DPZ Collectors Series: “Are Baseball Cards Good Investments?”

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DPZ is back with an awesome conversation with Brent to talk about baseball cards and whether or not they are good investments. Or even investments at all? Check it out!

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Welcome back we have got another Collector series from dpz great Interview with Brent from Deep value Cards but before we get started with That we've got the Robert Edward Auctions April catalog is ending Tomorrow night Sunday night it ends on The 23rd guys do not miss out there are So many insane items running through This auction a couple that I wanted to Mention complete 1986-87 Fleer Basketball set minus the Michael Jordan Card but in a PSA 10 condition is Running at auction you've got lots of Rare unopened boxes packs you've got Very rare original photographs of Shoeless Joe Jackson well as one of Jackie Robinson one day after he broke The color barrier it's insane some of The stuff this auction I'll put a link In the video description as well as in The comments section to take you to Robert Edward auctions check it out it Ends tomorrow night Sunday night the 23rd all right dpz and Brent are gonna Dive into sports cards as an investment Yay Nay it's a good conversation they Both bring some good points stick around Well we're live Welcome friends it's the collectors Series and with me I have deep value Investor one round two Again we had uh some awesome Conversations last time and I feel like

Conversations that stirred some reaction So we felt like it would be important to Do another one because uh we're the Pacific Northwest hobby we kind of Represent the pnw over here at least Born and raised pnw Um in the hobby We don't we're not it but I don't know For on the hobby People in our Circle anyway we feel like We're kind of alone here so we're gonna We're gonna link up more than more than Not because it's pretty easy to do that Nonetheless I wanted to bring Brent on Brent thanks for coming back on to the Show yeah thanks Dennis thanks for Having me back on again man that was a Lot of fun last time we had some good News from it yeah We got a lot of clips from it and we Talked vintage and vintage made itself Onto Jeff's Channel with the sports card Investor and they were talking about Lucas Channel because of you and but I'm Not a Lucas anymore I'm actually now Working with my good buddy Dustin here At the sports car Dad Channel really Cool Channel we're going to be doing Some really fun things Um real excited Gonna be the real real grateful for the Luca group and cajun Andrew and all Those guys were just wonderful Um but this show is going to continue to

Grow and turn into its own thing and Here's round two with Brent so this is The this will be one this will be the Second show and it'll be the show that You know will be on that channel so Let's start off with this conversation I Really think it's important let me turn Off my my computer here because you know We're all working and doing this at the Same time right none of us can do this Full-time yeah A little glitchy It's gonna be Um it's because it's borrowing from my Phone My computer too and that's why it's Doing that all right okay okay I'm gonna Ask you this question all right better Everything's better now all right Why I noticed you've been picking up a lot Of baseball players a lot of like high War guys Nolan arnando Paul Goldsmith Schmidt now you're going into Joe Mauer Some great catchers Buster Posey Why why would you I'm gonna give you the Devil's app I'm gonna be Devil's Advocate in this conversation as a Collector I mean and we can we'll go Into the collector investor store value Conversation in a minute but I want you To talk to me why would you spend money On those guys and not just on a trout or Uh mookie bat so to speak or one of

Those gen Generational type Players Yeah I mean that's that's part of the Fun in collecting I mean if I stayed True to my deep found investment beliefs I would only buy trout But if I want to have some fun if I want To try to find some value in different Areas and enjoy collecting I like to Look for opportunities of guys like Buster Posey for example I met him in Rookie ball in Oregon down in Kaiser Oregon when he was just drafted he Played baseball with a family friend From the Cape Cod league and just always Really appreciate his career so I start Seeing a lot of hype last year around Adley right from the Orioles Um but it's like there's already been Guys that have done this Buster Posey Joe Mauer Buster Posey has three World Series rings and MVP he led the Giants In war during their dynasty of three World Series so Not only was he on three World Series teams he was the leader of That team and led the team in war even Over baumgarner so I look at their Pricing and I remember looking at you Know a blue adley first Bowman Auto I Could get a Buster Posey first Bowman Auto for cheaper And what I love about these cards is you Know there's a lot of Click bait out

There around you know this is the Highest Joe Montana card versus this is The highest Patrick Mahomes or this is The highest Um Jalen hurts or whoever it is what's Cool about these cars is they're the Actual same cards so this is a first Bowman blue refractor Auto Buster Posey Number to 150 just like the oddly is Numbered to 150 Bowman Chrome first boat So this is I like I like that idea That's actually the same cards I'm not Comparing different types of cards or Different types of categories and I Think there's like this air gap where There's an opportunity with these guys That people just haven't really thought About in a while You know if you're newer back into the Hobby if you're younger you know you Don't really realize wow Buster Posey Has a first Bowman Auto but other people Do if you look at the pwcc last Sunday a Psa9 red went for forty five thousand Dollars So people are catching on and Recognizing like why would I pay this Much for adley when there's already a Guy that's done it you know Geo Mauer is Another guy Um you know I listed some stats around Him 2002 everybody focuses on Albert Pujoltz from that time period in 2001 2002 but Joe Mauer is part of that class

Also and you know his cards can be had For Half of adley What about Jay Bruce What about the Jay Bruce lesson Oh the Jay Bruce lesson that was a great Post that I shared around the fact that You know you can have a great career you Can put up 10 15 seasons and stay in the League and do well but unless you're in That Pareto distribution unless you are In the elite of the elite your cards Will be worth next to nothing so you can Get a first Bowman Auto Jay Bruce for 10 Bucks 15 bucks and I posted that because That's the reality of 99.9 of baseball Players currently Think of all the stars the reality is Most of them will become Worth next to Nothing that's just the way things are In the markets in any Market in any Creative space value continuously Consolidates into fewer and fewer and Fewer and fewer assets fewer and fewer Artists and art or whatever it is fewer Homes in real estate and it makes sense The Jay Bruce story is normal that's not An anomaly that's actually normal So Pareto explain that to the folks that Haven't watched the first episode you Alluded you you mentioned that a bit Talk to me explain that to the audience Once more and how that applies to sports Cards

Yeah so the easiest way to explain it is Everybody's heard the 80 20 rule it's a Very very few so you know say 80 of Wealth will be held by 20 of people well If you actually look at the United States it's more like 95 percent of Wealth is held by five percent of people So it's that same kind of aspect that Happens in art that happens in real Estate happens in any creative space Book authors think of book authors how Many book authors publish all the books Very very very few authors sell all of The books so it's the same thing in Sports cards very very few athletes will Hold all the value so like what we Talked about last time the 86 flear set The Jordan holds almost all the value if You look at the sticker set from the 86 Fleer the Jordan holds almost all the Value so that's that's actually why I'm Not a set collector because I don't want To collect everything else very few of The cards are going to hold all the Values so why would I want the set so That's completely normal and that's Going to happen in every category you Look at Mike Trout Mike Trout holds more Value in baseball than pretty much Anybody else's active right now combined And that's the parita working that's That's how it works if you look at Art You know very few pieces of art hold all The value and they're in museums most

Art is worthless and that's normal Okay so let me let me so diversity is Not the key in sports card collecting or Art no the person is not not the way to Go let me It's not the way to go so let's talk About You and so let's go back to that you're Buying some of these players like Paul Goldsmith Nolan Arenado What's the play there at Joe Mauer Buster Posey are you collecting those Players or are you getting them out of Value so that you can sell them later Once everybody figures it out so to Speak It's a bit of both I would say Um it's recognizing where there's value Hence my name deep value I I got that From Warren Buffett I got that from Investing and looking at stocks and Analyzing which stocks I feel like have A lot more value than other stocks that Are maybe higher growth and more flashy Um I look at a Paul goldschman and I Look at his pricing compared to any Modern player and it makes no sense with What you could get with his cards so you Can get a you know first Bowman gold Refractor to 50 that Paul Goldschmidt For You know thirty five hundred dollars You're looking at you know Juan Soto Refractor to 500 for that what is Juan

Soto done you know we talked about last Time you know I still consider Juan Soto Vlad cunha those guys are still Prospects because if their career ended Today It would be worthless like they would Have no value Um so Goldschmidt you can get a Tremendous card so one of the things That my collecting Journey has led me Through a little bit is It's not only the greatest players but It's also the greatest cards of the Greatest players so You know being able to get a gold Refractor at a 50 to me is a lot more Fun than getting A one soda to 500 that just doesn't Excite me and if they're the same price And I look at what goldschmidt's Achieved he actually has an MVP he Actually has a high War over a long Period of time he's on a Hall of Fame Path Soto is a great player at a young Age but that's all he is so far Yeah I mean it kind of seems like the Pareto Effect is taking place right there There's the values there because There's definitely so many players Anybody any one collector would could Focus on unless you're like a you know You're a fan of the Cardinals or you're A fan of the Giants

Um yeah It is but I just wonder I kind of feel Like I started out that way I'm like Gosh I gotta get some of these guys and Why is Joe Mauer so cheap and why are Some of these players so cheap and then You get like Manny Machado look at look How good Manny Machado is why is his Market the way it is you know it kind of Is it because he's on different teams is Does that have a does that have an Effect on it Is happening yeah it does player that Plays in the same team for his whole Career does that matter I mean I think It does I think it hurts trout in a way But it also helps him because he's Always an angel But what's that I mean if he was always A Dodger that would be a very or a Yankee that would be a very different Story because he would always he'd be in A bigger Market with a more established You know a team a blue blood team so to Speak and that would enhance his Collector base in a sense if he could Even say that with trout I just wonder about a lot of these these Other players that are really good Hall Of Famers Prospecting So interesting Yeah one thing I can say is you know Over the past year or so of you know

Buying machados and aronados and gold Schmitz and Bryce Harper's and and those Kind of players is Um they've only gone up in value Especially with the rare cards Um you look at even a Buster Posey They're they're slow and steady and up To the right Um if you compare that to what the Younger modern you know vlads and sotos And acunas and you know I'll bet you Even Julio this year he can play great Again and I'll bet you his cards go down Um you're you're seeing people Recognizing value in these cards and You're seeing them slowly going up Um it's it's been actually a great space To be in in the card Market Early first Bowman autos of great Players that are well defined on Hall of Fame pass that have high War Um that are just not part of a hype Train look at a Clayton Kershaw Anything that's rare that comes up of Clayton Kershaw that's a first Bowman Auto It's really hard to get they they're Scarce so they're scarcity to these Cards and they always go for a strong Bid I think a gold just did fifteen thousand Dollars last Sunday on pwcc Right and we all know about pitchers in In the hobby pitchers don't get the love

That they should get even no but how Often do you see a nice Kershaw you just Don't wool collectors might collect it And keep it I know Mama breaks is a big Uh Kershaw Dodger collector so she's Probably keeping a lot of those so Do you think that this whole Fanatics Deal and if fnatics getting involved in Baseball The Rook the patch that new Patch that that whole idea behind that Rookie patch that little patch they're Going to wear that for the first thing They step on the field I mean they might Just walk onto the grass and they rip it Off for all we know but is that going to Enhance is that going to bring more Light to the Hobby and some of these Players that are great players haul it Hall of Fame Russian players And and enhance the collector base for These because these people that just Love these players but never really Collected cards I want to go get the Card for that guy Do you think that's gonna happen I think it'll be interesting to see I I Noticed this in a lot of you know There's well-defined collector bases in Baseball and then basketball and Football and there seems to be major Chases in each of them and what I've Been noticing over the last year is People trying to push collector bases

Into what the major chases and the other Space so you know the whole logo man Thing is very basketball but I'm Noticing you know this real push to try To get it into football and make the the NFL badge be the thing they get and so Now I'm seeing it in baseball Um we'll see if that becomes the chase I I know it will be pushed to everybody Just just kind of like pmgs and star Rubies and these cards you know that Most baseball collectors were not Collecting pmgs I've I've asked many Collectors that have been collecting Baseball for a long time and almost all Of them say pmgs were not a thing until The last 18 months in baseball and that That that's fine but pmgs were huge in Basketball so you see this kind of Trying to push it into the other space And I'll be curious to see whether You know that's a smart move or not I Don't know Um you know like a Ken Griffey Jr PMG Going from 1800 bucks to 28 000 in 12 Months like I don't know that's that's a risky place To be and so I see this logo you know Jersey from baseball being that same way I could see it coming out and being Really hyped like the logo man and to go Get it but does it really have a strong Collector base for it Um I don't know I think it's cool though

Don't get me wrong I think it's a cool Thing to add and I think it's creative And you know I think it's fun You know I wonder like you mentioned Like the pmgs I think the pmgs matter For the the right player Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant Ken Griffey Jr I think with Baseball it's not going to be You know it's not going to be Manny Ramirez I don't think it's going to be The pmgs for some of these guys aren't Going to matter I think it just depends On the collector base I mean I'm a big Proposal I'm a big believer that's where I've navigated in my hobby journey is Towards obviously everybody knows if It's not it's the worst kept secret I'm A huge Junior collector so I basically Moved everything I had in the Kanger Junior because that's what I love so it Kind of checks that box plus I feel like It's It has it has the best possibility for a A store of value for me so let's Navigate into that conversation store Value versus investment Store value versus investment I have a Feeling you're going to be on the Investment side of the conversation and I'm going to be on the store value I Mean just admit you would like just Admit that your collect Griffey cards That you think would have the highest Likelihood that go up in value you don't

Collect Griffey cards that have the Lowest likelihood of going up in value I Don't know yeah and I don't I don't Disagree with that sentiment at all I Would love for that up but Around it Well I strategize around getting the Right cards correct but There are some cards that are very The right card okay so I strategize Around the right card and the right card To me doesn't always necessarily mean What's the most popular card but it Almost always it it it leans that way Heavily because it needs to be a card That's popular a car that people want a Card that's going to be desired and Demanded in demand Why because if I ever need to sell that Card if I need to There needs to be an audience for it That wants it if there's no audience for It that wants it then now I have a card That nobody wants like a lot of these Cars I've sold at a loss because nobody Wants them because I thought they would Want them and now I'm stuck with the Card I'm losing all this value on it's Not a good store value anymore it's heck Sure as heck not an investment because I've lost money Then I'm losing so I want to find a card Something can still be an investment and Lose money lots of people lose money on

Investments whether you make money or Lose money doesn't make something an Investment or not that's a fallacy that I hear all the time that's why I said on My post like and I'm not saying that Baseball or football cards are a great Investment or you're going to make money In them but can they be an investment if You buy a card with the intent on Selling it for a higher amount later And making profit that is an investment Whether you do or not make profit Doesn't make it not an investment if you Don't make profit you know what I mean Like you could buy a piece of real Estate and speculate on it and lose Money on it and it was still an Investment you just lost money on it Well yeah you're not going to make a lot Of Investments if you keep losing money Though see because all the money you're Spending to make the investment if You're losing money on it and you're Just trying to gather back whatever you Can get You're not going to want to keep Investing in that space so if you're Thinking about investing in the space of Sports cards then you need to see some Sort of a there needs to be something That draws you to it it gives you some Like there needs to be let's use an Example it needs there needs to be an Anchor they need to be an anchor to the

Collection to the said investment or Store value so for me the anchor to me Was the store of value I go okay Even if this isn't an investment even if This doesn't go okay let's almost say Investment even If these cards common value over time Store value means if I if I buy this Card if I take x amount I think say I Take five thousand dollars and I buy This card Is this card going to be worth Two thousand dollars ten years from now Is it gonna be worth Five thousand dollars ten years if it's At least worth what I paid for it later Then I feel like it's a decent store of Value because I can have the cash Let's take fees and taxes and all that Stuff out of it let's just for the sake Of the argument Because that gets that convolutes Everything and it all that all those are Concerned with us Just to pretend those don't exist let's Pretend that card I bought is five Thousand dollars now I wanna sell it if I have to sell it and I only get three That ain't a good store value that's a Bad investment and I'm sad and now I Don't want to do it anymore because I'm Like well that's stupid right okay if I Buy that same card five thousand dollars And two years three years from now I'm

Like I gotta go do something like my Kids are going to college I gotta buy a Car for my kids now I take that card and I sell it and I still get five thousand Dollars back to me I felt like that was A good store of value in my opinion Because I felt like I couldn't finish an Investment people sitting somewhere And it's still an investment It's It's not a good store of value because It will if it's not a good investment Because if it was a good investment Then that money would have performed for Me over that time frame and it didn't Perform it just sat there and did Nothing I could put it I could have put It underneath my mattress and it would Have done the same thing Right and I could do that with my card Too I could put the card underneath the Mattress you might break it I don't know But you could put it underneath your Mattress and it's going to do the same Thing it's going to be five thousand Dollars two years later it's gonna be Five thousand dollars because it's still The you know judging you're hoping that Our currency is still the same which it You know again assuming that is the case Now it's five thousand dollars it's Still five thousand dollars And I can sell it and get that five Thousand dollars that's great

What we're getting into the weeds here We are getting into the weeds but I Think yeah but I think it's actually Break this Collector and we love the cars we buy it A lot of times we're like yeah we hope But we just really want the card or it's The fomo or there's some of that kind of Stuff that's guiding the decision but as I've grown in my journey I'm like I need to be able to sell this car like I have five cards in my collection now Griffey cards that have by But I guarantees from these people that I trust now is that is that like FDIC Insurance no but You know we don't and we're not getting Into the bank conversation with me on This call but If it is it's not like FDIC insurance Right so it's I'm hoping that that'll That'll be the case and but that is an Interesting conversation okay buy back When someone sells you a card That's a Hardcore collector of that particular Player and they go I'll buy it back for Me I should buy back guarantee that's a That's a pretty strong thing that's a Valuable thing and it tells you Something about the card But Again it also brings back the Conversation as if a card's rare it's Wanted is there only three people that

Want that card and if that person's not Here anymore now how valuable is that Card so at the end of the day I feel Like I want to have I want to have cards That I have in my collection that will Not depreciate in value over time That's the hope but if they Do I think they're a bad store of value And a bad investment and that's the Tricky part That's kind of where I kind of sit But you yeah at the same time Bad investment you can lose money on Stuff they can be a bad investment Sports cars could be a horrible Investment right now it's still an Investment though to to want to not lose Money and investment doesn't not make it An investment otherwise people buying Real estate historically most real Estate historically wasn't meant to Appreciate any more than inflation it Was meant as a store of value now we Call real estate investing Um you know I think I just wanted to Make sure and clarify whether something Is a good investment or a bad investment It's an investment so there's this site I don't know I feel this kind of I this Like Idolizing people that get up on a Podium And make statements like sports cards Are not an investment I only collect Because I love the card yet I only click

Collect rare scarce cards of the very Elite players that everybody wants well Why do you do that Why do you collect rare scarce cards of The most elite players that everybody Wants because they have value you said It yourself you collect cards that you Know other people want So I don't know it just it gets kind of Silly like I feel like people just Let people do what they want to do and Say what they want to say and Um there's this whole kind of it's very Virtuous to stand up and say you know I'm a collector I don't care about Values but I won't buy anything that's Numbered over 10 and it's got to be gold And it's got to be the the precious Metal gems right now for you know Griffey but you know I don't care about Value Okay So that that's just I'll leave it at That but I find it pretty interesting it Feels very virtuous to me Do you feel like people are talking out Of both ends of the mouth Or you can use you I don't know I don't Know there's there's almost an arrogance About it It feels very arrogant and it feels very Um I don't know not honest Because you know even with yeah talking

Out of both things yeah you can say that Because you know at one end you're Saying I I'm the collector and I don't Care if the cards go to zero and then on The other end you're only buying the Most rare scarce cards that everybody Else wants that have the most value so You know like which is it Well when I say when I yeah but when I Say like I'm using myself as an example Here because we're not I don't know who Else to talk about when I say store Value I mean that's a conservative thing For me that's me telling myself and Other people I don't believe this is Gonna 10x I'm not worried about that Though but I do hope it will at least Maintain its value I think There are two different camps there are The people that had a lot of these cards Before the boom happened and they're the People that spent money on these cars Real money on these cards post covered Pricing yeah that's like I love you I'm Gonna call you covered pricing guy Because you're always talking about Covet pricing Post cover pricing Pre-covered pricing I think post-coveted pricing people are Feeling it right now and I think the Pre-covered pricing people are feeling Pretty fine because they're like well That was cool I wish I would

Sold it at the peak maybe but they still Have cards that didn't have to spend a Ton of money on that are pretty cool Right what do you think of that yeah Like the 90s Yeah the arrogance Well because it's one that you know or I Could focus on the precious metals uh Precious metal gems Jerry Rice You know like I'm focusing on cards that Are kind of historically sought after in A different space that are now being Really pushed into a new space so pmgs And baseball and football were not a big Deal that that was not where they're Most sought after their most sought After in basketball now all sudden I'm Seeing you know a Jerry Rice PMG or a Griffey PMG 10 and 20x in 12 months And it just kind of feels like to me as A a risk manager for my portfolio of Cards Um feels very risky to me now even Though while at the same time you're Saying I think this is a good store of Value I just don't want it to go down I'm looking at those very same cards Saying wow those are very risky so while You might think that they're safe I actually think they're very risky Um and so that's why I keep bringing Them up you don't think anything's safe Though brother let's be honest you don't Like the word safe so

Safe stuff when it comes to this well as Soon as I hear safe as soon as I hear People talking about their Investments As safe You know that's usually a good good Little bell to ring in your head in all Aspects of life not just sports cards Not think about how safe people say you Know real estate is or Etc so Well you know real estate's kind of Cyclical I think real estate has a lot Longer of a track I mean cars have a Long track record don't get me wrong but You know if we're talking about The more mature Market that it's that It's at now I think it's been it's Relatively too soon to call that but Real estate's got a pretty long track Record and it's been cyclical and There's a lot of proof there for that But you can look at data for days on That data has only been really Relatively available For sports cards Especially at that age it's it's very Young You know what I do like about What I do like about those cards is it Provides an opportunity for Guys like you and I who grew up watching Some of these players to be able to get That outlet to buy rare and scarce Highly valuable cards of players that Are not named Michael Jordan or that are

Not named Mike Trout you see people Buying say like a PMG of Clyde Drexler I Grew up in Oregon I was a Blazer fan so It does give you that outlet to say okay Clyde drexler's rookie cards are worth Next to nothing you know as part of that Junk wax era Um so if I want to spend a lot of money On a Clyde Drexler that gives you an Avenue to do that so it does serve a Purpose there whether that's a smart Move or not I don't know but I'm seeing A lot of people spending a lot of money On guys that are not in the Pareto Distribution that typically would not Have a lot of value in the past that now All of a sudden have value because of The card because of the chase for the PNG or the star rubies like you're Saying in Emmanuel Ramirez now all of a Sudden if it's a star rubies I think Could go for thousands and if you grew Up a big Manny Ramirez fan you don't Know what card to buy that gives you an Avenue spend a lot of money on a cart Okay well let me do this then You talk about a lot of stuff that makes You nervous what doesn't make you Nervous what player tell me who you Think are the most collectible players Where you don't feel not the word safe Because we talked about this in the First episode I won't make you use that Word but you feel the most confident

With If you're going to play or collect Anybody Well first One of the things that's changed in my Journey is when I'm looking at a card to Buy I now consider not only is it one of the Greatest players but is it one of the Greatest cards of one of the greatest Players so I look at a card and I say Would I buy this card of any other Player And if I can't say yes to that then I Don't buy the card so an example would Be earlier on in my collecting Journey Buying a 2003 Topps Chrome LeBron James Base card right a bgs95 now if I already Use that principle that I have now I Wouldn't buy a bass tops Chrome of any Other player so why am I reaching for This LeBron James so now moving forward In the way I've been collecting now is When I look at a card I don't care if It's Mike Trout LeBron James Michael Jordan if I would not buy that card of Any other player then I don't want that Card so I want the greatest cards of the Greatest players also so that again That's what led me to First Bowman autos Because I can get I know that that's the Best card for that player Um specific players that I really like Right now in baseball

Um I really like mookie bets for the Value a lot right now I really like his First Bowman Autos the blues Specifically numbered to 150. I think There's a lot of value there Um basketball a guy I've been buying a Lot lately is Dwyane Wade Um if you look at his pricing he's back To 2019 I picked up this is one that I Picked up recently that I thought was Pretty cool it's at tops contemporary You can't really see it gold Dwyane Wade Number to 25. Um I think there's a lot of value in Dwyane Wade right now Um so there's there's definitely guys Out there I like Mike Trout a lot I Think my trial is an opportunity to have A Aaron judge type season with his cards They've been down for quite a while and I think that if he has a big season they Have a big spike up but I like those Cards because those are the best cards Of the best players Um and I would buy them of other players So Like a LeBron James tops contemporary Goal I could say yes I would buy that of Another player Does that make sense Like an example would be A Bowman Sterling I bought a 2011 Bowman Sterling Mike Trout a while back With a sticker Auto on it and I hated it

Because I don't like sticker Autos I Don't I'm not a Bowman Sterling Collector and I'm like why did I spend All this money on it just because it's My trout and then like I have the car And like why do I not like this card and It's just because I knew it wasn't the Best card of the best player it wasn't Even in the you know I want I want the Best card Just like you know another collector who Wants to get the best card the most Scarce so you're you're the guy who's Saying I want that card I'm not going to Pretend I don't want that card I'm not Going to pretend I don't want the best And nicest car the most rare because It's an investment in your opinion now You talked about value with some of These people let me ask let's really Clarify this question 10 years from now Basketball baseball and football Whose cards are the ones you're going to Want to have Right now Active players For me right now active players for Baseball would only be Mike Trout like If you told me I could only buy one Player right now and I had to hold it For 10 years It would only be Mike Trout won any Season the period of distribution yeah

And then uh basketball will be LeBron James And then football it would be my homes Yep if I had to hold him for 10 years Because those are those guys are in the Burrito and they're the prito within the Burrito You're the burrito guy I mean I think You should just like you hashtag the Heck out of that thing because you love That guy all right All time Top five most collectible people of all Time even 10 years from now you're still Happy you have them not active current Active all time five five players all Sports If you're collecting Michael Jordan LeBron James basketball Okay Um baseball Babe Ruth You know it's the classic guys that you See all the time Uh let's go football Joe Montana Brady Mahomes well that's six It's five yeah okay so uh Joe Montana Brady Mahomes which one of those makes The top five I mean I grew up watching Montana so Montana was the Brady before Brady for me so you know I love Joe Montana but who do you think has one who Has the biggest yeah well who do you

Think has the bigger collector base in 10 years from now is appreciate cheated The most In the hobby well what's funny is I've Actually avoided Brady since I've been Collecting because of So much hype around him and my fear is Around you know we haven't really Discussed this before but once a guy Retires what happens to his cards over The next three four five six years when You take the gamblers out you take the You know the speculators from week to Week and is he going to win or make a Super Bowl run out of that collector Base who's left and so that's Fascinating because you can look at a Peyton Manning or Drew Brees and what's Happened with their cards Ben Roethlisberger they just kind of slowly Trickle down So I don't know what the Catalyst would Be for Brady cards to go up right now so I have avoided it at some point I will Get back into him so I I'd probably Prefer to buy Montana cards right now Over breeding but you know collector Base I'd say Brady is probably a bigger Collector base Um okay so it can it can kind of work Both ways so I analyze things a little Differently That's fine but you I mean you're pretty Clear on Michael Jordan LeBron James

I like their Global reach Those are the three that you feel you Know Kobe Bryant Um Kobe Bryant is actually you know what Kobe Bryant reminds me of Griffey in Ways where he wasn't the greatest of all Time he was really good uh but has a Huge collector base You know in a very He's a very desirable player to collect Even though he's not the greatest of all Time Um or even You know top couple so you know Griffey's not even top five top ten Greatest of all time and he's one of the Most collected so certain guys are Outliers You know and I think Kobe is one of them So I think Kobe has a collector base but His cards I feel like a pretty high I have I have A nice Kobe Well that's what I'm saying The Collector base like it doesn't they Don't have to be the best player of all Time in each perspective sport it's it's Respective sport it's more about Um who's the most Collectible and you're thinking 10 years From now when it all that everything Kind of shakes out who are the guys you Kind of want to have their best cards of In every sport that's what I was that's

The question and you answered I mean That makes sense Kobe and Griffey kind Of have a place in there they're gonna Knock on the door Um I think LeBron and and Michael Jordan I mean that they're just kind of like a Default they're gonna have that desire The base is pretty large you know And then after that Things tend to lead to where the Performance is so you know like people Joke or doesn't matter in baseball and It doesn't matter for collectibility but Like I posted top war all time Barry Bonds so of course you know there's There's an issue there because of the Steroid era but other than that number Two is Babe Ruth pretty collectible Number three is Willie Mays pretty Collectible number four is Ty Cobb Pretty collectible number five is Hank Aaron so these are these are top All-time for war and they're the most Collectible players also so can there be An outlier sure can you have a Griffey Come along Um sure but it tends to find its way to The performance the statistics the stats The measurements of that so War does Matter and the most collectible assets Out there in baseball are the highest War players yeah I I kind of feel like you kind of need To transcend the game to be to have that

Collector base you need to have a Presence outside of the sport trout Steal the outlier when it comes to that Because LeBron has a presence Michael Had a presence Kobe had a press cousins Junior had a presence Um babe it was obviously had a presence Um Brady to a degree has a presence I Think he's the only guy that's kind of More closeted I think he's coming out of A shell a little bit more now there's a Cool Griffey commercial and there's Other commercials he's doing and Uh Crow Oh trout Mike Trout yeah kind of coming Out of his shell a little bit yeah you Know I think that we kind of need to Have that Transcendent sort of in my you Almost need some controversy here you Know Yeah wouldn't that be nice wouldn't that Be nice well let's just wrap this up I'm Up against the heart stop here real soon And we want to keep more good content For the next episode we have you on so Awesome thanks for jumping in and deep Value investor one go follow them uh Anywhere I mean where else can we find Yet yeah but I know you already said it Four but let's let our uh just Instagram And Twitter and see more Yeah Instagram and Twitter is the same Uh devalue one The value investor one deep value one

Deep value investors Yeah he's got a lot of spicy takes a lot Of hot takes a lot of good yeah Jesus Makes you think Um you can agree with them you can Disagree with them it's okay as you can See in our our Channel this is like one Show where um we kind of battle out a Little bit more which is on purpose Because I think it it provides a good Conversation for folks out there in the Collector world who are looking into Buying certain credit cards Brands the Types of cards all that stuff Um we both come from a lot of the Similar we have a similar position on a Lot of things but we also have some Differing and that's okay it's healthy To have that and I think it's good to Have these conversations we'll continue To have them but baseball season is upon Us it's continuing to move forward we'll Have much more to talk about will Julio Dip and his price will actually make Truck go up you know some of these Players are they're going to start Appreciating I'll be interesting to see But go ahead and uh you know click a Follow we're on the sports dad uh sports Car Dad Channel Now link and uh click Follow subscribe all the good stuff you Want to do there go follow Brant Um and watch his stories we'll have some Stuff up uh soon talking more about

Um this this show and everything else We're doing but thanks again for joining Us friends Brett thanks for being on the Show again Thanks man look forward to having you on Another time all right all right sounds Good [Music] [Music]

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