Am I a “SICKO” for Liking These Sports Cards?

In this #shorts SlabStox Nate reveals Panini’s NEW Prizm Basketball MONOPOLY release. Let’s just say, Nate’s opinion is unpopular with sports card collectors. What do you think about the NEW Prizm Monopoly Basketball card release?

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This Steph Curry Monopoly color blast I Guess you could call it it looks like a Color blast and the reason we bring this Up is because the first one sold for 1 325 bucks for this card and let me tell You the people in the comments are not Here for the Monopoly set whatsoever There was a lot of distaste and dislike For Panini trying to put their products Wherever they can including Monopoly now Hand up I do love Monopoly it's probably My favorite board game maybe I'm a sicko For saying that but it is like my Favorite board game and so I will Probably end up buying a box of this Monopoly I like the idea one of very few That likes the idea and it's mostly Because of my love of Monopoly I like it So if you like it let me know why you Like it and if you hate it also let me Know why you hate

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