YOU WON’T BELIEVE the Biggest Sports Cards Sales This WEEK!

DAILY SLAB, EP. 135, April 114, 2023 — In this video, SlabStox Nate looks at the top sports card sales this week. Plus, he shares the key reason why the Tampa Bay Rays have an opportunity to make history. How has Randy Arozarena’s sports card market reacted to this winning streak he has helped propel? It’s a win for small sports card collectors and can help them become big-time sports card collectors. This video will explain how.

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00:11 – Today’s TRENDER – Randy Arozarena
02:22 – Top-5 Sales of the WEEK
06:03 – Send us your SGC submission. Next group submission goes out 4/30

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On today's daily slab we are looking at Randy Rose Arena and the Rays the Streaking rays and we are going to cover The top five sales of the week so sit Back relax and enjoy today's daily slam Welcome everyone to the Daily slab I am Nate and our trender for today is Randy Rosarina and the Rays and the reason for This is because they just got done Sweeping the Red Sox uh not the avanted Team the Red Sox by any means and They've played the A's and they've Played the Tigers they haven't had the Toughest schedule but you're supposed to Beat the teams you're supposed to beat Right and a lot of teams lose to teams They should be beating well not the Rays The rays are currently 13 and 0 tying The 1982 Braves and the 1987 Brewers for The longest streak to start a season in MLB history Uh very very impressive one of the major Reasons why they have won this many Games is Randy rosarina So Randy is Hitting 314 on the year with a 379 on Base and a 549 slugging he's added in Three home runs he also has a 162 WRC Plus on the early going that is a 62 Percent better than League average Hitter right there the former rookie of The year was obviously excellent in the World Baseball Classic and now he has Extended that Excellence to the regular Season and his card Market has gone up

Because of it in the last three months His 2020 Topps Chrome rookie refractor PSA 10 is up 101 percent now it's not an Entirely expensive card it started at 13 It's up to 26 dollars but it's the Little wins like these that help the Small time collectors along the way if You buy a card for 13 and you sell for 26 you might be able to get a slightly Nicer card of somebody else and keep Doing that down the line right so while It is not you know it's not a Bowman Chrome Auto it's not a tops Chrome Superfract or anything like that it's These little cards that really help Small collectors grow into big Collectors and Randy rosarina is doing That and he's also helping the Rays stay Perfect on the young season and Therefore he is our trender of the day In what's happening we've got our top Five sales of the week going from last Thursday through this Wednesday because I record on a Thursday afternoon for Your Friday consumption so Thursday to The end of Wednesday our top five sales Of the week and we start off with number Five and that is Patrick Mahomes 2017 Contenders cracked ice Auto number to 25 BG S9 that bad boy sold for 43 200 on The 9th of April a very very very Healthy price there uh would have likely Been significantly more expensive back In 2020 2021 when the market was crazy

But forty three thousand dollars for a Piece of cardboard you can't complain Number four on the list this one's Actually pretty impressive Josh Getty 2021 Immaculate rookie local man Otto One of one so this sold for 45 200 on The 12th of April and uh Josh giddy had A good year he was the second leading Scorer on a upstart Thunder's team they Haven't made the playoffs yet but they Did win their first play in game and we Will see if they make the eighth seed in The west but Josh giddy had a big step Forward Shay Gill just Alexander had a Big step forward and people are paying High prices to get their hands on their Cards and this is a very high price Number three on the list is Anthony Edwards 2020 prism rookie gold number to 10 PSA nine that sold for 45 600 on the 9th of April that is also a very healthy Price they now have to go play the Thunder to see if they can make it into The playoffs or not be interesting to See which one of these two cards was the Better purchase for depending on which Team makes the playoffs uh in the AC Number two on the list is Patrick Mahomes again this time a Flawless Emerald rookie patch Auto number to five Bgs9 this sold for 55 200 on the ninth As well very expensive most of these Cards sold through the pwcc weekly Auction but Patrick Mahomes on this list

Twice and then lastly and the most Interesting card here Ty Cobb 1910 e98 Set of 30 red CSG 9.5 now what's Interesting about this card outside of Its age is that there's only 31 total Graded Only 31. 27 of them are by PSA three of Which are tens And then you have three graded by SGC None of which are tens or nine fives and Then you have the one that's sold here Graded by CSG as a nine five and this Sold for 66 000 so only a Pop 31 and not many nine Fives or above a very healthy price There PSA tens I saw were averaging 827 Thousand dollars on those bad boys are Projected for that and uh this as a nine Five pretty healthy discount there sweet Sweet card love it if I had to choose a Card from this week how could I choose Against 1910 Ty Cobb uh the history is There it's a hundred and twenty or 113 Years old and there is a low pop on them So that would be my take for the card of The week alright today is the 14th one Last thing here today is the 14th which Means the April 4th 15th SGC submission Has passed uh unlikely you'll be able to Get your cards in in one day so that Means time to start planning for the Next slab stocks SGC submission that Will be going out on the 30th if you Want to find out more about grading your

Cards through slab stocks with SGC you Can go to grading to find Out more there it is 18 a card super Super cheap also you can get Pokemon Cards for twelve dollars a card also Super cheap so check that out uh and uh grading all right thank You everyone for watching today's daily Slab if you enjoyed this video please Click that like button and I will talk To you over the weekend for the next Daily slab see everyone

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