Is Fanatics or PSA BUYING Leaf?

Could it be possible that either Fanatics or PSA/Collectors Universe is buying Leaf Trading Cards? A recent tweet from Brian Gray has us wondering.

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Everybody stop what you're doing we've Got cryptic tweets From Brian Gray of leaf if you're brand New here you're looking for breaking News sports car talk non-sports card Culture card talk then friends you have Come to the right place we react to all The newsy type stuff and there was a Tweet couple of tweets from Brian Gray First off I'm a big fan of Brian Gray Some people like him don't like him Whatever I think he's really Entertaining and I'm looking at him from An entertainment standpoint I don't know The guy I've actually never met him in Person but I have had him on a live Stream on my channel previously seems Like a good overall dude he's been in The hobby for a long time he's seen Things but he also is it just will level With you on what he thinks about certain Topics and I like that he doesn't Sugarcoat it and he doesn't hold back on Twitter either he came through over the Last couple of days and it was kind of Like big meeting today big day today and Actually Ryan sports car news who is one Of the sports card radio Brothers he Commented on it was like Hey man if Fanatics is offering you the money take The money and so I'm speculating is it Fanatics or is it PSA slash collectors Wouldn't that be a fun twist PSA Collectors owns the whole dang thing

They've got manufacturing they've got Grading people would be so thrilled to Hear this right no of course not I can Think of a lot of people that would have An issue with that but part of the Reason why I think about this too is We've all been kind of wondering like Why are all these folks raising money I Mean PSA collectors is one of those what Do they raise over 100 million or 125 Million dollars but really when you look At the company it seems pretty healthy I Mean they're bringing in a lot of dough They're grading more cards than they've Ever graded before granted they did Spend a lot of money to acquire PSA but If you look at it I mean unless they're Overstaffed or something I mean Obviously we don't have a look in at the Books I mean seems like everything is Kind of cruising along it seems strange That companies the size would borrow Money just given that rates are up it Was really cheap to borrow money going Back a couple of years now not as cheap To borrow now maybe because they're Conglomerate big massive company and They've got really Deep Pockets maybe They're not getting the same sort of Interest rate as some of the others you Know I doubt they're getting the same Interest rate as you or me or whatever But I just thought this was interesting Brian Gray of leaf and he does kind of

Make mention here too again cryptically That he will always stay in so it it was Weird it was like saying goodbye but not Really saying goodbye kind of like you Look golden golden auctions Ken golden He sold a portion of his company Equity Of his company to collectors Universe he Is a part of the collector's Universe Umbrella but Ken golden still out front Doing his thing he still runs his Company day to day he's got a Netflix Special that comes out in what two weeks 10 days or something like that Brian Gray's not going anywhere he'll still be In cards but something is cooking Something is cooking along with Leaf is It Fanatics is it PSA slash collector's Universe is it pwcc is it one of these Companies that just took out a huge loan I don't know all I know is something is Brewing down there in Texas I think Brian's in Texas anyway interesting Stuff what are you speculating why would A company buy into Leaf what would be Kind of the I guess the advantage to Doing that I always kind of thought that Fanatics would would want to kind of Keep Leaf over here not purchase them Let them be a competitor or unlicensed Products whatever so is it is it a PSA Slash collectors you universe that's Moving in is it somebody else that we're Not thinking of I don't know it just Seems really odd let me know your

Thoughts guys it's a breaking rumor Slash news put your thoughts down in the Comment section stay healthy stay Awesome and I will talk to you again Later Foreign [Music] [Music]

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