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Guys it has been a busy last few days in The sports car Dad YouTube content Creation world I wanted to offer some Updates some announcements on some Things that we have coming up and just Kind of recap some of this stuff because It's just been a blitzkrieg on the YouTube algorithm on the YouTube page People probably think I'm nuts but my Wife was out of town all weekend and hey I could have gotten into worse trouble Than making a bunch of sports card Content yes So let's start with Friday evening this Is going back to the 14th I had Sean From reserved Investments great YouTube Channel you may have seen his stuff Before really practical advice he's been In the collectible space buying and Selling for short-term stuff he also Does long term also gets into Antiques And other styles of Collectibles that Others might not even be aware of so Practical advice from him some who would Say that he's controversial or negative About certain things but I take it more As practicality so definitely check out Sean at reserved Investments and I'll Put links in the video description for All of the stuff I'm talking about today So you can make sure that you catch up On all the goodness all right Saturday The 15th dpzs interview with Jeremy Lee From sports cards live dropped dpz came

Over with his collector series that We're gonna do weekly maybe a couple Times a week just depending on how Things go but really happy to have him On board he is an excellent host so Definitely check out that talk with dpz And Jeremy Lee Link in the description Below additionally we're putting Together a weekly live stream dpz me and Jeremy Lee gonna do some hobby talk Stuff that will probably be Tuesday Nights around 10 p.m eastern time with The time difference there West Coast I'm East Coast so just trying to work that Out the 25th next week I believe will be The first episode for that we are still Trying to work out some of the the Details there but look for that one in Another show on the docket speaking of Jeremy Lee he just celebrated three Years on YouTube doing his great live Show his weekly show and we celebrated On his channel sports cards live he Invited me on I was on the 11 to 11 30 P.m block eastern time with Jeff Wilson And some of the others really enjoyed Saying congrats to Jeremy I completely Understand the fun grind of putting out Videos for three consecutive years Really being very consistent with it Jeremy has done that very well and he's Had a lot of success as a lot of people Will say content creation yes it is a Grind it does take work but but it's an

Incredibly fun grind it's an outlet for A lot of people including myself so Great to see Jeremy on three years and Excited to do more collaboration type Stuff with him speaking of Collaborations we continue on with Dinged Corners myself and the sports Card therapist have been doing this show For the last few weeks we've got kind of A weekly Cadence that we've been going And I think that we might continue on Doing that I really enjoyed talking with Rob getting to know him better and we Tackle just various hobby topics he's Got a great podcast as well as a YouTube Channel so definitely check out sports Car therapist he's throwing in his Insights he is a dealer at shows he's a Collector he speculates on stuff but a Lot of his stuff is vintage so I mean he Really focuses heavily on Vintage sports Cards I know a lot of my audience also Loves vintage he does a Sunday night Show on pwcc as well kind of going over Their weekly auction on the Vintage side An episode dropped yesterday morning Again I'll put the link in the video Descriptions to check that out before I Continue big shout out to today's video Sponsor DC sports87 you want to sell Your cards on eBay but you don't want to Deal with the hassle of shipping and Packaging and doing all the stuff you Can just send it off to DC sports87

Their fees are very reasonable pretty Close to what you would pay just selling Yourself on eBay and they take care of All the work you just ship all the cards To them it's a very simple process They've got a one-page submission form You put your name and your email address On it you send the stuff over to them They put it on eBay and they handle it From there they also update their Website in real time as auctions end and There's payments made very seamless it's Easy check out DC Sports 87 today also Excited to start a new series basically I'll call it the sports card pricing Drop Series so dropping prices and Various sports cards I started with two Videos about football cards and just Going over some different things and Also included in the part two a five Year look back so I thought the timing Would be really good to start this I'm Looking back two years in the data so Mid April to now and part of the reason Why I did that is because if you go back To January February March of 2021 those Are the all-time highs for most cards Outside of the really Ultra Elite top Point zero zero one percent of Collectibles the vast majority of cards Really hit their height that first Quarter of 2021 and so this data is Coming off the back of that so it's not Including the all-time highs it's

Already come down some middle of April And so you can kind of see where it's Gone from there so it's you know if You're including the Mount Everest climb It could be like oh this is down 90 Percent if you're including the all-time High I don't want to include the All-time high because it just makes it Just a little bit wonky and then also Including the five-year look back so you Can see hey if you were buying cards in 2018 you're probably still up on certain Cards and so forth so I think it Provides a very complete picture we Started with football cards we're going To have baseball next I'm also focused On 80s 90s and 4 forward to the modern Stuff because if you go back to 50 60s 70s there's a lot of variants in grades And so pricing is all over the place you Could have a six that sells for x and Another six that sells for y it doesn't Make a whole lot of sense and it might Just be that the that one that's sold up Here had amazing centering you know so Including the the Vintage stuff is I Think it's kind of a waste of time I Don't think it really helps the audience As far as understanding price points 80s 90s forward is where we'll stay there so If you do have certain cards that you Would like to see in those videos I'm Happy to do it put it in the comment Section below and the purpose of those

Videos is not to say haha these things Have gone down it's more of hey if You're a collector and you've been Sitting on the sidelines because prices Have been Mega High I've been doing a Lot of This research myself to try to Figure out where certain card prices are Where I want to get in at certain price Points every individual has to come up With what price point they're Comfortable with for any particular card As an example I just recently a couple Days ago bought an 86 six tops traded Barry Bonds rookie card and a PSA 10. it Was down to about 265 I think is where My price landed and at the all-time high It was what eight or nine hundred Dollars it's come down pretty Dramatically not a rare card and a PSA 10 at all there's almost 5 000 copies of It so some would say Hey you could have Waited and maybe got that card for 150 Or 200 and you might be right but 265 Was a price point that I felt Comfortable with even a couple of months Ago they were selling for quite a bit More than that so anyway that's the Point of it it's to help people that Might have been sitting on the sidelines At one particular cards prices have come Down they're continuing to come down in Certain areas we're going to watch that And so I think it's helpful for Collectors to see hey is this at a price

Point where it makes sense to get in all Right guys thanks as always for all of Your channel support stay healthy stay Awesome and I will talk to you again Later Thank you

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