5 Key Football Cards Drop Another 40%

Football cards have been all the rage in the sports card market. But many key cards have fallen in price.

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Guys we've got the NFL draft coming up In a couple weeks everything is right in The football and football card world Right wrong Football cards continuing to get Clobbered hey buddy Football card Market is what we're going To be talking about today I've pulled Out five actually I'm lying I've got six Cards that I'm gonna talk about and we Are going to dive right into it now if You're new here hit that subscribe Button down below the big red button we Will continue on with consistent content We will not let you down friends now to The football card meetings The goat himself the 2000 Bowman Chrome Tom Brady and a PSA 10 one of the more I Would say important modern football Cards really if we're talking about the Go to the sport it's kind of odd to have A goat for a particular sport be a Modern player modern card he just Retired usually we're talking about Old-Timers they have cards in the 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s but no we've got Tom Brady it's a 2000 Bowman Chrome this Thing if we go back two years guys and Let me just also premise this I'm Looking at the data going back two years And the reason why I've done this is Because prices were really at all time Highs between January February March of 2021 maybe like April 1st but now we've

Hit April 15th ish and we're going to Look at April 15 2021 where prices had Already started to kind of move downward So these are not kind of percentages Coming off the all-time highs this is Where they already have moved down so It's another percentage off of where it Was so we're looking at two years back On the most on the majority of the state Except for one card and I will keep on Going let's keep on going The Bowman Chrome Brady back in mid-april 2021 About an 18 000 card at that time where Does this sit now under 10 000 under Five figures ninety eight hundred Dollars a recent sale that is negative 45 for the greatest football quarterback Of all time in the NFL so it probably Doesn't mean good things for all the Other ones on the list am I right well We'll find out next up 2020 prism silver Justin Herbert and a PSA 10 pick the Prism silver because it doesn't really Make a whole lot of sense to pick some Random parallel let's just stick with Silver prisms just makes it a little bit Easier to run the data there's some Transactions at least there's a Transaction history if we go back April 2021 4300 card now the other thing I think to Notate on some of these newer cards some Of these Ultra Modern cards pop reports Then versus now and this is going to be

Kind of a larger point that I'm making About do Be the first person to buy the PSA 10 When they when it hits when it's a pop Five Pop 10 of PSA 10 for an Ultra Modern Card do not touch it for a card like This for a prism silver just wait be Patient 4 300 card April of 2021 April 2023 roughly sixteen hundred dollars now Negative 62 percent and granted Justin Herbert kind of had a little bit of a Disappointing end to a season last year Mahomes doing great things Brew doing Good things all these other guys kind of Doing good things but Herbert's kind of Like the guy that got left out so his Prices had moved downward and frankly They were just way too high to begin With but the next guy was actually in The Super Bowl last year 2020 prism Silver Jalen hurts the Philadelphia Eagles PSA 10 quarterback April 2021 1150 now 785 dollars that's 32 percent less than Before he made his Super Bowl run season Does that make sense to anybody for all Those that are talking about performance This and that and player performance and Blah blah blah this guy literally his Price cases were 32 percent higher Before he ever really did anything in The league before he made his Super Bowl Run

Does that make any sense anyway does Anything make sense negative 32 so that One didn't quite crack 40 but close next Up 2021 prism silver Trey Lance and a PSA 10. now this data doesn't go back Two years because card isn't two years Old it goes back to August 2022 multiple Sales 1300 to 1500 and then this thing Falls off a cliff and what is it it's Exactly what we're talking about those PSA tens at the market all the Speculators in August getting all Excited about their 49ers got their Starting quarterback in Trey Lance I'm Going to get on top of this thing and August is probably the worst time to get In on this type of card thirteen hundred To fifteen hundred dollars going back August 2022 April 2023 is roughly a 450 Card as the season started he got hurt The thing fell off a cliff now you might Argue well he got hurt so that's why it Fell off a cliff I would argue that it Probably moves down regardless maybe it Wouldn't have moved down as far but Still 450 our card now minus 66 percent Guys be careful with your prospects and I can hear the comments now Dustin just Cherry-picked some random Prospect QBs That we all knew were overpriced well Let's go back in time a little bit Friends 1989 score Barry Sanders in a PSA 10. I've got this in a nine I want this card

And a 10. when I got back into the Hobby In 2018 this was a 400 car card all day I didn't buy it I'm a and here we Are now if we go back to April 2021 it's This is not the all-time high this card Went over two thousand dollars at one Point but April 2021 about sixteen Hundred dollars for this card in April 2023 now it's sub a thousand dollars We've got sales at nine fifty nine sixty Six I've heard people in my comment Section say if this is I can't remember Who it was but if this goes at 800 They're a buyer for it I'm kind of with You if this thing gets into that seven Eight hundred dollar range I'm probably Picking one up at the national more than Likely if I do see one in that price Range it's starting to get to a nice Little point where I would like to get In but we will see that's down 40 Percent from two years ago and like I Said this is not coming off of the Absolute height so some might say like Oh yeah 60 off the highs no no this is This is a another 40 off of it already Having dropped last but not least I what You're thinking vintage football has Been great 1976 Topps Walter Payton PSA 10 not PSA 10 just kidding PSA eight I've got this Card in a six I love this card this is a Very important football card in the Grand scheme of things of the football

Card Market one of the greatest running Backs of all time some would say Sweetness was the greatest 76 tops Walter Payton in a good grade PSA eight In April of 2021 got up to 17.75 1775 we've got a recent sale folks right At about a thousand bucks Sweden is one Of the greatest running backs really one Of the more important cards some would Say this is fringe vintage but I would Say this Falls right there in the Vintage category it's set 1976 tops and It's minus 43 from two years ago and so I'll be honest with you guys I'm seeing Some of these prices I know a lot for Everybody it's kind of like do I want am I trying to catch a falling life does it Have more to go or if we kind of hit a Bottom I really am curious see what a Lot of the stuff looks like as we get to The National be a fun buying frenzy I Want to do more of these videos for the Purpose of there's been cards where Someone will bring it up to me and like Oh did you have you seen the pricing on This that or whatever card and I'm like Yeah it's just too expensive and then They're like and then they tell me the Price I'm like oh wow that's come way Down from where I last looked at it and So what I'm going to do is research These drops and then share it with you All on some of the more what important Hobby cards I know some would say Trey

Lance might not be an important hobby Card but last August he was he was a hot Prospect he may very well be again in a Few months we just don't know how it Goes a lot of parody in the NFL who's Going to start Brock Purdy still hurt What's going on Sam darnold nobody knows But guys thank you very much for joining Me here today for another card video we Will be back again stay healthy stay Awesome and I will talk to you again Later Thank you [Music]

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