PSA to BGS Crossover Grading Victory! Check out how much profit he made from this basketball card!

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2020 Panini Flawless Tyrese Haliburton rookie card autograph graded PSA 8 crossover to a BGS case. Sports card flipping. Sports card investing.

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Check out this massive grading crossover Victory a 2020 Panini Flawless Tyrese Halliburton rookie patch autograph Ruby Parallel serial number out of 15 created PSA 8 near mint to Mint Condition sold At auction February 19 2023 on pwcc Auctions for 2160 the buyer cracked that PSA 8 case Submitted this card to Beckett and got a Bgs9 mint condition grade just two Months later guys that's like the Fastest turnaround I've ever seen sold On eBay by Goku sports cards for four Thousand five hundred fifty dollars April 5th 2023 for a profit of two Thousand three hundred ninety dollars This does not include the Beckett rating Fee I'm sure he paid a premium to get His card back that quick so the profit Probably wasn't this Grand however from A PSA 8 case to a bgs9 case look at Those subgrades too centering nine five Corners 9.5 surface 9.5 so I'm curious To know why this got a PSA 8 and almost A bgs 9.5

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