even Thinking like Draft Day NFL draft Wouldn't it be so awesome if there was a Draft day one of one card where you know They they go up on stage they meet with Roger Goodell and then in that process And I know this is probably a logistical Nightmare but if they were able to Quickly stop sign their one-of-one card Their draft day 101 and then they Quickly move on but the the marketing Just from that event for it to be on the NFL draft every rookie goes in and signs Their draft day one of one call that a New Fanatics product of the future you Know Michael Rubin is always talking About he's looking five years ten years Down the road obviously I don't think This is something they could pull off in Maybe a year or two but thinking Long-term big picture how do you get the Leagues to work with you to be able to To Market these products and this would Be insane and this would again kind of The mainstream watches the NFL draft They don't necessarily you collect cards But maybe they see that and they're like Whoa he just signed up what did what was That he signed a card what is what is This but the key is you catch all this Stuff on video obviously the NFL draft

It's going to be on TV but if you have You know Fanatics has a YouTube channel Or whatever they've got I don't know an IG Channel or whatever but they've got These kind of these events that pop up And I've also mentioned this before with New product have kind of an event kind Of like how Apple when they unveil their New iPhone they have the apple day Apple Event and they come out and they show All their you know their new Mac and Their new iPhone line that's the stuff Man and so if you're able to come out And you've got you know Fanatics let's Just say Fanatics has their own Exquisite or whatever every single year There should be a huge event around that And have maybe signings maybe you know Have some of the stuff all on camera Throw it up on YouTube the viewership For that sort of thing would be insane For an event like that kind of a launch Party you know a launch for for specific Brands obviously you know maybe you're Not doing that for every single one but If you're able to do that for kind of That high-end stuff or or even just Because that mid-tier maybe like prism Or whatever that tops Chrome your tops Chrome release whatever it is these are Events that people would really look Forward to as opposed to just okay tops Chrome is coming out hobby boxes drop on The 10th whatever you know we're all

Looking forward to that you know what we Would be all looking forward to is a Live stream launching that product and Whoever's running that content that Branding or whatever The Branding team Over Fanatics has got their team Together and they're talking through the Checklist and then you can associate in These these signings with that that's What I Envision as the future probably Big picture stuff probably would take a Lot of doing and take a lot of work but Man that would be Wicked because Obviously look we're in a digital world Now everything's on video every phone's Got a camera on it everything is out There people want video of this stuff And so if we could see it all happening Again talking more on transparency from Manufacturers this would be excellent Transparency right now it's Willy Wonka's chocolate factory they're all Doing it behind the scenes we have no Idea what's going on at the factories And all this the printing presses this Would give some nice insight and to okay This is what the cards are going to look Like and here's these guys signing their Cards to 99 and we've got it live here That would be a really cool event card Collectors and I think just Enthusiast People that would be curious would want To watch this stuff all right that's all I've got today guys stay healthy stay

Awesome and I will talk to you again Later Foreign [Music] [Music]

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