5 Hobby Sayings that Collectors have to STOP

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Hello hello the boys at Mike's retro Trading cards are back they have Provided us with some original content I'm excited to watch this ahead of part One essentially five sayings or terms Used by hobbyists by collectors that are So annoying that need to be stopped they Released a part one that went over Really well and they gave me the part Two to share here on my channel guys Check out Mike's retro trading cards It's EP it's Joe and it's Mike it's rare For me to see three guys that can have The chemistry to be able to pull it off Podcasting youtubing three people it's Not easy sometimes a Duo can work three Is tough three is a crowd but they do Make it work so definitely check out Mike's retro trading cards and Frank That is your cue to start the clip their Clip I lit we rehearse this how many times I Can't continue to do this [Music] What is up retro Maniacs my name is Mike His name is Joe his name is EP and we're Here to talk about cards a couple weeks Ago we gave you our list of five things That sports card collectors should just Stop saying this week we're back with Five more things that sports card Collectors need to stop saying get you Started number five if you're in a break If you're pulling a card the let's go or

The boom or the that's fire we're gonna Bump these all together come on guys Stop just stop Well usually there's a word in between Let's and go and some of these I'll just Throw that out there uh but this is a PG Show we're going to keep it PG Um yeah it's really annoying and it's Really annoying when it's not a good Card if you're pulling a Steve Hutchinson out of 99 Auto it's not a Boom move on it's fine it is what it is But stop stop doing it yeah I think the Biggest thing is if everything is fire Then nothing is fire like you know if You're gonna if you're gonna use it make It very very very very very very very Very very very very very very like not Often like just Just don't overuse it number four I'm Guilty of this maybe a couple times Myself low pop we've all seen the eBay Listings everything nowadays is low Pop I don't even know what low pop means Apparently it can mean there are two it Can mean their 2 000. but yeah just stop With the low pop we'll figure it out on Our own don't tell them you you can't Just say something slow pop if there are Like we were just talking about the Luca PSA 10 base rookie card People put low pop on eBay for that one And that is one of the most braided Cards in the world right now stop with

The low pop if it's if it's under 10 I Think maybe that's okay but anything Above that is out of control you need to You need to refrain from using it Don't say low pop if it's a low pop card Just give the population just give give Pop piece what's up there you go pop Five pop one handle just just do it I Think we need 100 000. we need an Industry standard of what low pop is Before everybody can use it it has to be Below 10 right I like it we'll decide Right here right now if it's not below 10 don't say low pop good it has been Decided Number three This is another combo patch or a mem Card first of all not everything is a Patch card a patch comes from strangely Enough the patch that is on the Jersey Some of it is just the jersey itself you See I have a patch right here on my Shirt this is a patch this part this is Not patch don't call everything a patch Here we go yeah most of the stuff that People call patches are literally just White pieces of Jersey or black pieces Of Jersey uh it's Gotta It's gotta have Something with a number with a logo Something like that but beyond that stop Calling things mem cards that aren't Actually memorabilia if Panini is going To Walmart and picking up jerseys to put In their cards it is not memorabilia I

Don't care if Justin Herbert himself Touched them unless he's wearing them in Some capacity whether it's in a photo Shoot a a practice a training campaign Whatever You can't call it a mem card so if it's A piece of white jersey that Justin Herbert has never seen it is not a patch And it's not memorabilia stop calling it That I'm gonna pull out the old old man Shouting at the sky Abbreviating it mem I hate I hate it I Just hate it it's terrible I remember The first time I heard that yes Now can we use manufactured Relic Sure so it's what it is that's accurate Accurate description yeah all right Number two In the wild I know we're all guilty of Saying this You know we're not on Safari we're not Out here hunting we're not even fishing We're not in the wild we're at a store And we're looking for cards to stop with The in Wild I mean if you go back to Like 2021 when you're going for like Retail stuff when back when everybody Was trying to get all the prison Basketball and everything it was a Little wild then okay I'm gonna pass Through that certain period of time I gotta say I'm very good so I even said This past week I believe when we were Talking about this top Super boxes you

Tried to give me one I said I'd rather Find one in the wild I'm pretty sure I Use that exactly yes you did yep And it's funny I I've done it too with Toys like I I collect McFarland toys you Can see some of them this way and you Can buy them online you can I prefer to buy them in the wild and I Know I've said that phrase but as every Time I say it I kind of feel bad about It as soon as it happens and yeah you're Not on Safari you don't have to bring a Gun to uh hunt down Things from yard sales and things from Stores it's not in the wild and it's not Just card collectors I will say this I Watch a lot of comic book content in the Wild is a major line the comic book Collectors use they're looking for these Books in the wild Let me throw this question to you quick When you're in the wild and find what You're looking for do you let out a Let's go or a boom [Laughter] Hell and you're just like not even Paying attention and you look over and Some guy just screams boom He's like he found like a three dollar Card it's like okay we have card Collectors would know why he's doing it All right sale is fire All right the number one term this one Might make some people mad

Influencer Not everybody on YouTube is an Influencer none of this should be Influencers we're never going to call Ourselves influencers like God help you If we're influencing you yeah we're here To try to help you think for yourself But everybody every content creator I See people referring to them as Influencers let's just stop just stop Please stop and and you know shout out To Dustin our man sports car Dad we love You I don't even think you call yourself An influencer so that's good we're we'll We'll let it slide content creator is Kind of annoying too but well you know That's that's you're not but at least we Are creating content creating good bad Or indifferent yeah if you are watching One person for their influencing on how You spend your money I feel really really bad for you you Need you need to stop doing that Yourself but the people who sit behind These microphones with these fancy Backgrounds or cool stuff behind them And they're they're calling themselves Influencers and cool lights that don't Flash this week guys normally they flash So I'm disappointing But uh yeah if you're calling yourself An influencer I really don't like you I'm just gonna throw that out there So you don't like EP uh if he's a major

He walks around all the time calling Himself an influencer right yeah from The people he worked with Names but he's walking around the office At work saying don't you know who I am Yeah Then yeah on the head Joe with that one Just you can't call yourself that like If somebody anoints you that if you have Fans that call you an influencer then I Guess you can't tell them no please Don't but like you can't sit there and Call yourself oh I'm an influencer or or Low-key or low-key do it too you don't Even have to call yourself an influencer But if you're saying things that Influencers probably would say like Don't you know who I am if you're saying Things like that and you're kind of Calling yourself an influencer hard pass I am unsubscribing to your channel we're Done you might get some thumbs down I Don't know they'd say it could get it Could get crazy out there Well there you have it there are five More terms that you need to stop using As always a lot of the ones on this list Came from viewers of the first episode Of this video I'll link that in the Comments below but let us know did we Forget more I'd love to hear this let us Know what other terms you're sick of Hearing Other than that take care guys we're

Done See you boys [Music] [Music]

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