Sports Card Investor Doubles Down on Disney cards OVER Pokemon Cards

Sports Card Investor Geoff Wilson made headlines early this week that he believes Disney cards can overtake Pokemon cards as the major TCG card game.

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You might be thinking Dustin the Lighting looks really bad and they're Very dark no friends we are focused on The darkness today Jeff Wilson sports card investor doubles Down on his Pokemon hate where is this All coming from he went to Disney with His family his emotions got the best of Him and now he's all aboard the Disney Card train Pokemon should be worried Because Disney is about to catch a ball But he's taking down Pokemon cards on The way where did this begin let's first Start with the show it's Jeff Wilson I Believe this came out a couple of days Ago where he basically shots fired and Kelly his co-host there is a huge Pokemon fan she couldn't have looked any More uncomfortable on that show but if They nail the launch of lorcana this Fall trading card games will change Forever And Kelly hi I know you're a big pie I Don't like this time your childhood man He came back from his trip and he was All about Disney we're gonna poke holes Though in this there's some things that I think that he might be missing in his Thesis a possum Bud a Pokemon YouTuber Who I think is actually really hilarious He responded to to Jeff's video but Gonna be talking about a a wee little Bit of trash cringe I saw and we're just Gonna dunk on a little bit so I gotta

Showing a statement by this page right Here it's Jeff Wilson oh can't forget That check mark we got Jeff Wilson Entrepreneur sports card investor oh I'm Out of uniform let me fix that real Quick for you [Applause] And then Jeff comes back doubles down Today on IG roll that Frank Frank that's Your cue to roll it some of the Pokemon Collectors in my comments have lost Their damn Minds you really believe that Pokemon characters are better known than Disney characters really Pokemon is Pikachu and Charizard but then what You're seriously telling me that Diglett Is better known than Donald Duck Darth Vader and Dumbo and that Charmander is Better known than Captain Hook Captain America and Cinderella really look guys I'm not hating on Pokemon I own Pokemon Cards I like Pokemon but get out of here With your Ridiculousness and so here's The deal guys I I think this is all for Show Jeff Wilson as much as some people Like him or dislike him or whatever he Is not an idiot and the one thing that Is true is that the Pokemon card Collecting community on YouTube is a lot Larger than the sports card Community if We look at the big time Pokemon card Influencer who is the biggest one you Can think of it's Logan Paul wouldn't Jeff be so thrilled to get Logan Paul to

React to his video or to his take with William Paul has what 25 million Subscribers or something like that he's Been on film buying you know a million Dollar cards or two million dollar boxes Or whatever and you've got a possum Bud You've got a lot of these Pokemon card Collecting YouTubers making reaction Videos that's all attention on to Jeff Wilson and so I think that he is looking For this heat he is looking for you know This attention because he can very Easily come back off of it you know he Could very easily say oh you know what You were right I think Pokemon cards are Actually okay I was just kidding about Disney taking over but right now he's Getting all the attention he was Actually just talking about how the one Great thing about Beckett kind of Floundering at the mint Collective is That Beckett was in the news for a week And when was the last time that Beckett Has been in the news for her that long And talking about this or that or Whatever and now they have an Opportunity I think that Jeff Wilson is Taking this as an opportunity as well to Further his brand I watched that second Video the one that he did today on IG And I don't I don't believe it to be a Truthful thing I don't think that he Really does think that Disney lorcana is Going to unseat the Behemoth that is

Pokemon cards the other thing that I Think is going against this thesis and I Talked to reserved Investments about This going back on Friday night there Are a ton of Disney collectors that are Into all sorts of other Disney items I Mean you're talking about like theme Park stuff that goes all the way back to The 30s 40s 50s there's a lot of Different collectibles in the Disney Space so yes you do have popular Characters that have been around for a Very long time but there's Disney the Artwork there's dizzy Disney statues There's antique Disney stuff going all The way back where big time the big Money is in that antique Disney stuff It's not an Ultra Modern carts I just Don't know if Mickey and Minnie and Goofy can even compete with a brand like Star Wars tops is coming out with all These different Star Wars sets yes these Are iconic characters but if you're a Big money investor are you buying these Cards or are you buying original artwork You know by Walt Disney and spending a Premium for that probably the original Artwork or just kind of those older Antique style things while this is all Good for entertainment I think it's a Little bit of a stunt I think it's just Trying to get your name out there a Little bit expanding over to that Pokemon space trying to throw a dart

Against the wall and see what it hits And like I said there's huge Pokemon Collector channels so the outrage so to Speak is going to come Jeff Wilson will Be the guy that they're focused on and That is probably a good thing for him in The short term because in the long term Like I said he can easily pull back off Of that take but the people already know Who he is if you look at a possum buds Video he did not know it's Jeff Wilson He didn't know who he was in the sports Card space you know Jeff Wilson Pokemon Collector people they don't necessarily Know who he is so for him he's trying to Broaden out his base he's trying to Broaden out people that are viewing him Whether that's people that like his Stuff or dislike his stuff all that Matters is that they're watching it Doesn't matter if they like it or they Dislike it let me know your thoughts in The comments guys what'd you think of This stay healthy stay awesome and I Will talk to you again later [Music] [Music]

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