Sports Card Therapist “Why I Set Up at Shows”

Today the Sports Card Therapist offers his thoughts why he sets up at card shows and some of the ‘pros’.

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Hey guys how we doing another day Another sports card video we've got a Guest today it's Rob the sports card Therapist is here to talk about why he Sets up at card shows and some of the Important aspects of it for him it's Going to be a good one let's go ahead And I don't want to waste any more time Let's go ahead and just get right into It all right everyone welcome to the Sports card therapist where I give you a Behind the scenes look at my hobby Hustle and sprinkling some self-care and Wellness on top of that I'm Rob Gerard Your sports card therapist and here I am Dropping another video on the sports car Dead channel so shout out to Dustin from Uh sports card dad and the sports car Dad Network I'm excited to be here so I Just want to take a few minutes today to Really talk about why I set up at shows And Um some of the pros and the cons I guess Is setting up at shows so the first Thing I'm going to say is Networking networking from the moment I Get there I always make sure to get There early when I'm setting up because By getting in there early that's when a Lot of the deals happen sometimes and I'm not exaggerating here probably more Than half of the shows that I set up at The best deals happen before the doors Even open amongst dealers so here we are

Setting up other dealers I've gotten There early are already set up they're Walking around and I set up I start Walking around I ask someone to watch my Table I'm talking to other dealers Um you know it's just really good for Networking and um you know just kind of Knowing what's in the room and who's in The room because if a customer at some Point Um walks up to the table and they want To know hey who's got hockey here Because I walk the room before the show Even started I can direct them in the You know to the right person which is Always good that's for me I feel like That's good karma when you could just You know help even just facilitate a Little bit one person getting a card That they want from another dealer I Feel like I'll get that back tenfold so Yeah networking is definitely huge Um the second thing that I love about Setting up at shows is is is the deals Right it's it's the cards that walk up To my table because I think I've been You know I've so I've been setting up Now at shows now Um since the beginning of 2021 right Like right when the pandemic basically Started I jumped right in started Setting up at shows and Uh I kind of got spoiled I think by setting

Up at shows because now if I ever go to A show to walk I realize how high most Dealers are and and I guess I get it to A degree it's because a lot of people Are into their cards for you know higher Values than they're worth now and most People would rather hold than to sell For a law so that's not everyone so if It don't apply I gotta fly but um yeah So I think walking around as a uh a Regular patron of the show I started to Realize like wow I miss being behind the Table at the show today so yeah so I I Try to always set up at shows now you'll Probably say well you're limited Rob to What you can get right because when You're walking the show you can Literally walk and see everything that's In the room but when you're set up You're basically Hostage to whatever it Is that someone has in their case right But that's kind of the cool thing Because a lot of times people will walk Up to your table I mean you never have Any idea what's walking up to your table Which is cool so I'm going to show off Just a couple quick cards that I've Picked up over the last um Probably over the last nine months over The last nine months um I've these are Cards that have walked up to my table That I have acquired Let's see you got the 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle this is a PSA four uh graded Miss

Cut but I mean if I mean the the the Green screen effect is on so it's kind Of hard to see but I mean the Registration on this is incredible Um I got this at the East Coast National Right after the 2022 National so I got It in New York state Um like August of 2022 I got that mantle Uh this I just picked up from the Springfield card show in April of 2023. This is Bill Russell Next time I show cards I'm gonna I'm Gonna turn off the green screen effect But yeah it's a Bill Russell um Beautiful card beautiful card it's a on Card Auto numbered out of 55 uh graded Bgs9 Auto grade 10. uh this card I Picked up at the same Springfield show In April of 2023 another Bill Russell But this is a pack pulled This is a pack pulled in-person Auto Pack pulled in-person Auto so I'm a Sucker for in-person Autos I think they Are severely undervalued under Appreciated and I think they're super Rare So I I think over time you're going to Start to see people maybe pay more Attention to them I'm not sure but That's just my opinion I love them Um this next one again walked up to me At Springfield so this is the Gronk 2010 playoff contenders Rob Gronkowski On card Auto

So that just walked up to my table and This is the last one this just recently Walked up to a table of mine in New Jersey at alaz show and this is a 1969 Topps tall boy Jerry West on card Auto So yeah as you can see I think that no Dealers had any of these cards that I Just showed you no dealers had these Cards at their table so it took me Having to be set up at a table in order To see it so I would think about that so The deals that you can get are huge huge Now Lastly I want to say that being at a Show is It's like a microcosm Of the hobby you know and when I'm at a Show I feel like I really have my finger On the pulse of the hobby Like you can feel it in the air and like All jokes aside I don't need any of These pricing apps that tell me if the Hobby is up or down I can feel it just By being at a show I can feel it in the Air I can feel it based on how many People are there I can feel it based on If people are spending money I can feel It based on the value of cards that People are looking at and looking to Pick up you can just feel it so I guess That's it so just wanted to say thank You again to Dustin sports car Dad much Love sports card therapist I'm out [Music]

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