SOCCER CARD STEALS I Found on the Losing Side of the Champions League!

SLABSTOX FC SOCCER SHOW — In this video, Andrew (@st._croix_cards) looks for winners and losers in the Champions League and finds some of the best buys in the soccer card sports card market.

If you’re a soccer card collector, be sure to check out SlabStox FC Soccer Show! We look at all the leagues and highlight the soccer players’ sports cards that are moving up in value. We want to educate our audience on who and more importantly, WHY we talk about players to watch and keep on your card-collecting radar.

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00:00 – WELCOME Episode 7: SlabStox FC Show
00:56 – Champions League RECAP
02:17 – Manchester City – Erling Haaland
06:58 – Aston Villa – Ollie Watkins
08:41 – Real Madrid – Rodrygo
10:32 – A.C. Milan – Rafael Leao
16:00 – Chelsea – Enzo Fernandez
17:32 – Chelsea – Mykhaylo Mudryk
20:32 – Napoli – Victor Osimehn
23:24 – Bayern Munich – Sadio Mane

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Winning isn't everything it's the only Thing that seems to sometimes matter to People in the hobby it's all about the W's we take on our cards The Profit that We get but is it the losers who we Should be looking at when we're looking To pick up some cards jump in on this Week's episode of the slab stocks FC Show what's going on everyone welcome Back welcome into a brand new episode of The slab stocks FC show I'm Andrew at St Croix cards on Instagram and it is all About the winners and the losers here Today we're talking all of those players All those teams that are performing Really well and maybe not so well as we Close in on the end of yet another Wonderful season of soccer and you know Really what sparked this was the chain Champions League we had some great games Yesterday Real Madrid AC Milan moving on And I have to tell you that the games by Iron Man City and Benfica Inter Milan Have not happened yet I'm recording this Before that uh before the the games kick Off today uh but I just think that it's So important that we talk about the Winners and maybe the losers over the Past couple weeks and you can't say Winners if you're not talking about Manchester City and Boyd is that hurt as An Arsenal fan man they are flying high They are playing so well right now and There is a real possibility that

Manchester city is in line and in the Running for the treble now they've Closed the gap on Arsenal in the league Uh with two really really rough ties for Arsenal against Liverpool at anfield and Then to drop points and and tie again Against West Ham at uh at the London They are at the stadium uh London Stadium I believe is where West Ham Plays uh but just you can see you know Just I can't even get my thoughts Together just because of how uh bummed I Am about it uh but you can see that man City is playing for a lot of silverware Here over the next month and leading the Line we all know is the one the only Erling Holland who has been doing Incredible things all year I think I Think we talk about them on every Episode 22 years old and just taking Records down 30 plus goals in the Premier League this year but the Interesting one for me right now is this 11 goals to date in the Champions League He's got 11 goals today and I know five Of them came in one game uh but he still Has his second leg of the quarterfinal To go through today against Bayern Munich and then if they do move on he's Got two cent potentially two semi-final Legs and then finally a final if man Said City can get into the final now He's got 11 right now I believe the Record is 17 set by Ronaldo a number of

Years ago but he has that opportunity uh If he plays well today and moving on Into the semifinals and the finals uh to Maybe catch Ronaldo uh you know a good Hat-trick performance puts him right There and I'm not going to count early Holland out uh he has been performing Absolutely incredibly and so I wanted to Look at a few cards maybe cards that we Haven't looked at before uh the one that I picked up uh out to kind of monitor Pricing this is a 2020 tops Museum Collection uh this is the Ruby out of 25 It is an SGC 9.5 I don't know about you But there's something about SGC those Black uh those black holders I've said It before when you get those colored Cards uh colored border cards they just Look fantastic and this is the nine five Sold April 5th And the pwcc Vault uh best offer for Three hundred dollars and I I thought That was interesting you know a lot of People quickly go to Holland's rookie Cards and and some of those prices are Pretty high and not everybody may be Able to afford those thousands of dollar Cards of early Holland as his rookie so Then I thought you know what is the Pricing doing of his second year cards Maybe his third year cards and looking a Little bit more at that so this 300 sale In the SGC 95 it was also nice with pwcc The Vault uh this actually sold on a

Pwcc weekly auction last June so June 26th this card sold uh SGC 95 sold for 117.60 on pwcc weekly auction so if you Fast forward that to the 300 offer that Was just accepted on April 5th you're Looking you know at a hundred and eighty Dollars roughly uh of of profit there if You have bought it in June and then you Did sell it on the pwcc vault here in April so pretty good bump in pricing on Some of that second year Holland stuff From what I'm seeing but a lot of people Focus is not on these second year cards I would say a lot of people's focus is In prism this year that 2022 2023 Panini Prism uh EPL just released a few weeks Ago and one of the big cards in that set Is the erling Holland Autos so I just Pulled up a couple of those base Autos That are selling uh on eBay right now And you can see that prices are kind of All over the map we did have a low sale April 17th for 455 dollars these are all Raw copies mind you uh 455 but then Quickly April 18th you had a sale of 650 On a fixed price but anywhere in between That 455 and 650 we're seeing some Pretty healthy erling Holland autograph Sales now we didn't have a whole lot of Autos and again the reason you know some People might be like why you bringing up A base Auto of Holland it's because a Lot of those early you know early rookie Auto cards are so expensive not

Everybody can be in that budget or in Those four to five figure uh cards uh Myself included so when you see things Like the Autos or even second year Hollands I may not be able to afford Those rookie Hollands but maybe I can Get a low number Ruby out of 25 second Year Holland for for 300 or I could look At You know an auto here at 500 or 550 Versus those thousands of dollars in in Autos of his rookie Auto so just kind of Keeping that in mind I thought you know I throw it out you know just to make Sure everybody's aware that there are Certain price points for everyone and Maybe these are out of both of your These these both are out of your price Point and you're looking at maybe a Different card but you can kind of look At Holland and maybe you know do some Research and find something that fits Into the budget that you're you're Working off of but Holland fly and I Haven't a fantastic season now the other Shout out who's not champions league is Ollie Watkins I believe this guy Deserves a great shout out for what he's Doing and for what Ashton Villa is doing Currently uh over the past month or so Aston Villa is unbeaten in the Premier League in their last eight they've Catapulted themselves to sixth place in The Premier League if I'm doing my

Calculations correct I believe they're Currently in a Europa conference League Seat but they are just one place away From the Europa League and I think That's really you know credit to ollie Watkins credit to Ashton Villa credit to Unai Emery shout out to the former Arsenal manager but he's just Ali Watkins has been on a different level Here in the last eight games he's got Seven goals and two assists in his last Eight put that in perspective half of His season goals of 14 have come in the Last eight games and a third of his Assists have come in the last eight Games so really really impressive Ollie Watkins and so I saw this this rookie 2022 uh prism yeah this is his rookie Gold out of 10. I just thought this was A really healthy sale April 8th uh his Gold it's a raw sold for 135 dollars you Know maybe it has you digging through Some old boxes if you have some old Prison to see if you have any color Volley walk-ins uh he's been on the Radar quite you know he's not he's not Just somebody who's kind coming out of Nowhere uh but you know the last eight Games he's he's really shown himself and Really been in Prime form uh in the Premier League so I thought if we're Going to talk about Winners you got to Add him to the conversation as well just From what I've seen over the past couple

Weeks The one that I want to talk to a little Bit on from yesterday Real Madrid again Another 2-0 score line Real Madrid Beating Chelsea I think that puts him 4-0 on Aggregate and 2-0 and both goals Coming from Rodrigo uh Brazilian Brazilian who plays for Real Madrid and Probably not the first name that many People are going to think of if you Think of Real Madrid like when you think Real Madrid right now it's probably Benzema or vinicius Jr it could be Kemavenga you know so Rodrigo getting a Brace against Chelsea I thought maybe You know what would that do to his Pricing and real quickly it it didn't do Much you know and I think you know Winning is important it's extremely Important uh for managers for players uh For for fans but you know it also you Need to win when it counts when it Matters the most quarterfinals that's Great but we still have a semi-final and A final to get to but two two goals Nonetheless Rodrigo you did have a 2021 2022 uh Panini of City obsidian dual Relic Ottawa the purple on a 75 cell Yesterday that sold for 63 dollars uh And to kind of put that into perspective Go all the way back to September of last Year in the build up to the World Cup September 7th you saw a similar card uh The purple obsidian dual patch Auto Sell

For 67 so not a huge fluctuation in Rodrigo pricing not a whole lot of Rodrigo selling uh but if he continues This form if he's going to get to see You know more eyes on Rodrigo if he Scores again in the semifinals or if Real Madrid is somehow able to make it To the final uh you're gonna maybe you Could see prices increase as he gets More exposure in the Champions League Big big name that has been talked about Transfer links all over the place uh AC Milan's Rafael Liao again another good Performance by him in their win over Napoli pushes them into the semifinals But Liao is is having a fantastic season I know there's some people out there who Have been talking about them and have Been talking about him for a while this Season in Syria he's got 10 goals seven Assists so maybe not looking as Massively impressive if you put it up to Like the goals that are going in by Erling Holland but you know he is he is Having a great year in Syria and even in The Champions League as that Winger you Know he's got one goal five assists in The Champions League the more impressive Thing to me was he is the responsible he Is the he had both assists against Napoli so in both both games he was he Had each assist which I think is super Important just his ability to involve His teammates but also clinical in

Scoring himself I am really really Intrigued at what happens to Rafael Liao Uh with the Champions League what's the Price tag over the summer does he get a Move over the summer that's that's big For me too so it'll be really really Interesting to see you know kind of how Things play out with Lily out as he Continues to just put on performance After performance uh in in the Champions League and Syria uh as well uh just a Couple of his pricing his 2019-2020 Rookie uh uh Panini con uh contenders uh Chronicles excuse me rookie ticket this Is the red ticket uh it's it's the Shorter print version it's it's the the More rare or scarce version uh back in March you know this card was uh you know March 3rd this card was 103.50 this is a Raw copy not graded uh March 11th one Sold for 120 and so uh here just Recently April 18th one sold for 134.50 that red uh rookie ticket uh it's I think it's just it A result of how he plays you know he Continues to perform well and we've seen Prices kind of creep North uh healthy uh Increases in pricing but the question Then becomes for me is with all of these Wins you know with all of these players Winning and and playing well is now the Time to get in that's the biggest Question that you know I think of you Know winning isn't everything sometimes

It seems like it's the only thing in the Hobby as we look at you know what wins Can we get out of our guards when we do Intend to move them you know what's the Profit margin you know how much can we Make per card and the question then Becomes you know are are they winning to A point where it's not a it's not a Great idea right now to get in I'd love Your thoughts you know but is are these Players are are these you know Performances one that we have to stop And say you know what maybe it's not the Right time to get in on the wins I'm all About you know you want to arrive early To the party and there are people who Arrive extremely early on Liao uh Extreme really early on Ollie Watkins You know they've they they already have The cards to go and get them now uh when Prices are higher than they normally Were just a few months ago is it saying You you want to get in now if you are an AC Milan fan and you're like I just want A Raphael Liao red rookie ticket and It's fine that it's 134.50 that's great You know you know again if you're Collecting you know if you're a fan if You're you know gonna put that away Great but it but if you are looking to You know move a card you know purchase a Card and then move it again in the short Term in the long term I think you know You might want to not just always look

At the players who are playing well Because if they're playing Well Everybody's seeing it or a lot of people Are seeing it it's you know maybe it's Our mindset of you know maybe we do need To look at the losers the ones that Aren't performing well and I think one Of the biggest teams that are Underperformed this year would have to Be Chelsea now I know Aaron you know Maybe maybe he's watching this right now And kind of cringing a little bit but You know Arsenal was there too you know Just you know a few years back last year You know it didn't go super well for us Uh over the past two seasons and we've Turned it around but Chelsea you know With all of the massive signings in this In the winter transfer market and and And really have struggled uh going Through managers you know Thomas tuckel To Grand Potter to now Frank Lampard They lost 4-0 on aggregate against uh Real Madrid and now they're out of the Champions League they are currently in 11th place in the Premier League And on top of that they've only scored One goal in their last six games so Struggling mightily but my my initial Reaction to struggling is okay but They've got some young Talent on that Team I mean heck we were just talking December in the January about these Ideas of these transfers coming in and

They were going to change you know the Dynamic of Chelsea and they were going To kind of push them over the top lots Of money pouring in But the winds aren't there the points Aren't there the trophies aren't there Right now But this is where my mindset of winning Isn't everything it's the only thing you Know in soccer you know if you're if You're not winning managers are out Players get moved But is it the losers we want to be Looking at and I think that's really a Key key component here and one of the People that I I think we do need to take A little bit closer look at is Enzo Fernandez you know has that phenomenal Run with Argentina and Messi and winning The World Cup and gets that massive move From Benfica to uh Chelsea and and again I I you know it it gets my mind Wandering like think about Enzo Fernandez still in a Benfica team that's In the quarterfinals of the Champions League like come on like if you insert Him into the Midfield of that team I Would be really curious how far Benfica Could go in this champions league but He's not he's on Chelsea and we saw some Pretty high prices of Enzo Fernandez now This is the top Deco 2022 tops Deco this Is the green out of 99 out of that set And it's important it's they're all raw

Uh they're relatively new so there's not A huge uh grading uh group of these back Yet but I wanted to use this stops Deco Because there's actually two players That I want to look at from Chelsea but Enzo Fernandez you can see March 1st so He's made his move to Chelsea a green Tops Deco rookie out of 199 sold for a Hundred dollars on March 1st On March 10th another green sold for 95 And then finally March 18th you saw one Sell for 63.87 for 22. so so you know you're Starting to see a fall in its pricing But the biggest uh but the biggest thing For me is that his pricing is continuing To fall and he's not the only one Michaela Modric you know shakhtar the Big transfer move in December as well he Comes in and there's a lot of hype Around Mulder again 22 years old these Guys aren't 27 28 29 they're very young The team is turning over it's getting Very very young and you had a lot of Interest in Mildred when he came to Chelsea January 28th the same set tops Deco 2020 uh 2022 2023 uh his green same One as the Enzo sold for 200 on January 28th a best offer Fast forward to March think about that January 28th Two months later 60 days later March 25th A Green rookie out of 99 tops Deco sold

For 31 online and then April 13th you Had another auction a green out of 99 Sold for 38.97 so the depreciation has fallen Quite a bit now you know is it because You know tops Deco isn't the only set Out anymore maybe is it the fact that Moldrick isn't playing much Might have something to do with it but I Think we also miss the fact that you Know he he's 22 years old there were a Lot of great things said about him when He moved to Chelsea he's young he's Gonna need to adapt to a new country a New culture a new a new team and a team That you know honestly is is a little Bit in turmoil all of these new players Are coming in there's a revolving door Of managers trying to get a system down When you change from too cool to Potter To you know to Lampard you're trying to Meet new teammates there's just so much Going on for these young players and I Think as Chelsea kind of formulates a Plan a true plan instead of just buying Everybody and and has some buy-in from The team itself you know I think you're Going to see these young players really Blossom but personally I think we we get Too caught up in you know players who Are 18 19 20 who don't perform to the Level we think they can they're they it Can't all be Holland But we're very quick to write them off

We're very quick to kind of move on or Move past from them and I think it's Really important that we we recognize Their abilities and and you got to give Them time I think you got to give them Some time but it's it's very hard when They're in the spotlight but uh you know Enzo Fernandez Modric I think they're Great players you know as as Chelsea Figures it out I wouldn't be surprised If if these two players figure it out as Well so then the question becomes do you Buy the winners or you are you looking To to pick up some of of the losers Quote unquote right now you know as as You players that you think are going to Perform well moving forward now the Other person we do want to talk about Victor ociman uh he is 24 years old he Plays for Napoli rough quarterfinals for Victor uh he missed that first leg game Against AC Milan which saw them go down One nothing Uh they did end up losing yesterday as Well uh and uh or I think it was a drop 1-1 but losing on aggregate he did score At the very very end of that game but I Think you know for for players who are In leagues outside of the Premier League Most people when they're tuning in not All but most are tuning into the Premier League or a major tournament like the Champions league and so Victor you know Bowing out of the Champions League with

Napoli uh after they had such a great Group stage and they kind of just ran The table scoring goals at will uh but They are now out of the Champions League So just less eyes on osiman and I think You know that that's kind of a a loss You know not only are they out of the Champions league but you don't have so Many people uh looking at him still Think he's a phenomenal Striker I think He's clinical in and around the Box It'll be interesting again he's another One of those names you had uh Liao you Have now osiman where are they going you Know are they going to get a big Transfer move here over the summer I'm really intrigued to to see what Happens I could have brought up a lot of his Cards I chose to bring up one you know Not a rookie uh this is his 2021 2022 Panini Chronicles select blue out of 49. So still some really healthy sales uh One sold today for 56 uh again this is Not a rookie by any stretch it there's No RC logo there uh 56 on a best offer And to put that into perspective you Know you you had one cell at the end of February February 22 for fifty three Dollars so not a whole lot of Fluctuation or movement and you did have One cell March 31st for forty dollars And so you know you're kind of staying Between that 40 and 55 dollar range for

For a pretty low numbered uh Panini Chronicle select blue of Victoria Seaman But I think there is there is potential There as he as the transfer market Builds as the season winds up Napoli is Pretty in control in Syria uh and so uh It'll be you know a win for them but are They gonna cash in on osiman and have Him go uh elsewhere only time will tell But it is unfortunate I would have loved To see him kind of uh move on to a Semi-final matchup against the likes of Maybe uh Ramos from Benfica but that's Not going to happen but we could still Get a Liao versus Ramos Portugal Portugal semifinal would be pretty Interesting as well I'd love to know Your thoughts who do you want to see in The matchups here in the semifinals you Know leave a leave a comment below of Who you're most excited about or heck Who do you think is going to to come out Of the semifinals and and win this win The Champions League this year uh but The other one that I do just briefly Want to touch on uh is sadio Mane Um really kind of interesting odd stuff Coming out of uh of Munich and Bayern uh He got into that altercation with Leroy Sane Uh but he hasn't had the the most Fantastic year at Bayern this year uh a Little bit you know leaving Liverpool And and moving into the Bundesliga he's

Been out pretty pretty long time you Know he's just starting to come back uh From an injury I know he was out for the World Cup uh and he missed some time you Know in January and February just Started coming back here in March uh but But he is one that I think has you know With fire down uh 3-0 two-man City it's Going to be a mountain to climb uh for Them would I put it past Bayern no you Know with the Champions League you know Anything is possible and and I am Totally down to to watch it all play out But really things interesting you know Now you're hearing Rumblings that you Know Bayern don't really have him in Their plans moving forward does that Mean that sadio Mane uh could be getting A transfer somewhere else I don't know But it'll be really interesting to track This story as it continues uh the one Card that is 2022 uh Panini prism this Is the World Cup uh purple Mojo out of 49 uh you know you had a couple of sales That happened in February really low Sales I'm not quite sure why they would Be that low for a card under 50. you Know I know it's not a rookie I know There are a lot of parallels in uh Panini prism but 325 on February 14th Seems really really low 560 uh seems Pretty low as well and then March 18th You had one sell for 28 dollars Uh and then most recently you had one

Sell for 13.39 now these are all raw copies as Well but you know it gets me to thinking As as we look at these ideas of winners Like if if they're winning and you have Already bought in might be a great time To think about you know moving some of Those cards if they're not for permanent You know collection purposes but for me Personally it's it's the losers that I Tend to look at because that's where you Know a lot of people tend to forget About them or they aren't performing Like they're expected to and I think we We sometimes expect every player to Perform at the highest level all the Time uh even players like early Holland When he doesn't score a goal in a few Games people are asking what's wrong With erling Holland or or Killian mbappe Or you know Messi you know Ronaldo Neymar all those guys you know so Players you know play at high levels and And don't always you know produce the Goals or the assists or what we expect Them to and so we constantly see this Ebb and flow uh in the market but but When players are playing extremely well We we have seen in the past that the the The soccer Market does respond to that And so I would just say you know you Know winning isn't everything but it is It does seem to be the only thing and Maybe buying the winners as their kind

Of In route to win you know is is sometimes One where you might want to just take a Step back look and say okay what's the Best position for me to be in what's the Bet you know who do I believe in you Know because if you still believe in Enzo Fernandez You should be able to be picking up Stuff that's relatively you know cheaper Than what it was in January February Same thing with Michaela muldrick like If you if you believe in the player at 22 years old on a on a club as big as Chelsea and and with a you know say what You will about the owner taboli but he's He's proven that he's willing to to Spend money to to help the team win and So I think you know as he's learning you Know what what it's like to be a premier League owner and as they try to work Through things on Chelsea you know you Could probably pick up things that are Cheaper now As we've looked at card ladder then you Could have in you know the last two Months so I I would be you know be be Diligent do your research make sure You're looking at at things but it's Fantastic to kind of look at these title Runs I cannot wait personally for the Man City Arsenal you know You know if you know Arsenal in Particular you know who I'm going for

But you know you gotta you gotta beat The Champions to be the Champions you Got you got to beat the best to be the Best and and we're gonna have that Opportunity you know I never thought I Would say that at the beginning of the Year very very thrilled with that and Even the Champions League well you know What's going to happen today you know Benfica you know are you looking at is Man City going to continue to steamroll Does does Byron have something up their Sleeve you know are they going to be Able to come back and and make it a a a Second leg to remember I don't know but That's the beauty of the game you know That's the beautiful game of soccer and Why we're here to talk cards to talk Games to talk pricing and and to talk Strategy right and so I hope you enjoyed The episode of of winners and losers uh Again I'm Andrew at St Croix cards so We'll see in a couple weeks for the next Episode of the slab stocks FC show [Music] Thank you

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