Monopoly Prizm Basketball Looks Terrible + Don’t Underestimate Hoarders

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The new Monopoly prizm basketball card set looks terrible guys. I’ll explain. Plus, let’s not underestimate hoarders and the question marks around card and collectibles supply.

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Oh man what are they going to come up With next we have this new Monopoly Prism basketball I'm going to talk about This first we'll get into it but before I get started big shout out to today's Video sponsor Robert Edward auctions They've got their big April catalog Auction going on right now it ends on Sunday the 23rd so make sure you don't Miss out this auction has some Elite Items especially some of the Vintage one In particular 55 tops Roberto Clemente PSA 9 currently sitting at 850 000 with The buyers premium there's a current Record at 1.1 a little bit over 1.1 Million so it'll be fun to see where That one ends up some other hot items 55 Top Sandy Koufax rookie and a PSA nine At 1949 Bowman Jackie Robinson and a PSA Nine highest this one has ever been Graded 53 tops Jackie Robinson and a PSA Nine Jim Brown's 58 Topps rookie and an SGC 8.5 is currently getting close to Forty thousand dollars Walter Payton Said 76 Topps rookie and a PSA 10 is Around 35 000 right now that's a sweet Card I've seen that actually in person At the Dallas card show going back a Couple of years I saw a copy of that Very very nice lots of rare unopened Boxes all sorts of goodness so Definitely check out the Robert Edward site it's that April Catalog auction it's one of their

Biggies of the year I will put the link In the video description as well as in The comment section all right so here's The deal let me kind of preface the Conversation with I'm not really looking At the price point of this Monopoly Prison basketball I'm not looking at whether the checklist Looks good or whether there's great hits In it I am simply talking about the Aesthetics of it the actual look of it And the prism cards are nice nice shiny Cards love it thing that kills it for me Is the word monopoly on it and I can Understand look you're trying to do you Know for Panini you're trying to do These kind of crossover deals but to me This is kind of like trying to do like Superman versus the X-Men or you know Even Alien versus Predator in theory it Seems cool but in practice it's like you Know Freddy vs Jason I just don't know And to be honest I don't think it works With real I can't think of one brand That I that it works for I know people Would say like oh Dustin you're a big Stranger things fan you're stranger Things cards collector I bet if they had Demogorgons alongside Steph Curry you Would think that's awesome no no I Wouldn't I would think it's totally dumb Jurassic Park you know Velociraptors Chasing LeBron James no Winnie the Pooh You know I don't want piglet LeBron dual

Autos I'm not interested in that and so For me just aesthetically this is this Is a no-go I know it's being celebrated I'm sure this product has a place for Some collectors it's just not for me but Let me know I mean am I crazy or does This just not look great I just don't Like the look of it with the Monopoly Branded stuff on it just doesn't make Sense to me I can't get behind it all Right next we are going to talk about Don't underestimate collectors slash Hoarders I'm going to go back to a Conversation I had last week with Sean At reserved Investments I will put a Link to this video check this out this Is about a two hour conversation long Form people have been asking me hey man Can you come out with some more of the Long form stuff I've been trying to do That with different live streams I'm Bringing on dpz's collector series you Know so we've got long form and Short-term content here on the channel But this was a good conversation I felt Sean at reserved Investments practical Advice about Collectibles as a whole so He's talking about trading cards but He's also talking about coins and he's Talking about Pokemon he's talking about Comic books a wide variety of Collectibles and antiques but we go down This Rabbit Hole a little bit of we Don't really know about the supply the

Total supply of this stuff and I get a Little nervous for for myself I'm a big 80s 90s culture collector there's just So much cool IP that was born in the 80s And 90s and you see it because they just Keep on redoing it today you know you Just see it continue on and but with the Rise of third party grading really if You're looking at sports cards this Thing goes back you know 20 25 years Grading sports cards but now we're Seeing grading in a lot of different Areas and even with comic books grading Goes back with comic books as well but You know I collect graded video games Graded action figures I love these items Do you think that there's opportunity There but even with sports cards or Non-sports cards culture cards if you Will you know with these items as well If something is new to be graded you Know now they're now they're going to Start grading vinyl and cassettes and These sorts of things everything will be Low pop for a while but we don't know How much of that stuff is out there and I think that there's going to be a Little bit of a lag in time and and Again we're talking about sports cards You know on the sports card side in the Comic book side you could say well these Are established Marcus as Sean and I Were talking about going back to the Vintage stuff but you just saw a huge

Comic book collection what was it the Fantastic collection this guy found like A TENS of millions dollar like his dad Was collecting like Batman one and like Had 10 copies of Hulk 181 you know it Just had a ton of these things he's now Grading him up and he's selling them Probably end up making millions but my Point is is this was a a fairly new find Or just something that was brought to Light maybe they knew about it but it Came to the public eye recently which Begs the question how much of these Collections are out there that just Haven't surfaced yet I was talking to a Big vintage dealer at the Philly card Show and he just kind of made a good Point he deals in vintage sports cards And he just said look this stuff rotates Around you have people that you know the Stuff sits in collections these vintage Baseball cards but eventually they come To to surface because somebody passes Away or they just get out of it for Whatever reason they need to raise money But a lot of times it's people that have Been holding it for a long time and then Finally you know they do pass on and That collection goes to auction Somewhere a lot of these cards and Collectibles rotate around and that's Talking about vintage that's going back And talking about 50s and 60s baseball Cards let alone 80s 90s stuff getting

Into the 2000s which even 80s 90s for Some people that's considered vintage But you know there's a lot of stuff that Was produced during that time and we Just don't know how many of the Collectors hoarders out there when I Think about action figures I'm always Worried about like are they going to Find a KB Toys you know a Toys R Us you Know storage unit that's got a thousand Rare sealed you know action figures or Whatever you know and some would say Like oh the chances are so low but There we don't know though it is still a Question mark anytime you get into Anything I think for me personally I try To look at all the variables that I Can't really control and Supply is Really one of those things that we Really can't control they could unearth You know all those 52 tops Mickey Mantles that supposedly went into the Hudson what if that was all false and Then they they are Unearthed somewhere In New York like they were about to be Dumped into the Hudson but at the last Second this group of guys saved it Buried it in this trunk in the middle of Nowhere and it was Unearthed and now We've got 5 000 new copies of 52 tops Mickey mantles of course I'm kind of Making up a story here but stuff like This can happen there's a funny Documentary about the ET game that came

Out was it Atari or was it NES I'm Pretty sure it was a nose Atari it was Atari so they try to rush this game out For Atari 2600 I believe back in the 80s This particular game is is the culprit a Lot of people blame this game for the Downfall of video games in the 80s this Is how big of a deal ET the game was for Atari which gave to the rise of Nintendo A couple of years later but really this Was kind of a signal for Atari that sent Them going downhill they rushed this Game out to be released at Christmas Time and I think they made it in like Three or four months and even the Developers were like we just didn't have Enough time the game was not very good It was actually it was not good at all All right but they sold copies they sold Millions of copies it just wasn't good And then people soured on on games along With other games as well I'm not saying That was the only driver but then they Buried all these games like millions of Games out in the desert this was kind of An urban you know myth right and so this Group of guys makes a documentary going Out and digging up trying to find the Landfill of E.T video games and they do Find it and I actually saw I think it Was on Heritage auctions one of the Unearthed graded ET games from this Place was just sold for I think like a Thousand bucks or a couple thousand

Bucks and so it just goes to show that The hoarders collectors the landfills Out there stuff can be recovered you Just never know so Supply is always a Big question mark whenever we're dealing And collectibles and it's something that I've been thinking more of and so that's Why I called this don't underestimate The collectors slash hoarders they could Be out there with some amazing stuff That just hasn't come to light and when I say collector's hoarders that's not a That's not a negative try I know Hoarders has a negative connotation Because of the TV show I'm really just Talking about people that are just Holding on to things for a long period Of time they might not even know what They've got and then finally it comes to The surface all right guys let me know Your thoughts in the comments below make Sure to check out Robert Edward auctions Don't miss out on some fabulous stuff That'll be ending on Sunday the 23rd Stay healthy stay awesome and I will Talk to you again later [Music] [Music] Thank you

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