HOME OF THE RARE GALACTIC PARALLEL (1ST LOOK)! 2022-23 Panini Revolution Basketball Hobby Box Review

I am opening two hobby boxes of 2022/23 Panini Revolution NBA Basketball for our next sports card pack break/product review! These boxes have an SRP of $100 but currently resell in the low-mid $100 range. Every box contains 8 5-card packs (16 box cases). Expect 4 rookie cards, 8 parallels, and 4 inserts per box. These boxes come with chances at pulling ultra-rare SSP Galactic case-hit parallels, tons of SP parallels (Lava, Cubic, new Future Frame, Sunburst, Cosmic, Impact), 1/1 Kaleido auto parallels, various inserts (Liftoff, Supernova, rare Prime Time Performers), autos of the NBA’s top rookies/stars/HOFers, rookies of Paolo Banchero, Jalen Williams, Bennedict Mathurin, Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith Jr., Keegan Murray, & Jaden Ivey, and more! You can get a box for yourself from your local sports card hobby shops and online retailers/sellers. Overall, I would rate this product a 6.75/10. Good luck if you try one for yourself!

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I teamed up with Arena Club to host a 100% FREE case break of 22-23 Revolution Basketball! 30 winners will be picked from the comments section of our Instagram posts. All the cards will be graded for free and sent to the winner’s showrooms! Here are the steps to enter:

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The winners will be picked on 4/21 at 8:00 PM EST. The break will happen live on my IG on 4/22 at 8:00 PM EST. Best of luck!


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What's going on guys welcome back to new Videos today we have an early look at The new 2223 Revolution basketball one Of my favorite sets as you can see by That tray and that Jaron back there Absolutely love this stuff we have some Case breaks on the site as well as a Free case rig for you guys so if you Want to join the ones on the site should Be one of the cheaper breaks we do this Year it's a cheaper product but so much Fun uh There's the link Down Below in The description and the pin comment Pacmansportsource.com we'll have plenty Of cases so it shouldn't breaks there You go and we also have a free case Break with the reading club work with Them all the time they are the All-in-one platform to buy sell trade Grade that trays the reading club slab So very Advanced and transparent grading You get a great report computer-based Stuff and yeah super super Advanced if You agree with them it's not only very Affordable but even more affordable with My code so it's Pac-Man you get 10 off To grade on there so check it out info Below but if you want to enter it's on Instagram you can comment on both our Posts for double the odds and the odds Are really good on this one compared to A regular one so 30 winners for a free Case breaker Revolution info down below Definitely check out out and best of

Luck so we have two boxes for a review And it's a set I just love so here's the Information real quick for this one SRP Is a hundred the resales in the low mid 100 range and then you get five cards in Every single pack eight packs of box 16 Box cases there's two eight Box Dinners In every 16 bucks case if you have four Rookies eight parallels four inserts in A box I'd say three to five Autos maybe Three to six and enter they aren't Guaranteed for box unfortunately but you Do get them a little better than used to So look for one Galactic per master case If it's the same as in the past 150 card Base set there's all the stuff you can Find and here's the back fly through it Nice and quick so here's the parallels There's the galactic which is the case Hit one there is new future frame There's a lot of 10 and then the Galactic is for the base plus the Inserts then look for inserts lift off There's Prime Time performers which is a Case hit and there's Supernova as well As some others they got rid of one from Last rape weave though autographs they Advertise them as on card in the Mock-ups but now we see their stickers Which does stink they should be on card They still haven't switched back yet Don't know what they're waiting for but Yeah they used to be on card they mocked Them up as on card and then we got it

And it was a stickers which is Unfortunate but look for a fractal to 100 infinite to 25 and collado one of One so let's get into our review here Very excited love this stuff and there's Our background as I get the wrapping off So Instagram right there And got some Jaren Trey I actually have Three jiren galactics So I was trying to collect this maze I Could with a friend And I have three of them almost bought a Fourth but I was like all right it's Time to slow down but Here's our packs And you guys can vote for box one or box Two Go like this just so I can keep both Right there all right here we go So yeah that's our uh Trey young bought That one and bought that one my Galactic Look in terms of poles If that's not bad if I never pull a good One no they're tough to pull they could Be one of many many different cards so Yeah this Instagram will have our free Case break giveaway and uh it's with the Reading club and that's the slab they Have so here are the cards got Jalen Williams nice JW rookie Revolution real Pictures absolutely love it there we go And this is the base design although This is an astro parallel This looks like an autograph to me

That could be this is the base design There we go what do you guys think so Have an early look thanks to rip Hamilton rips as always He sells me My boxes a lot of times And you appreciate Him hooking it up and of course I asked Panini as well which is how we get the Early looks so Thank you rip I think this is ink I Think it's upside down If you guys like these reviews you want To see more like subscribe we'll have a Lot more helps us do all the reviews Here some two Box reviews All right Yeah man this should be It should be on card man that would look So beautiful With a sparkle in the back man on card Revolution is Just it's just right it should be On card sticker Auto looks like he uh Gives a lot of circles like five circles But hey I'll take an auto all day There we are And Here we are I like it a lot man it's Just a sticker and they they tricked us Too They uh pretty much made us think it was Gonna be on card and then once you open The packs they're not

So that's uh not cool here's a fractal It's weird that these are in the front Usually they're in the middle or the Back all the Non-based AJ Griffin and Johnny Davis I Love fractal not numbered there's some Non-numbered parallels but oh There's rest of the base keep going So what do you guys think do you like Revolution or not I love it love the shiny cards Absolutely beautiful And a lot of cool stuff to find usually Numbered cardboard box usually Obviously I think more every year and at Some point maybe it'll be one per case That's the day I will Officially Cry my eyes out that will be very sad Random it's a Groove you can see the Parallel right there A name And a numbering will be all in the back As well yeah right yeah Usually near the top but it could be Somewhere through this here we'll find Out soon I think All the way when I see it there's Paulo Very nice I like I like I like I like I like I like I like I like Thank you matherin Astro Sign me up thank you I think it would be Hmm

I don't know I guess we'll find out you See like up here I think Revolution Always one of my faves is taking some Steps backwards in recent years with the Photoshop pictures With the uh sticker autographs but still So beautiful And so for our free case break I always Try to do stuff you guys free products Free cards I know it's expensive even a Hundred dollars On stuff like that it's a lot of money There's yeah this should be in the Middle that's dangerous But um Yeah mission of mine to do a lot of Giveaways freebies so liftoff LeBron This year I like these And working with Arena Club to get you Guys some freebies so The way it'll work is we'll draw 30 Winners you can comment on both our Posts we both have a post on our Instagram which is right there once Again in the description and You comment your showroom name which is Free takes a few seconds and uh Commented on our posts we've tagged two Collectors as long as you're following Both of us you're good so always free And We'll pick 30 winners all the cards will Be

Graded And put in showrooms defensive player of The year So that's the main steps And Definitely worth Trying your luck Go Grizz I love those jerseys man Beautiful Very beautiful Jaren's on my face him and Bane and John Too but those two are my guys All right next pack No numbered yet we dig in Auto wonder if You don't get a numbered Anymore that would not be good embiid Fractal nurse Trey Kate ooh I like that one Nice jerseys Bottle pack Please don't take out the number card That would be bad And also running right now we have our Eminence giveaway we have a lot of free Stuff going on so bookmark those streams I've tons of streams on my oh That was my heart was racing all right There's a number card here but you have A free Eminence card as well as Probably some deals on the cards from Our video which are the last one Eminence and we have another thing Coming up as well so it's a fun month a Lot of freebies for you guys

Something I'm working Hard on I pull this guy a lot I hope he's good first of all thank you For putting my guy in the set And Peyton Watson To 99. They used to be to a hundred why are They said 99 now there's one less Rare All right there's box one decent box I'll take that let's see what box two Has for us Let's move these guys to the side Let's see if two can beat one come on Two Here we go All right now some people don't like the Shiny Some people only like Chrome for example That's not a bad thing I'm just Stating what I've observed I personally Love The shininess But totally understand it is a loud Product some people might not like that Everyone has their own preferences so Now me personally Design wise I think it's top top top Notch Contents per box obviously Not guaranteed autographs I think there should be a number card Guaranteed from what I've seen and what

We just saw there so One of my things if I would change it I Would definitely Add the on card back that's huge And maybe A parallel between the cubic and the Lava because lava is the shortest Printed 10 and cubics of 50 is nothing In between Galactic I guess in terms of print run All right hot first pack A Revo Regardless love it I'll drop a case myself every year so Very excited too Between random hobby packs off camera Stuff like that Curry vortex Double Warriors And there you go From there next one up These packs one thing I will say they Don't open easily There we go not the cleanest Rip but hey We tried Okay LeBron Jimmy This is Shockwave The inserts haven't changed much really At all Unfortunately And They're nice

I guess as the case hit one I think more could be done personally A lot of the uh sets haven't changed Much Pack All right go Grizz Go Grizz Excuse me while I grab a sleeve there's Always a sleep repaired For Grizz guys There we go Astro Junior all day thank you That's exactly what we wanted to see Ah good day Next one up so this will drop Tomorrow officially at the time Recording and once again we have case Breaks available on our site Linked In The description and the pin comment It's Pacman sportswears.com and we'll go Live and rip a lot of cases where you Want to buy in just hang out Oh I'm tripping geez We'll be ripping a lot And I should conclude this pack At least they don't mix it in I guess All right last three Is the number card always in the back It's looking like it Two box sample size not the biggest Sample size we'll get a larger sample Size on Pac-Man brakes but It's looking that way Kyrie

Nothing really in this one so far Except for some go Grizz action Class yeah here we go last packs I'm gonna assume no Auto And just a number card I love if it hits I don't know it's Hollow Lava something random Is it true It might be true Rookie Mark Williams That's a little concerning Is it always in the last pack Out of our Example size of two That's my doubt All right The Big Moment of Truth Yeah Oh What is that That's impact Okay okay We have our Base Got a lot of bass JW which is good All right let's see our final card Hmm could be anyone I'm gonna go Bradley Beal Wow we have 44 of 149 Real Deal Bill all Right there we go box one or box two I think I know where I'm going comment Down below here's everything we got Overall love it we'll have some case Breaks once again a free one for you

Guys with Arena Club info's down below Try your luck a lot of winners and a lot Of free cards for you guys and I'll keep Doing more like that if we like it and Uh get you as much free stuff as we can It's always the goal so yeah here's a Recap and once again we'll have some Breaks in our site and other fun stuff With Revolution we could do opening till We pull galactic I think we did Revolution before right We could do it this one was yeah I mean Come on Auto And Matheran Yeah I don't think it was that close Uh you know Mm-hmm Oh um That's about it yeah box two Sorry box two Sorry we don't make the rules here we go A little final hand A little bit of Auto Action some Parallels and the number cards actually Here There you go show him some love here's Some uh to close off on overall big fan Of the set Don't love the stickers I mean Especially with this design it looks so Out of place it doesn't blend in very

Well We need on card we need on card back Badly please remember you keep Forgetting to put it back uh on card we Need that so that would make this a much Better set but here's my thoughts rating Overall still love it regardless on Scale from one to ten I'll give this one A 6.75 design a plus plus plus plus plus Plus plus Contents per box could be a little Better in a total case you'll see Obviously the galactic the insert it Might look a little better obviously you Get like this box was not the best one This one's pretty decent and um if they Added on card back probably like a seven Little seven in my opinion design Definitely carries very heavily and I Mean look at that I'm in love with the Design for this product so what do you Guys think overall I'm a fan and best of Luck if you try some for yourself let me Know what you get this video guys thank You so much for watching like comment Subscribe till next time I'll see you Later

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