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Hello everybody it is another day it is Another sports card video I'm excited to Bring you a new episode from dpz the Collector series he interviews Jeremy Lee from sports cards live I remember Going back all the way to 2020 when Jeremy and I started making content we Had connected way back going back three Years it almost feels like 10 years Sometimes dpz has a great talk with Jeremy here we go and we are live Welcome friends I am dpz your host and With me I have Jeremy Lee from sports Card live Jeremy thanks for joining us Today Thanks you for thank you so much for Inviting me and having me Dennis it's uh It's nice to be here I I like what You're doing thank you I appreciate that I think it's been a real fun Journey Myself kind of walking through and we Were talking before we press record here Just getting to know a lot of these Wonderful people in the hobby learning So much myself because I I don't know Anything really I'm continuing to learn I think we all are but everybody has a Very distinctive Journey that they're on That makes up their hobby experience and How they cultivate and learn and grow to Me is just fascinating yeah I I'm Excited I'm excited to learn more about What you do and kind of what brought you Because we see you on your lives we hear

About the hockey stuff I go to you for Hockey because I'm one of the few people Down here well not a few people down Here I wouldn't say that it's still a Growing it's a growing Niche but I'm a Huge hockey fan Hockey baseball and I Love hockey cards and I'm you know Slowly getting myself back into learning More about them and you've been a really Great resource for that but I'm Interested to learn your your origin Story so to speak like how did you get Involved in the hobby where did you come From I'm sure you've explained this Before but just for for the sake of Continuity in the in the episode why Don't you let us know to bring us up to Speed with how you got to where you're At now Well there's a lot of years to cover so I'll try to be as brief as possible and You're right I have told this story Several times on various podcasts and That but uh but basically I started as a Kid I grew up in Canada in in a city Called Winnipeg just north of North Dakota we had an NHL team the Winnipeg Jets and I was a big fan I used to go to Those games with my dad as a kid and in About 1980 I think was the first time Maybe even a year earlier I saw hockey Cards on my cousin's bedroom floor and I Picked them up and I'm like eight or Nine years old I'm like wow these are

Really cool I you know I've seen these Players play some of them I liked Reading the stats I liked reading the Information about them on the back of The card and I just thought the cards Were cool I collected I went and bought Packs every weekend I tried to build the Set every year throughout the 80s right Through the end of the 80s and then in 1991 I actually opened up a card shop in Winnipeg and I had it from 91 till 94. So right in the heart of that junk wax Era so I mean I've been in this a long Time in the late 80s I started Collecting I wanted to have the rookie Card of every thousand Point man in NHL History which was pretty cool because it They're all pretty for the most part Hall of Famers too so I was able to Start building an ice Hall of Fame Collection but I started that in like 88 Or 89 I remember buying a Bobby Hall Rookie from Joe Daly sports cards and That's a 1958 Topps card and it's a it's A great card so that takes me through About 94. second half of the 90s was the One period of my life where I wasn't Totally immersed in the hobby I wouldn't Say I took a break but I wasn't all out Buying packs you know every week like I Was the rest of the time uh fast forward To the year 2000 and I I moved out to Calgary where I am now And uh actually moved here two years

Later but the year 2000 I was on to Conman in Ottawa and I remember just Getting you know getting onto eBay and Seeing cards again for the first not Seeing cards online for the first time And uh buying cards Started working I'm working now I have More money so I start I'm just building And building and buying cards all the Time and uh and then in 2003 I believe we really had the first Like Patch auto rookie card coming out in 01 We had the Ilya Koval Chuck autographed Rookie which I thought was really cool Because that was the first time we had a Real rookie card in hockey that was Autographed and I was right in through The upper deck Upper Deck Premiere it Was called and Um took me through till really 05 when The cup came out and you have Sydney Crosby Alex Ovechkin coming into the Into the NHL and uh I was I'm in Calgary At that point I'm going to trade Knights Of Maple Leaf Sports here I'm meeting Other collectors and I'm very active on The Beckett Message Board Forum back in The day which is no longer a thing well I don't think it is and uh and then what Happened Dennis was I was really the Beckett message boards kind of shut down And everybody moved to a different Message Board like basketball guys went

To Freedom cardboard I think baseball And football guys went to sports card Forum and the hockey guys went to Hobby Insider Hobbyinsider.net which is still around And then blowout later became the no Number one destination for message Boards but I went to Hobby Insider with All the hockey guys got to know a lot of People there was going to the Expo in Toronto twice a year all the way back to Probably 0304 and got to know a bunch of People building relationships which is a You know a wonderful part of the hobby Uh in 2012 The owner of hobby Insider wanted to Sell it to open up a pub so I bought the Website from him and that kind of Exposed me to a lot of people and some Relationships and I was also very active In the combat against fake patches back In starting at about 06 or 07 I had Actually built a website called Fakepatchreport.com which I was Overwhelmed and had to fold that up Beckett football did an article about That you know 15 years ago so that kind Of gave me a bit of um it opened up some Doors for me I guess you could say and Uh so here I am I've done that I buy Hobby Insider in 2012 run it run it and Then you know continue going to Expo Building my collection expanding my Interests within collecting and then um

The pandemic hits and and it's it's March of 2020 and we we are starting to Realize that you know the national Probably is not going to happen that Toronto X expose has been canceled and There was a there was this Instagram Card show that somebody organized Justin 610 Sports Cards and I was sent a DM I Said I'll take part in this so he said Okay you come on between two o'clock and Four o'clock next Sunday okay great so I Do and I had a really good experience Doing that I had also decided one day I Want to sell some vintage hockey graded Hockey cards and I wasn't sure where to Do I don't like the eBay process of Scanning and listing and shipping and All that so I thought maybe I could just Go live on a Facebook group and just Kind of show card after card and so I Reached out to a vintage hockey group I Said do you mind if I stream live to Your group one night and sell cards and The guy the moderator rates back he says No problem but you cannot show any cards After 1989. I said fine So I go live on that on that Facebook Group and I'm alive for about an hour 45 I think it was and I'm showing card After card and I'm having a great time I'm engaging in you know text based Discussions with people and I sold a Bunch of cards and at the end there's a Bunch of a bunch of people were like

That was awesome you should do that Again Well now I want to sell Modern Day cards And I can't do it in that group and There's like a million modern Facebook Hockey groups so I don't I can't decide Which one to which one's gonna be the Best one for me so I think well maybe I'll just start a new Facebook group Where people can live stream sales and I'll call it sports cards live and so I Lock down the name and that was my Original idea it was this is what not Before what not and loop before Loop Right I kind of had that idea maybe at The same time or before those guys did But anyway Um I started the Facebook group I think To myself well maybe I should get the YouTube channel so I go to YouTube and The name was available now I need a logo I go to fiverr.com pay somebody in India 25 I get my logo after a couple of uh Revisions and now I'm thinking to myself Well now what do I do because I don't Really want to be the administrator on a On a sales platform so I end up morphing That original idea of being somewhere Where anybody can live stream to being Well I'm gonna just do a live stream on YouTube in this face Facebook group will Kind of be like a supporting Community For that stream What am I going to do my first live

Stream this is April 2020 Luckily for me I'm good friends with Carbon Chung who worked who worked at Upper Deck Panini now GTS and invented Exquisite in the cup I've been friends With him since 2008. so I call him I Might hit carve I started this YouTube Channel I'm gonna go live on Saturday The 18th you want to come on and I'll Interview you he's like yeah why not so I've got no interviewing experience at All so that was great but I'm thinking To myself I need a dry run so on Thursday April the 16th 2020 I go live By myself just kind of talking to the Camera and the however many people tuned In saying this is what I think I'm going To start doing and by the way on thurs On Saturday Carvin Chung's gonna join And Carvin was a strategic invite for me Because I knew that he would appeal to Both the hockey crowd and the basketball Crowd and I had really started Collecting basketball pretty heavily and Had made friends with a lot of Basketball collectors via Instagram and The national and so I thought well Carbonyl helped me really you know Appeal to both of those crowds clouds And it kind of worked I guess People hadn't heard from him yet and They wanted to hear about the guy that Invented Exquisite so I did we did that First episode and after it I I didn't

Know what I was gonna do the next time But I realized well hey I guess I need To find someone to interview next time I Do a show and that's how sports cards Live started it really I didn't set out For it to be what it became but it's Become that and now you know here we are Last night I did episode 180 of my what I call the flagship show sports cards Live but I've done over 380 live stream Episodes under different kind of uh show Banners if you will and um yeah and here We are now it'll be my three year Anniversary this coming Saturday I'm Having a like a party show I've invited A bunch of people to come on we're doing A lot of giveaways and um so I'm excited For that uh next Saturday so I hope That's the the quick version Dennis but Uh I hope I hope it was somewhat uh Somewhat clear no it's very clear okay So I want to unpack some of that there's A lot of really cool stuff in there it Sounded like you had a lot of different Journeys like you started with the card Shop you've learned you you worked your Way into different groups via the the Blowout forums I mean before blowout Freedom freedom had a lot of baseball Guys too I know a lot of those those Grippy the hardcore griffy guys lived in Freedom for a minute Um but then that was before blowout and Then you got you know there's net 55 I

Believe for baseball they're in their Sports you're right there's so many Different places where people sort of Congregate and of course have sort of Kind of come out into like the Instagram And social media world and so you're one Of those people which is interesting so I I want to go back I want to ask you a Question about when you first started Selling cards before sports card live Became a thing before you got your logo From India Um before all these things happened Which I think is just awesome to hear Like okay you just just you really get You were specific about all these little Milestones which are interesting To me when you see a show kind of evolve Like it has for your show your shows I Mean everybody knows who you are now on The hobby which is a really neat thing And I don't think there's a lot of stuff Out there but there's only so many People that everybody just talks about You're one of them right and I think That that's because of who you are You're you're a gentleman and you I Think you respect everybody and which Makes it very easy to like you and to Want to hear what you have to say and to Tune in to see you know the people you Interview because there's you know like Adam from pwcc the wonderful person when You guys get together I think it's so

Much fun um really great back and forth You've had a lot of really great people I mean there's too many to name So tell me about when when you first Came on though it struck me I was like Okay why and of course I think about 1989 OPG hockey cards because I just That was my year Um I remember going uh I remember going Up to saw a little story for me because I can hockey out with you and then You're gonna get it I remember going up To my cousin's house he lived up in Armstrong BC so my most of my mom's a Canadian citizen she's Canadian a lot of My family like 50 of my family live in Canada where they stretch from basically Contest Saskatchewan where my mom's born And most of the family still kind of run The town there and the Prairies over to Red Deer Edmonton Calgary and all the Way over to you know BC Vancouver the Lower mainland all the way up into Northern northern BC and we go all the Way up there every summer we take the The highway all the way up there The cologne on cam loops all that and we Visit my who I'm named after dentists my Uncle Dennis lived up there he was a Doctor up in Canada he was my uh my Dad's uncle but it was more like a Brother to him because they're closer in Age giving you a lot of stuff here but I'll build up to this so he had a son

His name was Warren and I'm hoping Warren will watch the show because this Might be the one he actually watches and I always give him a hard time because I Was wearing my Canucks Jersey in one of My pictures the other day with my son And he's like where's your cracking Jersey I'm like oh it's because of you That I love Pablo Berry so much and this Canucks team that I was just obsessed With when I was a kid Um and I remember going up to that house And he was into cards I was in the cards But for the most part I was in the Baseball cards I didn't really collected Hockey and so I go up there and he's got All binders and binders full of 1989 Opichi hockey cards it's got sakix Rookie I think that's about it I don't Know if there's much in the 1989 product I know jokes Okay yeah Theo flurry was a big one for The flame is Brian Leach the Rangers um But I remember like really wanting my Favorite player back then was Brett Hall And of course he was in 88 so 89 was a Second year card I still like the card I Still think it's a cool looking car Gretzky has the second year Kings card There Um whenever we're getting these binders And I thought it was the coolest thing Ever so I've traded him a ton of Ken Griffey Jr cards for all these binders

Most of which are commons checklists all This 1989 op and a lot of them are beat To hack and I remember he trying to he Was trying to make a big deal about a Val mcginnis's card in that Statin I'm Like my name is Rookie Card why are you Making a big deal about oh my goodness But I I know I'm all the names right I got all These cards and I took them home and I Still have them to this day I have all The blangers in terrible condition I Don't even know if I think a grader Would laugh they saw them and I I Protected those cards they're the only Thing left from my childhood I had like Two cards that were in these little Plastic sleeves and these binders of 89 OPG hockey cards so when you said on 1889 I was like well that was the year For me but I would have made the cut With all my binders of 1989 opichi talk To me that's a long story I'm starting To bring it up but I think it's kind of Fun to Banter back on that there's Nobody else I can tell that story to That I'll actually understand what I'm Talking about Um every detail you said I can identify With and you you got your your years Right and everything so yeah right I Mean I'm I geek out on 80s hockey I just Love it so Why only up to 89 why was is it because

Of the mass production of opmir Premiere OPG Premiere came into 90 had that Really cool class in 1990 you think 90 Would make the cut talk to me about that Why in the only 1989 well no I mean I Guess I graduated high school in 19 in June of 90. so and then I took off for a Year I went to Australia to travel I Came back got a job in a card shop for Like a month and then and then opened up My own Um so I I mean I remember the day OPG Premier hockey hit the shelves for the First time and I was all over it I Couldn't believe how beautiful it was And I remember starting it's a nice Small set 132 cards and the yogurt the Federov was the big card so I mean I Collected that set I collected I Collected Upper Deck stats in 1991 one Two two three three four and then SP Came out for the first time with like That againla rookie and then the next Year you had the alfredson and bertuzzi Rookies I collected those and I think I Cut selected the sets up to maybe 96 the Joe Thornton year and then I wasn't Doing sets as much I was buying the odd Pack but that was when I kind of took my My sort of break I guess you could say God so if there's there was nothing no Real cut off there in 89 for me I mean Um I remember the 89 year just like you Do it was a it was a great year but I

Mean I wasn't you know I'm no longer in High school after the 88-89 set came out That was I think that was grade 12 for Me when that came out so that was that That's really the only thing there well I think a lot of folks don't even Collect through the high school their High school years or for years and Secondary years like you don't collect Through though I mean the fact that you Collect the 399 anyway is a testament to Your your love for cars and hobby Um I'll put you on the spot now this is A fun one just because I know because We're we'll just keep we'll just keep Segwaying into this what's your favorite 1980s hockey card uh design what year Well here's your favorite my favorite Design is probably the 8485 set the Eiserman rookie year I remember when That came out and I was building the set As a kid and I just loved that there was That picture on the bottom right in the Circle with the head shot I thought that Was so cool too you get to see what the Player looks like if you don't already Know as well as an action shot that That's that to me I love that that year I love every set That that decade though I mean well the Design change is so drastically year to Year unlike nowadays with whether it's Upper deck or prism or tops like they This I can't tell them apart year deer

In the 80s you knew you look at any stat Any sport you know exactly what year it Is there's no confusion Right I I think it's the gold I mean It's for me the golden age because I I Really loved hockey cards back then I Was I mean I couldn't find a Gretzky to Save my life I had all the 90 upper deck And 91 upper deck or XD cards you can Find but I never found any of those Older gretzkys in the 80s because like I Remember my uncle had a couple of them And he had them in those big old fat Screwdowns and he was never going to let Me touch them I could look at them Um but Gretzky was like the thing my my Aunt and my uncle are big Hab fans Big Time Canadian fans because they're well He's not technically related to us but He married into our family Jean bellavu Married into our family so we obviously Have an affinity for the for the Montreal Canadiens and that team and all Of that too my wife's from Montreal and Her old family so they're big Montreal Canadians big Canadian fans yeah and the Canadians are like the New York Yankees Of hockey you know they kind of have That dynasty all right one more card Card question for you well no that's not I'm not gonna lie there's no way this is Gonna be the last question I ask of you But the cup card from the early 90s the Hologram card is that really a big deal

It was such a big deal when we were Younger is this still a big deal yeah I Think it's still a big deal I mean it's The it S place in history makes it a big deal It's really the first it's the first Serially numbered card in hockey it's The first time that there was like a Golden ticket or like an insert that was Very rare you know you had inserts Throughout the 60s 70s and 80s but they Were they were one in every pack you Know this was a car that was impossible Even though it was numbered out of 5000 It was impossible to find because they They printed you know you could you Could make an island out of how many Cases of that stuff that they printed Back in the day they were running the Presses 24 7 at the pro set Factory so It was very hard to find and it's still There's I mean I I had like think at the Last Toronto Expo I think I had three of Them uh I've picked up several I now Only have one left my own personal Collection copy but I had three others I Sold them all in Toronto one guy bought Two of them off me because now he's Speculating on him he's hoping that they Become something really big I think it's A card that if you grew up if you were In The Hobby during that junk Sarah and You're a hockey guy yeah everybody Pretty much wants a copy of that card

Because they remember how elusive it was Back then and if you had one I mean you Had a crowd gathering around you uh in The schoolyard you know in grade school Or whatever it was yeah I know that's a Good deal yeah it was a really big deal My cousins because that's what I was Hoping to get when I went up there Because it was obviously not in 89 when I got that stuff for my cousins but I Was hoping to get a cup card that was Kind of all we talked about and we went And bought a bunch of Pro Set trying to Find it but I've never I've never owned One in my life it's kind of one of those Things I gotta go get a cup card because I can't really call myself a hockey card Fan if I don't own one so that's Probably next on the list now that I've Produced myself out so you don't confuse People because you said I got to get Myself a cup card a lot of people are Gonna think you're talking about the cop You know not the cup no no you got it I Would say this the Stanley Cup hologram Just so you're being really clear with People correct the Stanley Cup hologram Um and it's Pro Set made it 1990 yes 1990 Pro Set Stanley Cup Hologram card it was the biggest thing Going yeah um yeah that was that was the First Chase kind of card I ever remember In my hobby experience this is the very First one and it was a hockey card so

Baseball and hockey were a big deal to Me so okay so you get um you get sports Card live up and running how many people Do you think Jeremy were were doing the Podcast thing when you started versus How many are doing it now I mean when I started There weren't many I remember seeking Out content myself I was going through I Was going for walks a lot and I found uh House of Jordans on on podcast and that Was really the the first one that I Listened to I remember a few years Before that I would drive up to Edmonton For the card show there it's a Three-hour drive and I'd try to find Content and I think I came across I Think I think I came across sports card Radio and maybe like John Newman Sports Car nation and I remember Um it was all about baseball so I wasn't That interested in what in those in that Content at the time so I couldn't really Sit through those back then uh now you Know these though both those guys have Evolved they're doing different things Now with their content so I I can Consume it but back then I so there Wasn't many people really Um probably more than I knew of I think You had wax museum podcast you you had Sports card Nation uh let me get that Photograph uh House of Jordan's and and Maybe like

Another view that you couldn't even you Know five or less so I don't know the Exact answer but there was not a lot YouTube at the time was mostly just People showing their collections That's what YouTubers were doing back Then maybe the mail days but there Wasn't I don't wasn't aware of any Actual like content and then Josh Johnson did cardboard Chronicles so I Was watching that his first few episodes Of that which I really enjoyed and um But that's all I can think of right now Now I mean everybody knows there's Hundreds and hundreds of channels and Podcasts to choose from so you really Can curate your own experience as far as What you're what you're listening to Watching to help round out your Knowledge and Taking hobby content Well I mean I feel maybe you can give Some shout outs here but I mean you you Are universally known as the hockey guy You kind of carry that torch whether you Like it or not do you feel like there's Other people out there they've got some Great content and supporting hockey Cards I mean you bring what's that Gentleman you've brought on before You've done a lot of episodes with he's Got some really good content I'm Forgetting the name I I haven't watched A lot of it yet

Um You would know it of course I should do my research I'm sorry Um oh you're talking about Josh Madigan From hockey cards Gong Show he's been Called there you go yeah the gong show The Canadian yeah So yeah I don't consider myself to be The a hockey guy or the hockey guy as Far as my content goes because you know I've I've had with my 380 something Episodes and I've I've interviewed over A 250 unique people over those episodes I cover so much more than just talking I Only my only true hockey episodes are Now Sunday nights covering the pwcc Weekly hockey but I do the whole Premiere Auction with Adam once one Thursday per month and then my my Regular Saturday night sports cards live Episodes aren't hockey focused I mean Sometimes it comes up but it they're It's definitely I am not a hockey Channel I I'm I'm simply not but there Are some great hockey channels out there And podcasts and y'all shout out hockey Cards Gong Show you've got the center Ice card cast they do it they do a uh They do a podcast Um you've got Co you got coach Cohen the Cartel I mean those guys cover hockey uh I was just listening to watching them on YouTube before we went before I met you Here today uh you've got Aaron uh

Lappers sports hockey card flips is with Ease and lapper so he does he does Hockey card content Um that's all that comes to mind right Now I'm sorry if I'm forgetting anybody Especially I'm friends with you and I'm Sure I am but those are the those are Kind of the what I unless I'm forgetting One the core hockey content creators Right now Um you know then you got guys that are Just on Instagram you know you've got Mitch grotman who started like a hockey Card Hall of Fame account on there and He's very active on Instagram with his Collection and you know kind of just Being a big Advent kid an ambassador of The hockey card uh you know Niche within The overall hobby Um so yeah those are the guys that I That I am aware of and that I consume Yeah that's really the kind of that's Really what's trying to boil it down to Is like there are other people doing it You're obviously fairly well known Um because because you're transcend you Cross over all these different sports so It kind of but everybody knows there's No mistake about it you're a big hockey Fan and yeah because I show my Collection is 90 hockey I I used to Think it was more like 70 but I've run The math now on my collection I've Actually done the numbers on it and uh

Yeah my collection if I look at what I Call my PC count uh 88 hockey in my Collection out of about 2 600 cards Right now that I have kind of uh Organized that's a good number 88's a Really good number I'd stick with that Number it's a very good hockey number For an amazing hockey player that that We should all celebrate someday Um so okay Now there's a lot of there's a lot of Great hockey content out there I think That uh Um you know without giving you all the Credit I think that that has something To do with you I know you've been out There pushing pushing hockey and a lot Of people know who you are because of That I wouldn't otherwise I wouldn't Have known who you were so you Definitely have a great reputation and I Said before I think you built that Properly and it's taken time and you've Done it diligently but now talk to me About tag where does tag come in on all This so give you some opportunities to Kind of talk about a lot of things You're passionate about you know things You're involved with but tag is Something I'm really curious about yeah So I mean listen I I have this new line Dennis that I say I say to people in the Hobby or out of the hobby Start a podcast change your life now

It's not gonna happen for everybody but That when I told you earlier today when I decided to just go live and call Carvin up and I mean that those Decisions in March April 2020 literally Changed the course of my life the rest Of my life changed simply because I got Behind the camera one day so Um and that that leads into tag if I Don't if I don't start my podcast I am Not working with tag right now I'm not An investor in tag right now Um tag is still around without Jeremy Lee but I'm not a part of it if I don't Start my podcast uh three years ago so What happened there was In July of 2021 I'm a CPA by trade a 25-year career doing doing that Finance And Accounting and I was working for a Company we were in the retail business Here in Canada we We Grew From uh zero To 110 stores Coast to Coast we were the Biggest retailer in our industry very Quickly and so we built that up and we Sold the company we started that in 2017 We sold the company in 20 July of 2021 And I went to the new we sold to a NASDAQ listed company and I went to that Company still in the same city and Everything here I live in Calgary Alberta Um and so I knew right away that the Culture was going to change our CEO was The first one to leave who was a friend

Of mine that started the company with And um and so I wasn't sure what my Future was going to hold professionally So I went to the National in Chicago That year With the with and I'd already been doing My show now for almost a year and a half And I thought I'm gonna go to the National to do a couple things number One find cards for my collection meet up With people that I met through doing my Show and just through Instagram and that Um find guests for future episodes Because back then it was harder to find I I would I had to Wrangle guests now It's easier for me to get guests but so I'm like I'm gonna go find guests for The next six months and I'm also going To be open to Opportunities because I Don't know what my feet my professional Career is going to hold so I rent a Table and two chairs I get some banners Printed up and I set up a table at the National and I've got and I'm so fast Forward I'm at the national and I'm Sitting at like I had like a bar table You know with two two high chairs and uh And people were coming up and chatting With me because they knew me from my Show and I had a great time At one point I've got some people kind Of around me were chatting and I see This group of of guys kind of waiting I Could tell they were waiting for me to

Free up so I free up they walk over and It happens to be uh the founder of tag Steve Cass and two of the co-founders uh Two of the the Michael and Mark cook and They say to me I don't know who they are They say to me hey you know hey Jeremy Where are these guys and we'd like to Show you something so they've got their IPad and they open it up and they show Me the presentation about tag grading And I was like I didn't think that that AI grading was possible but you guys are Doing it and they were very impressive And they're still very impressive So I meet them and I'm thinking to Myself well this is pretty cool like I'm I've been collecting my whole life I Think I think um automated grading is Something that the hobby could use so I'm I'm excited that these guys are Entering the space But that's the end of the we had the Discussion they later told me that they Came to the National wanting with a list Of 24 people that they wanted to show The presentation to just to start Getting the word out that they were that They existed they've been around for 10 Years at that point already but very you Know under the radar developing their Technology and they said they were able To meet with 12 of them of those 24 that They wanted and so I kept in touch with Them from there by keeping in touch like

We had a maybe three emails over the Next six months Um one of them was me saying to to the Guys that were running mint I said hey You guys should talk to to tag they'd be A great company set up at mint so I I Kind of arranged that and helped them Get involved that way but that was that Was about it February 2021 February 2022 now rolls around and again I've got to keep the ears straight here Feb 22 rolls around they reach out to me And they say hey We are ready to we are almost ready to Reveal ourselves to the Hobby we'd like To do it on your show I said to my well that sounds really Cool I mean flattering thank you very Much uh but before I'm gonna have you on My show which is in in to a degree is an Endorsement I need to make sure that you Guys are on the up and up you know I was Impressed with what you showed me at the National eight months earlier but I need To come to I need to come down and see Your facility see your operation and Make sure you're not operating out of The garage so I fly to LA Beginning of March 2022 and go to the Office spend two days with them and I Would Dennis I was blown away by how far Along they were in terms of their Operations their facility the equipment The staff

Um I was and I got to meet like their AI Is develop it's outsourced to a like a Specialty firm that works with military And medical devices and that kind of Stuff like these these got the tag the Tag uh group they don't mess around they Don't do anything like half-assed Everything is on the up and up totally Pro anyway I was blown away and uh so I Came home and then I agreed to do a Series of episodes with them to help Introduce them to the Hobby I thought it Was going to be revolutionary Groundbreaking and I think I'm right I Think it is so You know there was there were a few Delays for us to actually roll out these Episodes but in in preparing for these Episodes and I prepare for my episodes I Prepared extra hard because we did five Shows and it was it was all very planned Out like you know meet the owner the the Technology the slab the differentiators The future and so I got to know them Pretty well And I started almost like giving them Advice on things so we end up doing the Five episodes I think we started at end Of April last year maybe in May and we Did the last one like early July I think It was uh by the time we got the fifth Episode Done Well and I'm working through my still Working with this job a year later after

We sold July the previous year uh but my Job was about to end you know it was Like they had acquired another company And my my anyway I was transitioning Myself out of the role and uh my last Day was July the 15th of 2022. so it was like well that was that Was good timing I finished the episodes With tag and uh the Nationals coming Around again so I started talking to tag Again about like you know I really like what you're doing I know a Lot about the company now we have a Developed I've been there I'd spent time With it with with everybody so we Started talking about me coming on board As uh as like you know a key guy a key Person in the senior management team and Um Six weeks later I went down for the Burbank show and the night before the Burbank show I was with the founder in His office until about 2 A.M hammering Out my involvement in our deal and we Announced like the next day I think was The Thursday whatever August something Of last year and um and You know my I'm done my career I'm I'm Basically retired from being a CPA now My my whole life revolves around outside Of my family tag rating sports cards Live and and managing my own collection Which is which is a a pillar of my Experience as well so

Um yeah that's uh that's how that Happened and again if I don't start my Podcast they don't try to meet me at the National in 2021. Um thankfully I went there and Thankfully you know that's where I I Kind of formalized my relationship with Pwcc I formalized my relationship with Collectible uh to do collectible live Which we did 66 episodes during that run Pwcc I've been working with them for two Years now uh doing that doing episodes Auction ending coverage there uh that's A whole story too how that they're all Stories but um anyway I think I've been Going off for a while here that's what Bring that's what uh that's how I joined Tag and here we are launching the Company and we're about to I think we're About to blow up uh kind of later this Summer That's terrific no you're not going on Too long you're Jeremy the point of this Whole show is about learning about what You've done and how you've done it and How you've come to be where you're at Now and I think it's important for People to hear about all those little Steps along the way because It takes time and I think we're in a Culture right now in a society where you Know because everything's so quick and At our hands and so you know a fast Drive-through mentality it's like if I

Don't get it right now it's not going to Happen where that is not true I mean it Does things go you know good things come To those who wait and put themselves in Good positions and make sure that they Are taking good steps along the way Because everything will come back So you always want to be mindful Um of course this is the you know the Manager coming out of me but you want to Be mindful as you as you navigate this On all these Landscapes you don't leave You don't burn people behind you you got To be really careful to Um to build a really solid relationship And leave things better than where than Where you found them and as you continue Growing and continue becoming you know More evolved in your career as an adult Um as a hobbyist Then you put all those things together And then you can start doing some things You never thought you'd ever be able to Do going to the National is another step I mean some people haven't gone to some Of these shows they're they're not going To the shows they might be thinking well I'm doing my part Um I'm one of them you know I'm still Gonna go to men's but we had I had other Obligations I couldn't a skirt from for Work but you know National there's Different things like that you gotta Gotta go and introduce yourself to

People be there Um you took that step and it rewarded You and I think that's important for a Lot of people that are in this hobby to Hear and understand this it takes time It's not like all of a sudden you just It's just stuff Falls in your lap Because you just happen to be a nice guy You had to go out there and work hard And put it together so Bravo to you Wonderful story on that so you got tag Rating okay you know I'll run stories Pwcc how did you get involved with those Folks Well yeah so that was uh that was very Organic so what happened was I guess We're now going back to like February of 2021 hobby was hot hobby was hot as it's Ever been February 2021 right and I Remember uh pwcc was still selling on EBay and it you know back then they you Know baseball Monday football Tuesday You know basketball Wednesday hockey Thursday sort of thing so I remember it Was the Thursday night or whatever night It was that the hockey auctions were Ending and I was really excited because There were a lot of cards that I was Either interested in buying or cards I Owned I wanted to see what they were Going to end at so I remember I was Coming down to the to my desk here I'm At a desk right now I was coming down to My desk and I was going to turn on my my

Computer and I was going to watch these Auctions end because they ended five Seconds apart you know what I mean and I Was gonna do some bidding and as I'm Coming down my stairway into my basement Here I'm thinking to myself You know I'm gonna go hang up on myself Why don't I just live stream me watching These auctions I mean I'm sure other People are watching them too yeah so I Decided like literally five minutes Before I went live I for the very first Time covering an auction is when I Decided to go live covering an auction And so I did And I lined up all these all these all The different tabs on eBay and you know As you weren't you know stream yard is Very uh stream yard is an amazing tool For what we for what you and I do and so It was it accommodated that and I sat Here for I don't know two and a half Hours covering watching the auction with Some I already had an audience so Watching with some of the audience Members who oh Jeremy's live let's see What he's doing and it was so much fun And then and then people like this is Awesome you got to do this again next Next month when they do it and that's How it started so I start covering them That way and then they announce that They're doing a Premiere Auction I'm Like well I guess I'll cover this

Premiere Auction too on their own this Is they're still on eBay but they had Their own platform it was in its infancy So so I did I go to the I go to the National 2021 and I remember going to The pwcc and I might my memory isn't Perfect anymore it might be a little bit Blurry but I remember going to the pwcc Booth and talking to some of the I was Talk talking to the guy he's not there Anymore but he was like the VP of Marketing and I remember you know uh Betsy Higgins who's Brent's wife the the Founder and she was like oh we love what You're we love what you do thank you for Doing that and I started thinking to Myself well you know maybe there's Something in this you know from a Monetary perspective because I'm helping Them and You know uh that's where the discussion Started to actually make it a formal Thing and it became a formal thing Pretty quick after kind of meeting them In person at the national in 2021 and um Yeah I've been doing it ever since and Uh you know when they went off they left EBay back in was it 2021 already yeah Yeah not much not much later they're off EBay and um but they put up their own Platform really quick and I just started I just transitioned and covered it on Their own platform and here we are now I Guess a year and a half or so later and

Um still doing it and you know it's it's A lot of fun and the premier you know Their Premier auction is kind of the That's the the most important show that I do uh covering pwcc auctions and you Know it's become a part of the of the Premier auction process is the is the The show on Sports Cards live so yeah Like co-host with Adam gray who who Really got his job at pwcc because he Was coming on my show and they they saw How smart he is and how much how Passionate he is about cards in here how He speaks about them I mean now he does The videos about the items for pwcc so You know it's I kind of joke of them I Say hey you know no sports cards live no Adam at pwcc so it's kind of it's just Funny man how one thing leads to another And you know you talked earlier you said Like you know and I've said you your Life can change if you just by these Decisions that we make and these moves That we make going to the National that Kind of thing Um one one bit of advice I would give Anybody you know especially if you're Doing content is don't worry about Getting it perfect right away just try To improve try to constantly improve I Had no journalistic experience or formal Education no interviewing experience or Education nothing like that but I always Wanted to get better at what I did and I

Seeked out some some like mentors if you Will and uh somebody once reached out to Me and said hey love what you're doing You know I've got experience I have Experience coaching athletes on how to Be in front of the camera you know sport Professional athletes would you like to Meet with me for half an hour and I'll Share some tips with you I said yes I would thank you for the Offer this person's become a friend Become a mentor And gave me some tips that made me I Think a better interviewer and uh so I'm Grateful for that of course and but Again the the advice I give is you don't Have to be perfect right out of the gate But to strive to strive for improvement Because if you're all if you if you want To come out of the gate perfect you'll Never start because you're just gonna Spend too much time trying to get it Right just start you have an idea like I Did that one time I went live just go Live just just do it you know and and Right right you got to be yourself you Know I think it's what's important you Got to be yourself you have to be Authentic because when you're authentic It's easy because you're just being you When you're trying to be someone Different then that's when you run into Roadblocks and obstacles because you're You're not you're not being and when

You're yourself you're transparent People can see that they identify with It I think that's a testament to what You're doing because you have these Lives and you say all these people want You to keep doing them and people want To keep hanging out with you because That's really what alive is is people Having everyone coming over to your Little party you have a little party Online and all these people want to show Up and hang out with you at your party Um if you don't have a very fun party or A very cool party well not a lot of People are going to want to hang out With you if you're if your party's full Of you know putting others down and you Know you know putting you know trying to You know grandstand yourself over others Failures or struggles or then you're not Gonna have a very cool party if you have A party it's about lifting other people Up having fun learning growing you're Gonna have a cool party so that's what's Going on with these lives yeah you know There there's a there is a place in the Hobby for like there's a lot of content Creators who they're all of their Content is based off of other content It's you know there's some Originals Sprinkled in but it's mostly based off Of other content and there's a place for That because there's people that tune Into that by the thousands if you will

So there's definitely a place for it but I made the conscious decision to just Just put out original content and you Know sometimes during my lives we talk About what's going on in the hobby but Very little discussion about other People's content I consume it but you Know there's enough people covering it You you mentioned you know you want to Be authentic like that is so important I I have a sticky on my wall right there It says educate Inspire and entertain And I it's been up there for three years So I strive to educate Inspire and Entertain I don't strive to influence I Strive to inspire but undermining all That with authenticity and passion and I've never strived in my mind from my I've been accused or like any any Content creator is but I've never I've Never gone away from being authentic my Passion I can't help my passion it's Just it just is what it is I love the Hobby I love the sports cards and the Community uh but yeah if you're going to Create content you have to have and you Have to have some expertise or you know If you're going to put it out there it Helps to have some subject matter Expertise as well as authenticity Passion and then deliberate with that You know with the goal to inspire Educate and entertain I think you have a Good recipe that there to be a

Successful content creator if you and And also undermining it all consistency Which I've been consistent for three Years As have Lucas and tigers you know an Episode a day at least they're they're Almost at a thousand episodes so I mean Those guys are are a model of Consistency even if you know they take Out three or four day break I mean let These guys breathe a little bit yeah Yeah I know that's very very true I I Think uh I don't know I I think if you If you Want it too badly then there's something To be said for just letting things Happen naturally and having them take Their place Um well one if I made Dennis sorry to But you know I mentioned that I've done 180 episodes of sports cards live but Like 300 over 380 episodes all together So there was one time where early on my My shows are like two hours long on Saturday nights I go live at 10 o'clock Eastern I would have the chat saying Keep going let's do hour three let's do Hour three I'm like that's too much guys No One's Gonna watch it afterwards it's Gonna be too long so I had the idea to Start a show called after hours and I And for the while for the first while I Was doing it every Saturday night two Shows every Saturday back to back and

I've done I think I'm up to 80 something Episodes of after hours I don't do them Every week anymore but I do them when I Have the energy and I find you know I Have something to come on and all that But you mentioned about people wanna you Know you have a party people want to Hang out well I was getting the signs That people didn't want me to end at two Hours right so I started that late show And uh and it became its own sort of Thing where you know I kind of sit back And be less of a you know interview more Of just a after hours chill out and hang Out with people and um I enjoy those Shows and I still do them every so often But that was a very organic uh beginning As well it all just takes care of itself I think as long because as long as You're consistent because consistency is Important I'll be obviously being Yourself because when you're yourself You'll naturally grow the way you're Supposed to and people will see the Growth because they'll see you being you I said the second thing is consistency I Agree with you there if they're come to Expect seeing it and if you don't see Something everybody starts wondering Where it's at that's a good sign I mean It's a sign that you've been very Consistent and you've been delivering on That and I think it's it's been Basically green

Um burned into folks's brains like okay That's this is gonna happen I can expect It like the sun coming up every morning That's a wonderful thing that's a model Of that's the model of consistency Everyone should aspire to Um and I think you just as you keep Growing and doing it and doing and doing It you grow and you learn you know I Think you're going to have natural Talents and tendencies Um to do it and and those will will Usually rise above you know those things Will take care of themselves but content Matter understanding more and more I Think there's a lot of stuff going on in The hobby but what I love The most is learn listening to all these Stories like the ones you're telling me And have had all these wonderful hosts On this Pro or wonderful guests on this Program and learning their how they've Gotten to where they're at all the Different things they've had to do to Get there these are all wonderful Lessons those are all wonderful things To learn you just put a little bit away Every time and now you're you're walking Around with all of these people's Stories downloaded into your brain and Going oh I know that this is what Jeremy Did this is what Dustin did well this is What Chris did this is what Josh did This is what you know all these

Different people and it's really it's Just a wonderful opportunity To never think you know everything is You can keep learning and growing and Getting to know more and you can take That information and then you know you Can launch it And use it to help other people that Don't know you know some of these things And so you just got to keep giving it Out and paying it forward so I think It's a tremendous thing Um but it all comes with listening and I Think it starts with just listening In order to be a good host you got to Listen to what other people are saying Yeah 100 and and the thing about what You just said is that as a consumer of The content as someone watching Listening you are now being exposed to Other approaches to the Hobby some maybe Some different athletes some different Card sets some different eras just Approaches and you know we talk about Inspiring you know right if I I am I am Inspired slash influenced by other Content creators and just non-content Just Instagram accounts showing oh That's a great card I wonder if there's My the player I might want I'm gonna go Get non-collecting that card too like it Happens to me all the time so the Beautiful thing about what you're doing Is that you are you are exposing your

Audience the Lucas audience to all these Different approaches to collecting Versus versus the standard Luca content Which is you know Cajun Andrew talking About what's going on in the hobby their Own approaches but when you bring in Guests like I I love what I say my show Is about is introducing my guests to the Hobby or my audience within the hobby so That they can be inspired by the stories And that's what you were basically Getting at before so you and I have a Very similar I think we set out to Accomplish uh a similar thing with what We're doing and you know I've I I always Say like my show is La it's live and Interactive interviews with industry Insiders passionate collectors and other Content creators and some people cover Two or all three of those buckets but It's those it's those passionate Collector episodes that I probably enjoy The most because I'm being exposed to Somebody's approach to the Hobby but Which might influence or Inspire my Approach to the Hobby and so what you're Doing is it's important it's I think you Know just keep it going you're building Up a nice library of um of content Another hockey content creator I want to Shout out is um Matt Burrows the Essential credentials he's Tomcat sports Cards on Instagram he's in the collector Series as well and he's he's really a

Hockey content creator so I he started Off being baseball he's moved to hockey I apologize to him for not calling him Shouting him out earlier but um I'm Actually going on his show in a couple Days with in that Series so you know a Little bit of a warm up here for me if You will no that's good and I need to Bring him on this show it sounds like He's he's another guest that we need to Have on Um no that's all wonderful stuff you Talk about Collections and we talk about Cards and why we do it I think that what I'd like to do with this show is you Know when you get when you pull when you Press the Buy It Now button or the best Offer button or you win the auction then The card rolls into your house there's The first little dopamine okay you're Getting the card you know it's coming When it shows up on mail day you open it Up you put it in the sleeve or you know You move it to 14 different places Because you know that's what we do we Just we keep moving it around because we Have to do something with it Um there's that third thing well what's The third thing it's showing it off on Instagram right and part of that third Thing is talking about your collection Why you collect all the cards you get And showing them off that's where this Comes in you know this is where we can

As a community as a hobby talk more About the cards we were keeping that we Love So speaking on that let's talk About the cards you're keeping and that You love what do you got what do you Collect Jeremy tell us all about it Man like I have a very broad collection I've been working on it for many years So Um I I mean I could tell you it's gonna Take a while but I mean I have I have uh I have 40 I have 40 folders or PCS if You will not player PCS I have 40 Main Collections that's just the way I have Them organized I I scan my cards I put Them in Dropbox and I have the folders I Also have 38 player PCS that are not Separate from the other ones I just Mentioned they're just Organized differently so I collect lots of players I collect Certain sets basically I collect six Different sets of cards that have come Out over the years I have a vintage Baseball collection along with some Modern Ken Griffey Jr cards I have a Vintage basketball collection along with Some Jordan collection and a Shaquille O'Neal collection football vintage along With Barry Sanders and Jerry Rice Collections Um inserts now now hockey insert hockey Um with some you know I collect

Essential credentials uh jambalaya's Opichi Platinum cards pmgs rubies I Collect patch Autos I collect um Patch only cards that are just patches Game use patches uh Supreme patches some In the game stuff I collect Hollywood History in Hollywood historical figures And music cards uh miscellaneous Sports And then I got some some uh main player Collections Dale Howard Chuck T Mussolani Um Jeremy ronak Ron Francis Mark Scheifele Shane Doane mostly Winnipeg Driven uh players but but then I collect Like ovech I have my biggest player Collection is Dale Howard Chuck 256 Cards my second biggest is Wayne Gretzky 126 cards Sydney Crosby 92 team of Swellany 76 Ovechkin 55. Lemieux 40. it Keeps on going Um I like cards from from really from 1888 until 2023. I mean all sports Non-sport music like Dennis I I one day I need to Showcase my Collection but it will be a long show Because Um I just I love so much I just love it I love it All Well it sounds great I mean now what About it Keith could chuck I mean is There No Keith Chuck was when I when when when

Winnipeg let when the Winnipeg Jets left Winnipeg and went down to become the Phoenix Coyotes in 1996. uh the the team had to package up Management had to make some changes they Couldn't send two superstars that they Were too expensive I guess they had team Of Solani and Keith could chuck and uh They decided to trade away team of Solani and keep keep Chuck who was an American made more sense Um I was a huge Solani fan in Winnipeg We could chuck was not beloved Solani Was beloved so when the team made that Decision they traded away the wrong guy Uh you know they should have they should They traded away Solani to the Anaheim Ducks and they kept Keith good Chuck and That was a heartbreaking day for me as a Jets fan and for all Jets fans who Everyone would have wished they traded Keith Chuck away so uh I wasn't a Keith Chuck fan even though I was a Jets fan He you know he was kind of known to be a Have a bit of attitude on the local Scene and he was my age so I'd see him Out at the bars and he wasn't the nicest Guy Solani was the nicest guy now I I my Opinion of Keith Chuck has changed now You know as he's an adult just like I am Um but back then you know we were both What were we 19 years old and you know He wasn't he wasn't uh mature yet so no No Keith could chuck cards am I I'm a

Big fan of his sons as hockey players Matthew might be my favorite player in The league right now no he's really Really terrific hockey player I mean wow Wow yeah and when you put those two Together it makes sense that he came From there but yeah I was I kind of set You up there sadly I'm sorry I shouldn't Have done that I know you're a Solani Guy and I definitely know that I know The history behind that I kind of threw That softball at you but no Tina Solani Was the he was the guy tiam musolani he Was uh gosh chasing his cards back in The day it was so much fun and I had the French Canadian Um rookie version of the upper deck and There's the Parkhurst when that came out I think it's I don't think it was his Rookie year I think it was the following Year the when The Parkers came back with Those really beautiful cards Um yeah he's a oh wow he's pretty Special Um him and Powell Beret were in Bret Hall are like the guys I just love but So okay just because we're running up Against time here and you know I got I Gotta run too and I know you got stuff Going on so let's do this let's uh Finish off the episode with the Conversation oh I'm gonna ask him and I Do this every time so you know bear with Me you gotta run real quick you gotta

Get out of your house I know it again You might give me a certain answer but I Still gotta asked the question anyway You got to get out of the house quickly And you gotta take 10 cards you can only take 10 of those Cards and they're not vaulted they're Not vaulted you can't cheat they're in Your house you're looking at them Binders I don't care you've got them What are you taking yeah so first of all My cards are not vaulted that's vaulting Is not for me I like to have my cards Um what am I taking so so as I told you Earlier like this question is so painful For me because I I don't know that I can most people Say what's the one card you take I'm Like at that point let them all burn I Don't like you know what am I gonna what Am I how do I pick one Um so uh but I'm if that's the case it's Gonna I'm gonna probably base it on Value because if I only have 10 cards I May as well pick the ones that are worth The most because at that point I'm gonna Be devastated and maybe quit the hobby Altogether because I'm devastated that I've lost my collection Um but you know so I've got a 51 Mickey Mantle Bowman rookie that's in a really Nice grade that I that I would I would Have to keep that one Um my my Gretzky or a couple of my two

Of my Gretzky rookies out of the tops PSA nine and OPG PSA eight I'd probably Keep those two my Michael Jordan Jambalaya is one of my more valuable Cards my Michael Jordan Platinum Portraits is one of my more valuable Cards Um my Ken Griffey Jr star star rubies Which is a view it's one of my favorite Cards do you have that card Yeah yeah Um yeah I do and mine is actually like The nicest of all of them it's got the It's it's a Beckett nine but it's got You know it's a it's a mint plus three Nine fives and a ten Um so it's the highest graded one by Beck and I don't think PSA has anything Higher than a nine so I think it's the Best one out of all out of anyone that's Been graded so there's that one and then After that I'm probably gonna pick out a Couple Solani cards a couple Howard Check cards Um and uh call it a day oh and of course I've got a Gretzky PMG Green from 2012 Retro I got the Crosby green have to Keep those just from a value perspective So But I wouldn't have time to go through And find them I you know I've got a Beautiful Wilt Chamberlain rookie a Bill Russell rookie like how do I leave my Jim Brown uh my Jackie Robinson I'm

Taking Jackie for sure with me by George Vezna how do I live I can't leave behind Yeah no he can't do it I The question causes me anxiety to think About having to sorry brother I'm not Trying to make you feel anxious You got any Gordy I'm kidding but you Know what I mean yeah I have I have I Have the Gordy I have his Parker's Rookie I've got his 54 tops his second Year Parkers I love those three cards I'd want to bring them with me I've got His last playing Days card I'd want to Bring that with me Um I've got some spectacular Gretzky Patch Autos you know Edmonton Oiler game Use patch Auto pieces I'd want to bring Those with me like I couldn't I couldn't Narrow it down and then I would probably Go into a deep depression even though It's just cards like I'd be very upset For for a long time if okay we're gonna Switch gears I got a sad Jeremy going on Right now folks uh we don't want to end Like that I'm going on like that we've had such a Wonderful uplifting conversation we Don't want Jeremy getting on getting off The call going oh that was terrible it Was I feel terrible right now nothing Like that's gonna happen you're gonna be Totally fine all your Howard sucks are Going to stay in place so Luckily it's all hypothetical but you

Know what I mean like when you yeah when You've been when when you when you when You like kind of identify your life as I Do like I've been in the hobby for 42 of My I'll be 51 in a few weeks so 42 years I've been doing this thing it's like my Whole life Um I like it's a part of my identity it's It's it's who I I feel like the Hobbies Is in me you know so to have it taken Away would be would be it would be Devastating as I was like and I'm sure I'm not alone I know I'm not I know I'm Not alone in that uh so a lot of people Understand where I'm coming from right Now with this kind of talk but yeah Outside of my like I used to say family Hobby career now it's family hobby Career is done my career is in the hobby Now I'm making it a part of the Hobby And so you take the hobby away from me You take my collection away I don't know If I if if I'm that how my content goes Anyway it's not gonna happen so It's not gonna happen and listen on Another positive note Dale Howard Chuck Tell us why I mean for all those who don't Understand is Winnipeg he's a jack you Know talk to us why Dale Howard truck is Such an important player for you well so Okay I will I want to mention that TAMU Solani is my favorite all-time

Professional athlete even though my Collection of Solani cards is dwarfed by My collection of power check cards but That's for a different reason Howard Chuck is more nostalgic for me because He came in he came on into the into my Life when I was 10 years old 1982 the Jets draft him first overall and he's This young studies like he's like the Conor Bedard of the day coming in and And uh he turned our franchise around Now we were still never we still never Won anything but he was the guy that Made us a contender give us some legs Under the team and was he was he was the He was our superstar in my in those Formative years for me from the age of Like 10 through 16 17 years old he was The guy that like was the Winnipeg Jets And I I went to lots of games in the 80s To see to what to watch the team and Hower check was our best player there Was no doubt about it he was our best Player for a time he might have been you Know second third fourth best player in The league behind like Gretzky and and Mario Lemieux and Mario came in you know So such an under undervalued Hockey player in my opinion I know you Love him in Winnipeg but man he was so Good he was stretched there yeah he was He was the pride of our town for a long Time so that's why my Nostalgia Collecting cards in the 80s building

Those old peachy hockey sets every year It revolved around Dale Howard Chuck for Me my he was my favorite player growing Up when team musalani came to our team In 1992 He was like another level I mean this Guy he could dance with the bat like he Was special special and he became a Player that I was older now I'm in my I'm in my what uh early early 20s and I Appreciated this I understood the sport More I understood just being you know I Was like the same age as the guy kind of Thing and he took me out of my seats Like no one ever did before had season Tickets his rookie year I was at every Game when he broke all of his records I Was at every home game that year and When he scored his uh 54th goal which Put him ahead of Mike bossy for the Rookie goal scoring leader I we had I Had front row seats that year like row a Right up against the glass seven seats Down from the visitors bench and he Scored that goal right in front of me The one where he threw his glove up in The air and took his stick and shot the Glove down I Dennis I jumped onto the Boards my feet the boards were under my Feet I leaned over the glass I was Pumping my fist I was so pumped that he Broke the record Um that was like the best sporting Events best sporting moment of my life

Was was that moment uh that I attended In person and um so Solani is my he's Like my number one pro athlete and just Such a good person overall so him and Howard Chuck are kind of the guys that Uh that I collected yeah well that was Really special thanks Jeremy for sharing All these really great stories uh these Stories that mean something to you but You know I think they're going to mean Something to everybody who takes a Gander at this episode and those who had Hadn't known some of these things about Jeremy that have been following him Hanging out with him in his little Online parties live Um hopefully you get gained some more Insight into what makes Jeremy tick and Why he loves collecting cards especially Tia musculani I mean he's he's pretty Special too I this brings back a lot of Memories to me talking to you I knew it Was going to do it because you know I'm Growing I'm kind of a Canadian kid I Grew up next to the Border I didn't get American television I only got CBC and Much music I grew up on Canadian music I Cut my teeth in the music industry up in Vancouver Um so yeah I knew the guys in default Nickelback I mean I I'm you know I know That maybe that's going to get me in Trouble saying that but you know I I Grew up on all that stuff like my

Favorite band of all time is the Matthew Goodman I mean I'll say it still now Even though he kind of got in some Trouble but you know these are super Important things to me and my family and So it's been really exciting to have the Kraken here in town because I've just Been able to fall in love with hockey in A whole new different way live because Uh our bank is the primary sponsor so we Go to a lot of hockey games and I cannot Tell you how exciting that is my son's Taking skating lessons he wants to play Hockey so it's really really fun to talk To you and kind of walk through some of Those some of those days together Um thanks again for jumping on and Taking some time this is a little bit of A longer one but it's Jam-packed with awesome stuff I feel Like I can talk to you because I know You're a long a long form guy I feel Like I could talk to you for two hours And I don't think we'd run out of stuff To talk about which is pretty special Show us how much you know and how well You can you can entertain a crowd you Can entertain me for crying out loud Really great stuff but thanks for Jumping on the collector series we'll Have to maybe have another one at some Point maybe dive into uh one of your PCS And just kind of walk through it a Little bit maybe but I know you have

Your show to kind of showcase your stuff So I don't want to step on toes there But be definitely open to doing Something like that in the future but Thanks Jeremy for taking some time well Thanks to you Dennis congratulations on Your Seattle Kraken for making the Playoffs this year ahead of my Calgary Flame so go Kraken that'll be that's Pretty cool and uh yeah man uh thanks Again I've enjoyed this you got it yeah I was actually there it was pretty Special Um yeah I mean I wasn't really too Worried about the coyotes but oh hey we Got one back at the coyotes for you There just remember that all right take That with you we got him we got the Coyotes so anyway it was a lot of fun And uh we'll have to do it again but Sounds good Dennis thank you take care

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