What’s Selling on COMC? A lot of Ohtani, McDavid, and TLaw

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Welcome back it is another day it is Another sports card video today we've Got the what's selling on com c we're Looking at data from last week we're Going to go through football basketball Hockey baseball anything else no I think That's what we're covering today stick Around [Music] All right guys how we doing I felt Pretty good too I think I finally got some sleep hey we Are going to start with hockey we're Right smack in the middle of hockey Playoffs we've got some of the usual Suspects but we've got one in that has Popped up here that I actually have Questions for viewership what is going On so let's look at the top five Sellers And we're going by volume of sales not By price so it's not as if one player Can have a huge sale and that launches Them up to the top five it's taking Sales from Port sales from the website On com c to eBay stuff so it's taking All the data in spitting it out and this Is what we've got so number one Conor McDavid not a huge surprise there the Dude's a monster number two Alex Ovechkin the legend number three Connor Bedard now I've heard this name being Thrown around I am not a big hockey Follower slash fan I love watching Hockey in person I've been to Tampa Bay

Lightning games when I lived in Florida Awesome to watch in person but to say That I'm following the sport I'm not This is how I kind of follow some of This stuff is watching what the Cardboard is doing and from what I've Heard Connor Bedard is kind of the new Phenom coming up let me know though I Feel like there's a lot of these young Guys with tons of potential scoring Potential and so this is an interesting Time in hockey so we've got Conor Bedard At three we've got Austin Matthews at Four and a name I did not recognize so Again viewership if you could help me Out David Pasternak I don't know if that Is a New Prospect coming up but his Stuff is moving on com c last week all Right football dominated mostly by Quarterbacks but we've got one wide Receiver in as well this is to me this Is very interesting number one is Trevor Lawrence T law man I mean if you look at All the QBs in the AFC there is a lot of Talent in the AFC and Trevor Lawrence is Number one in terms of volume number two Justin Fields I'm also surprised at this Too there's people that are speculating On Justin Fields making a little bit of A move now I will say Chicago Bears fans Have gotten into my comments and said Hey look man they got a lot of draft Capital there is some there's some Movement going on in this organization

Mo they feel like there's momentum I Mean really if you look to it the NFC North it's not really a dominant Division Aaron Rodgers kind of slowing Down as he leaving the Packers even if He stays is that Packers team going to Be as dominant as when he was in his Prime I don't know you know I think the Aaron Rodgers just kind of slowly I kind Of I watched Drew Brees his last couple Of years you know he really slowed down Rogers hasn't really slowed down and Since it is physical skills have slowed Down a lot but these are kind of those Twilight years it's going to happen Catches up with all of these guys Father Time bats a thousand he always wins and So Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay is a is an Interesting one to watch but I think There's a lot of speculation there with With Justin fields and the Bears can They make some moves there in the NFC North with a good young team three Patrick Mahomes the second second the Guy is uh well what can you say about Patrick Mahomes he's the most dominant Quarterback slash player in the NFL Right now I think a lot of people are Trying to guess is this guy going to be A regular Hall of Famer or is he going To be in that upper echelon that Elite You know Tom Brady World he's already Got two rings he's been to what like Five straight AFC championship games

Which is not easy to do in a loaded AFC And the Chiefs don't look to be getting Any worse so it's it's just an Interesting time I mean as Patrick Mahomes going to be this this next Tom Brady the Jordan you know whatever this Next guy that's just gonna just win a Ton of titles you know the next guy on The list is going to probably have Something to say about that and it's Joe Burrow at four Joe Bro at four and we've Got Jamar Chase his favorite Target at Five going all the way back to their LSU Days these two to me are kind of the Sweethearts of the hobby right now as Far as QB wide receiver combo you know And I know a lot of people love Justin Jefferson in Minnesota but he's got Kirk Cousins throwing to him I personally Don't think is a terrible quarterback a Lot of people love to hate on cousins But he doesn't have that same love as a Joe bro Joe Cool is the guy he's that Next guy coming up everyone really Thinks that it's going to be Joe burrow And Patrick Mahomes battling it out for These AFC titles and then you've got Josh Allen there as kind of that next Guy that's also in always going to be in The mix probably with those two then you Have Trevor Lawrence yeah I mean like There's just so much AFC Talent Justin Herbert's way back here somewhere else And that guy is talented I tell you what

If I was one of these AFC quarterbacks I Would be looking at this and saying like I need to get to the NFC after this Rookie contract is done you know I need To move to an a to a good NFC team and Build a life there because the NFC is Just not as dominant now maybe that Changes maybe that changes you know You've got another QB heavy draft coming It's an interesting time in the NFL Where you do have a lot of up and coming QBs at all times I mean I just saw the 49ers or shopping tray lands potentially This guy was the number two pick just Going back in what a year or two ago and He's on the he's on the trade block you Know it looks like they're going to go With Brock Purdy a lot of parody in the NFL so we'll have to see what happens Here but Joe burrow Jamar Chase rounded Out they are the hobby Darlings for the QB wide receiver grouping basketball and Again this is excluding Michael Jordan He's always number one on the site Number one LeBron James number two De'aaron Fox Sacramento making Making Waves in the playoffs what are they up Two to one on the Warriors I think the Warriors picked up a win last night but Yeah could could the Kings pull this Thing off they're just a good young Exciting team The Warriors The Old Guard The defending champ so they're going to Go down to the newcomers the Kings

Really have very little pressure in the Sense that the you know the expectation Is the Warriors The Warriors are going To win they're going to go deep in the Playoffs they're the defending champs But they've been a really bad Road Team All year and is that catching up with Them now the Kings doing some work and Dear and fox a big part of that number Three John Morant move-in trading what's Going on with John Morant number four Giannis and number five a guy that's Kind of always been on the rise here Doesn't get talked about as much but It's SGA it's shy gilgis Alexander Um great player great young player but He just kind of gets overshadowed I Think by some of the Legends still in The game whether it's LeBron or stuff But this is a guy I think it'd be Interesting to watch over the next two Three years as these older guys retire It's always who's that next crop that's Going to come through and just win all These titles Giannis is certainly up There but SGA I think is an interesting Guy to watch in this group and we moved To baseball probably the hottest player New player Prospect if you will shohei Hutani the guy can just do everything And he is most memorable here recently As he struck out Mike Trout you know to Win the uh the classic here recently so A shohei ohtani kind of on top of the

World right now in baseball number two We've got Wonder Franco who is making a Little bit of a comeback I know that he Was what he was hurt last year and now He's starting to you know there's some Some excitement around Wonder Franco Number three Mike Trout number four Bradley rushman and number five Jared Kalanick those last two guys I know Baseball people are gonna be like dude You're killing me I'm not a baseball fan I don't follow it so those last two guys In the comments what's going on with Jared kalanek and adley rushman because I don't know a lot about those two I Assume that they are prospects they've Probably been in the league for 10 years And I just don't even know it apologies Guys I'm not a baseball fan but Interesting data there these are the Folks that are trading the most as of Last week in terms of volume oncomsy.com Let me know your thoughts in the Comments below check out comsi.com don't Wait on it stay healthy stay awesome and I will talk to you again later [Music] [Music] Thank you

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