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What's going on guys it's Matt with PSA and I'm back with another Video in today's video I'm going to be Reviewing this a brand new magnifying Lamp I bought off Amazon uh my old Bright Tech light view Pro they jacked Up the prices like double from what I Paid for it when I initially bought it Back in like 2018 so I wanted to find an Alternative and I bought this lamp for 40 bucks I'm gonna be linking it uh Below in the comment section and the Description for you guys to go buy one If you need one or just compare Magnifying lamps in general now this Lamp is specifically going to be used For grading trading cards sports cards I'm going to be looking at all kinds of Grading cards Vintage Modern Day 90s Refractors prisms Hollows small micro Cards all kinds of stuff in this lamp to See if it's up for the challenge of Grading cards before submitting them to PSA or Beckett or SGC or uh you know any Other cars this can be used for a Plethora of things grading comic books Video games magazines autographs ticket Stubs the brake Tech light view Pro was Uh anyway I'm not sure if this one is Going to be cut out for the job but That's what we're here to do we're here To test it review it see how bright it Is how good it magnifies edgeware Corner Wear surface wear all the good things

That PSA and Beckett graders look for When they're grading cards but without Any further Ado guys let's just go ahead And jump into this review okay guys so Here we go this is the LED magnifying lamp I'm not sure what the brand name is That'll be in the description below Open it up And uh okay oh okay so this is the USB Outlet oh this is nice it's very thick Desk clamp So not cheap at all this is metal not Plastic And that's uh Okay so that's so it comes with a desk Clamp I thought I had to I had this one Ready To use for my old one But you can see this is from the bright Tech light view Pro It's not as durable this is actually a Lot better In weight and size So huge bonus points already I'm gonna Open that up and stick it to the desk And get started I'm going to plug that In and what this does is It Pops right into that Uh clamp so there's a the hole just pops Right in there and then you tighten that Thing up when you Put it in there that way it doesn't move

And it has a USB so it can plug right Into your computer A monitor or So I'm just gonna I'm just going to plug This right into the monitor all right See the power wow this arm is super long So I'm gonna get this out of the way Yeah I'm already so much uh more Impressed with this than the Bright Tech light view Pro Okay so this It's wobbly I'm gonna tighten it up [Music] And tighten the neck up right there And I'm going to turn the lamp off okay So we're in complete darkness almost it Looks like Turn the power button on dang that's Nice okay there we go Oh yeah Okay let's check out the uh Gap you can Change so for vintage you're going to Want to use low light Yeah kind of everything Um oh look at that it changed different Tones too So you're going to want to just play Around with this let's check out and see How well it magnifies let's see what I Get okay I got some vintage basketball Here [Music] So this is what it looks like without The magnifying lamp which is kind of

Hard to tell you're going to find things On these cards that you don't see with The naked eye with the magnifying lamp Because there's light And [Music] Obviously the the lens so if you hold it Farther away it's going to increase in Size but decrease in Focus so focus is Close to the lens as possible And what you're looking for is a good Light to use And if you're doing multiple cards a Bulk submission this lamp is worth its Weight in gold because you're saving Your eyes essentially and you're going To be able to find things so let's see Here so this patch stick patch uh card I'm gonna pull it out And I'm just gonna Use that you can see the white light in There to kind of tilt the card And look for any creases Sticker residue the back is really shiny So you do nice and slow and this is what Becca and PSA are going to do they're Going to be doing this to each card and They're going to be looking I think this card is Pretty good They're gonna be looking for any reason To demote demote that grade The that the light really comes In handy when you're using these

Magnifying lamps so I'm very impressed With the LED light And the orange light which could be Useful For vintage I'm not I can't remember I Do remember the bright tag light view Pro did not have that option Only option I had was to increase the Light and decrease the light I don't Remember it having Orange [Music] Which I'm not sure if that's going to be Useful for anything to be honest uh like I said I've never I haven't used this Yet So here's a 90s card A die cut die cuts are Very crucial one uh hard to grade so It's crucial to have a magnifying lamp For these You can see the edges are they peel a Lot if you you know tilt it you can And this isn't this is not a grading Candidate by any means it's just me Testing the lamp out But yeah that's uh [Music] Nice nice and uh another thing it does Is it builds your confidence when Submitting when you're using these lamps So what I like to do is have a Microfiber cloth handy And a brand new Penny sleeves brand new Semi-rigid holders for submitting so

What you're going to want to do is once You've realized it's a grading candidate You want to put it in a penny sleeve Right and then get you a brand new Semi-rigid grading candidate holder from A premium 50 count pack that you bought On eBay for my eBay store graded card Investor these are the semi-rigid Holders you want to submit in and this Card is a little bit thicker too it's Not a 20 point There's a die cut a little bit thicker Grating candidate holder very solid Not flimsy these are these are the ones That submit your cards in so let's look At this OPG Wayne Gretzky card yeah I Think this is a PSA candidate What do you guys think Very nice centering Now I'm holding it close to the lens so The camera can pick it up but you don't Have to when the camera is not here uh You can hold it at different Lengths and it's not blurry like it's Real sharp I'm trying to pick it up in The there we go let's try this Okay that's kind of better there you go Look at that You can really see the Defects in the On the surface even on the car that's Not glossy Right and this like I said this is what PSA and Becca's gonna do man this is a

Really nice card So you can tell it's an OPG with the the Cardboard yellow print on the back Look at that this is looking like a mint Nine [Music] I pull away and it increases in size It's hard to record and do this But guys this out of a 10 out of 10 this Magnifying glass is a 10 for the price I Paid 40 dollars Dirt cheap for the good great quality [Music] Man that's surface is flawless Centering is beautiful as well Yeah this is definitely going to be a Great in Canada I want to submit this to Uh PSA yeah I want to see this in the PSA Holder You back it up a little bit There we go So vintage Put it in the grading candidate holder [Music] Ready to go you gotta you got a first Card in your submission Let's check out ooh a tops Chrome check Out this tops Chrome Jason Kidd Contemplating submitting it Look at the surface let's get a little Bit closer And that's really there we go look at That

[Music] Okay A little bit of a now I'm just going to Show you guys with a pen on what I'm Looking at here so we see a little bit Of a smudge right there see that I would Want to wipe that away with microfiber Cloth That's gonna hit be a point maybe like a 0.25 Nothing too crazy we're not seeing any Scratches no discoloration I'm looking At the edges as well Trying to see if there's any chipping or Whitening look at that sharp corner Nice Another sharp looking Corner centering Is probably the only issue maybe not Even that big of an issue with this card Now the back this is a big area Focus That PSA pays attention to it's the back Of the card believe it or not And uh most cards are most prone to Damage is the back or mistakes are made When grading as you fail to really Inspect the back there's a lot of focus On the front but you guys got to put Just as much focus on the back as you do The front because Um There is like there's a little bit of a Looks like a I don't know Something that I would probably just Want to take the cloth to

Wipe it off real quick look real real Quick But looking pretty good guys this is a Grading Canada I think this is a Potential PSA 10. Just from the first glance now this was In a grading candidate holder so I Graded this in the past looked it over In the past And I feel confident that this could However is it worth it submitting it in Today's market it was at one time Had it had this be a refractor Definitely it'd be worth submitting but Since it's a base Jason Kidd Ing maybe not I mean if it was Jordan or Kobe Obviously yes but not so much Jason Kidd All right let's check out a modern day Basketball card prism Who is this Gordon Hayward yeah of Course I bought this at auction for a While ago just to uh just to have first Year Panini select prism All right look at that shrine Let's see here get in there Oh my back is really tweaking out All right let's see okay centering from Left to right is off you can tell that This border the left border is thicker Than the right But you don't need a magnifying glass to Tell you that What we're looking for is sticker

Residue Or Any kind of like what is that right There you can see it vaguely right there Anything oh there's some scratches right There Tilt it Is still looking let's see Just stuff the naked eye like right There A little bit maybe this is not a Degrading candidate it's just uh too Off-centered left to right and it's not Of a you know Very popular player right there or Something I'm just grading the card with the Magnifying lamp and let you guys see Good quality also you're one looking for Bends in the corner Which you can almost kind of see maybe Not so much but some are more obvious Than others This uh I would say this is a a Probably Not bad possibly a nine PSA nine Very well could be a psa9 no major Scratches and that's the biggest issue With these prism cards or refractor Cards are major scratches and this Surface is pretty clean Let's look at the Serge Ibaka I think This is a scratched up [Music]

Uh Nah that looks pretty oh there we go in The upper upper left corner definitely See some Funky stuff going on up there Yeah there's some scratches [Music] Not scratches but uh let's see what is It what would it be Yeah those are scratches you can't wipe Those away Let's just can't do it These are very susceptible to damage Guys scratching and sometimes you get Smudges that you can't wipe away or Residue You can't wipe away This is yeah this magnifying is worth Its weight guys In Gold if you're sending cards off to Grading you need one of these look at This bam out of bio The back of the cards black but you Can't tell and the lighting has to Reduce the light on this oh we can Increase it let's reduce it though It's very bright LED lamp Yep see that whitening on the edges [Music] Whitening You don't want that On the edges on the corners all the way Around very tough set to Great 2017 Optic basketball and football as well I

Think The white corner Surface looks good though edges and Corners are big Uh Look at that white whitening on that Corner Edgeware [Music] Ooh Edge bottom edgeware Don't want that whitening on the corner PSA eight let's see let's look at this Teddy Bridgewater Just some random cards Guys these aren't You know These I don't I'm not going to choose Cards that I potentially could damage so Let's see here is that a scratch Looks like there's a scratch right here Yeah scratch right there maybe I can Wipe that off maybe not Looking at it in low light Let's turn it all the way up and see What it's like Yeah look at that You see everything hey guys real quick The audio cut out so I'm just gonna go Ahead and finish this video and uh look At the Drew Brees card for 40 bucks I Think if you're in the hobby the long Run I just want to let you guys know That this lamp is the one to get there's Nothing cheap about it it plugs right to The computer or the monitor if your

Monitor has a USB port or straight into The uh the wall I already have it Attached to my desk so whenever I get a Card in the mail I just turn the the Lamp on and look at it you can also use This lamp to take pictures of your cards When you uh sell them on eBay or any Other platform it has great light and Great magnification so it has multiple Uses definitely suggest it thanks for Watching guys I put links in the Comments and the description below to This magnifying lamp there are a lot out There on the market this one probably is Gonna be hard to find so you know check The links below thank you for all the Support guys stay posted for more videos I got more coming

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