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The guys eat the sports cards more back Today with a brand new baseball card Video today brand new release Ball watched a lot of these videos this Product seems to be pretty nice LSU Maniac pulled a huge Julio Auto out of This hoping for the same but really like The design this year they just came out Recently it was actually a combo deal This in 2021 so we still have some 2021 Products coming out in 2023 but this is The hobby version you get one autograph In here lots of cards hopefully some Numbered stuff as well I like that super premium quality full Bleed photography color foil and two Chrome cards in every pack so 240 cards In here got this for a heck of a deal Um we're gonna see what we can get in it Um I haven't ripped anything in a while That's the hardest part about owning a Car job is not opening all your product So I'm trying to limit myself but still Want to make content so I've you know I'm still ripping but not as much Definitely as I used to But always gotta keep some videos coming Out for you guys no matter what Um this is a pretty nice product with a Lot of prospects a lot of rookies so it Will have the 2022 rookies like wit Julio Franco Um I think adley would be some Prospect Jobs in here

Let's get all the packs out and see what We can find got vladi on the front Baseball season has been off to a hot Start Tampa Bay's 13-0 I probably won't Upload it Was speaking of Tampa Bay there's a Brandy when they are but they are as of Now we got a autograph in the first pack I've seen some boxes with uh two or Three so yeah these cards are pretty Clean just a basic design There's a prospect There's a base Springer James Wood Two Chrome per box is this our autograph Yep I think that's an auto This is a clean basic design though I Like it I really like it Campos there's the Randy And let's see I guess we'll go ahead and Go for it for the Orioles It's on Who is that though I don't know who that Is Mikhail Hernandez nice little Auto there Michael Hernandez Wrong Oriole Maybe I don't know maybe he's big Pretty nice hopefully we get another one We hit one right out the gate But let's see what else we get here That was quick I think LSU pulled two in his there's a

Nice Julio rookie right there Simon Juan Castro kalanick Jay Allen Jackson job Robert Hassell at least most Of the guys are updated in there New uniforms Nationals have all kinds of Players after that Cemetery Another thick card we got a refractor in Here A lot of color We'll go through the base pretty quick There's a Benny Montgomery and a Refractor Emmanuel Rodriguez out of 199. A lot of the photographs though are very Similar to Bowman their Bowman card Like their first Bowman so They've done some new photography I Guess Karen Baker Rizzo There's an isakunasi like you've Probably seen all the pictures of these On regular Bowman It's a little rookie we're on the DS Let's finish this stack off Show you guys a look at the odds after This pack There's a jazz you guys let me know if You've opened any of this what you think I do like the foils they try to match it With the team Suzuki rookie Cheerio and Hunter Green Rookie Take a look at the odds here So there are um Looks like variations I'm probably

Missing a bunch of those because you get One in over three packs but I'll check On all that after the video another Thick card here Another refractor looks like Joey Votto Trientos Logan Kearney and our refractor is Robert Hassell nice out of 199. So that is two number cards already in The first stack and Auto Maybe they'll be an auto in each stack How do you like to get a lot of packs to Open 2023 Bowman comes out next week I Believe so excited for that Bowman's Always a highly sought after product There's a nice Pena Gonzalez Chrome Harper Joey calo I believe Drew Jones will be in this I Think he's one of the big guys that they Held out for 2023 Polanco this is a good product though Because all the autographs I believe are On card for the most part All right stack two it is a lot of bass Cuero I mean all the big prospects are in here As well as the big rookie so it ain't a Bad set in terms of Who you can get player-wise Another oh we got gold coming up here we Go

See what this goat is there's a Cho And a goat for the Angels Placencia 7 Out of 50. gold lava Pretty nice looking card there pulled Him in my um I put a goat autograph of Him out of my Bowman's best box Hoping for a Boom coming up there's a Nice LED Cruise Chrome I have not opened any of the 2021 and I Do have some at the shop Um There's a nice cases So I'm not sure how it has been there's An Acuna Uh another color lots of color that's Always good Brett Beatty And we got a blue for the Royals Daniel Vasquez we're just getting the wrong Color all the guys in Bowman's best you Did not want so it's just Placencia and Vasquez Jordan Walker Peter lonzo's killing it This year there's a nice Anthony vopi Carson Williams Zach Bean Give us a 101 Acosta there's veterans in here too Bobby Witt rookie Seems like you get a number card in it Like one of her three packs there's Another one refractor Manny Robbie Martin and refractor Samuel Mudos

Not too familiar with him but that's our Fifth numbered card yup ladolo all right Last stack Mojo See what we got coming up here Goatee there's a nice Dominguez Confidane Ian Lewis Alec Thomas rookie You guys let me know if you've opened Any of this What you think of it if you've got any Big pools Jason that Jason Cheerio yeah judge and Cabrera I definitely like it for how many Numbered cards are popping out even Though it's not who we're looking for We'll still take them pull hose Jay Allen here's another goat I guess Didn't see it Or a yellow Angelus out of 75 Running out of room I forgot my stance Eloy I guess we'll put him back here Coloss Al Mr Hernandez all right we're down to Your last four packs here There's something big Drew Baker Luis Gonzalez Harry Ford Elrod Uce Or Mike Trout Trientos de los Santos Yeah all the pictures are exactly the Same as regular moments

Or draft There's artega and nice Marcella Meyer For the PC Henry Davis ohtani All right last pack Mojo Can we get one more number card I don't Believe so Abrams rookie Vaquero that's some type of parallel There oh I don't know what that is it's like a Foil on it It might be a good card right there Got a different back Than the other one so some type of Insert there Check the odds on that in a minute James Wood again I probably missed a lot Of image variations because they were One in every three packs you guys let me Know Uh what could that be base paper foil Etch variation I think that would be an Etch one in 24 packs so maybe one of Those per box but if the Cuero ain't too Bad So not bad at all would definitely rip Another one if I could find one for a Good price uh you guys let me know what You think on it we got five number cards One two three four five or six number Cards Um a Julio rookie a nice on card Auto And then that Vaquero not too bad so let Me know what you guys think and we'll be

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